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August 6, 2021

The New York Attorney General’s report on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s multiple accusations of sexual harassment (as well as retaliation and creating a toxic workplace) seems to be the tipping point at which fellow Democrats and sycophantic media members decided it’s time to stop circling the wagons, as they usually do for powerful Democrats, and cut him loose.

Cuomo is still trying to brazen it out, accusing the report of being biased and his accusers of misunderstanding his intentions. But even some of his former top allies and defenders say he’s lost the ability to govern and should resign. If he doesn’t, a majority of Assembly members (86 out of 150 at last count) have gone on record supporting impeachment.

Howard Kurtz has a rundown of some of the former Cuomo-worshipping media outlets that are now howling for his blood, and some thoughts on why.

To me, the biggest question is why sexual harassment allegations, as bad as they are, are accepted as grounds for Cuomo’s removal when the same people turned a blind eye to his insane COVID policies that killed thousands of nursing home residents and his staff’s ham-fisted attempts to cover that up. Is sexual harassment deemed a worse crime in liberal circles than causing mass deaths?

But if that were true, why did such avatars of wokeness as the founder of Time’s Up and the president of the Human Rights Campaign allegedly try to save Cuomo initially by helping to smear his accusers?

The editors of Issues & Insights think they know why Cuomo is suddenly being thrown under the crosstown bus, and it has little to do with justice, principles or victims’ rights. It’s about raw politics. Anything is tolerable until you become a liability to the party. Only then do they spring the trap door and drop you into the shark tank.

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  • dave allen

    08/06/2021 11:24 AM

    excellent observations. and how true. the democrat leadership and propaganda machine don't care how many women you've molested or how many old folks have died from covid you forced on them, or how miserably you tried to cover it up. only how bad you look to the party's "brand". all is forgiven, or at least overlooked, if the media manages to make it "go away". eg Virginia's black-faced governor. gee, how long have they been trying feverishly to ignore Cuomo's "crap"? but if the media can't control it, well, that's the only reason to take action. things that are really good or evil don't matter. just what is good or bad for the democrat brand.