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April 27, 2023

Despite movie fans making it clear that they won’t buy tickets to woke films, Hollywood keeps insisting on ruining classics with remakes full of leftist identity politics. Robert Spencer at PJ Media reports that Warner Brothers is celebrating its 100th anniversary with plans to churn out wokified remakes of some of its classic films with “diverse” casting. As the Bounding Into Comics website observed, “There’s nothing like celebrating your own history by attempting to appease those who unapologetically hate everything about it.”

Thankfully, Spencer notes that “Casablanca” is not on the remake list, or else they’d have it end with Rick getting on the plane and leaving with Ilsa’s husband. Here’s my question: Since “Blazing Saddles” was a Warner Brothers production, will there be a diverse remake with a white sheriff?

At least someone in Hollywood is finally starting to wake up and smell the bankruptcies. In an interview with Time, Steven Spielberg said he now regrets his “mistake” of editing guns out of the hands of federal agents in a rerelease of “E.T.” He said older films are products of their era, “it’s our history, it’s our cultural heritage,” and anyone who changes them to comply with modern sensibilities is engaging in censorship.

I’m very happy to hear such a respected Hollywood figure stand up against censorship and altering of classic films. I just worry that the people he’s trying to convince won’t listen because they’re pro-censorship.

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