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April 10, 2023

In more double-standard news, you know the story about the left trying to go after Justice Thomas for allegedly accepting vacation trips from his longtime Dallas friend Harlan Crow.  Now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the court no longer has “legitimacy” and is calling for the impeachment of Justice Thomas.

Justice Thomas has always complied with the guidelines, he says, and, as they change, he will adjust accordingly.

Before AOC says anything more about impeaching Justice Thomas, she might want to answer for her own extremely generous perks, such as --- to cite one example --- two free tickets (to the rest of us, that would be $35,000 apiece) to the ultra-lavish Met Ball that she begged for “even if it broke the rules,” plus the designer gown she wore.  Total cost of the freebies for that one night:  almost six figures.  So maybe she should just leave Justice Thomas alone and go back to praising socialism while continuing to enjoy capitalism.

The NEW YORK POST told the story at the time and broke down the expenses.

By the way, even though Democrats hate any judge who upholds the Constitution, have you noticed that the Justice they are constantly attacking and trying to impeach or force to resign is the sole black conservative Justice? Why so racist, Democrats?

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