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June 17, 2022



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Isaiah 43:2

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FBI script/notes show their swamp even swampier

Yesterday, we brought you three stories reaffirming that what we knew about the FBI was the tip of the iceberg. (Yes, this swamp has icebergs.) Today, there’s yet another story.

Thanks to Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia Hoax, we now get to see a very telling document –- a seven-page script of talking points prepared by senior FBI counsel Lisa Page for FBI Director James Comey ahead of his meetings the following day –- March 9, 2017 –- with leadership in the House and Senate. Declassified as part of pre-trial discovery, it shows how the FBI deceived Congress about the reliability of their made-up “evidence.”

And long after they knew the “dossier” was untrue, they let agents include it in their FISA applications as well.

Paul Sperry at RealClear Investigations has an excellent, must-read article that lays this out clearly. As Sperry reports, the talking points were “riddled with half-truths, outright falsehoods, and critical omissions.”

These talking points concerned reports the FBI received in 2016 from a former confidential human source (CHS) alleging former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Carter Page conspired with the Kremlin in the 2016 election. The information she included –- and that Comey used in his meetings –- was known by the FBI to be untrue.

To help allay potential concerns by members of Congress about the quality of this information, Lisa Page suggested in her memo that Comey tell them that "some" of it had been corroborated and also that it came primarily from a “Russian-based source” –- which sounds a lot more credible than “the Clinton campaign,” ha. Igor Danchenko had a Russian name, but he was not in Russia. He was at the Hillary-affiliated Brookings Instittution, right here in the good old USA. Christopher Steele, who put the “dossier” together from unverified stories, was also American-based.

When Danchenko was first interviewed by the FBI in January 2017, he told them the stories he’d passed to Steele were just bar talk, laughed about over drinks with his girlfriend and a couple of high school buddies. Indeed, the special counsel’s indictment of Danchenko says the source for his most sensational stories about Trump –- including the one involving prostitutes in a Moscow hotel –- was made up. Danchenko never spoke to that person, and his other source was a longtime Hillary campaign adviser. (We know this was Charles Dolan, also associated with Hillary and the Brookings Institution. All roads lead to Hillary.)

The FBI did not reveal any of this to Congress, and they also concealed Christopher Steele’s identity and his connection to Hillary’s campaign.

Sperry’s report shows part of one page of this memo. Hilariously, the heading says “DELIBERATIVE PROCESS PRIVILEGED DOCUMENT,” with the word “DELIBERATIVE” highlighted for extra emphasis. Just saying a document is “deliberative” and “privileged” does not make it so, although, goodness knows, if Christopher Cooper were presiding again, he’d feel duty-bound to exclude it from his courtroom.

Lisa Page was full of suggestions for making their dubious sources seem more legit, including the use of the codename “CROWN,” most likely in reference to Steele, making it appear that the “dossier” was a product of British intelligence, as opposed to the HILLARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN.

According to the memo, Comey would also withhold from Congress the fact that Steele had been fired for leaking to the media.

Page wrote to him, “If asked about “CROWN/Steele” during the briefing, say only that “CROWN, a former FBI CHS, is a former friendly intelligence service employee who reported for about three years, and some of whose reporting has been corroborated.”

The official in charge of vetting Steele and Danchenko and corroborating their allegations was FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten. As Sperry reports, by March 2017, Auten knew the “Russian-based” claim was untrue, yet he let case agents slip it into two FISA renewals of the warrant to spy on Carter Page.

Unfortunately, the statute of limitations for the false-statement offenses relating to the March 2017 briefings has lapsed. The five-year statute of limitations related to the false information in the FISA applications expires at the end of this month. BUT...Durham could render these moot (to use a favorite expression of the Supreme Court) by filing conspiracy charges, for which the statute of limitations is seven years. As Sperry reports, “Some former FBI attorneys and prosecutors believe the special counsel is building a ‘conspiracy to defraud the government’ case against former FBI officials and others.”

Sperry goes on to explain how FBI officials Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok, during a briefing on the Trump-Russia probe in March 2017, also misled acting Attorney General Dana Boente, as revealed in handwritten notes Boente took. (Boente was in charge of this because Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself.) They again used the “CROWN source reporting” lie. Strzok also lied to Boente --- and this is easily shown to be false --- that part of his probable cause for opening the investigation against Trump was his public call to Russia (which we all know was tongue-in-cheek) to find Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails (which we all know she deleted). They also told Boente their secret monitoring of Carter Page’s email and phone had been “fruitful,” when it had failed to corroborate anything in the “dossier.”

The following month, Boente signed the third application to surveil Page, based on what they had told him. As Sperry reports, the surveillance, which stretched through September 22, 2017, allowed the FBI “to potentially monitor the Trump presidency [!!!] through what is known as ‘incidental collections’ emails, texts, and phone and Skype conversations.”

Comey publicly announced the Crossfire Hurricane investigation on Capitol Hill in March 2017. Two months later, Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel to investigate Trump’s “collusion” with Russia in the 2016 election. It was all based on lies. Of course, Mueller never found evidence that Trump or any official or associate colluded with Russia. But, at the time, the media exploded. And Mueller, impressed with Lisa Page’s diligence –- gee, who wouldn’t be? –- hired her on the spot for his team.

Margot Cleveland had a more detailed piece last week on Boente’s handwritten notes and what they reveal. It gets more into the weeds, but one thing she suspects: the FBI’s phony emphasis on British “CROWN sourcing” makes it seem likely that the FISA court would’ve denied their application if the real sources had been known.

One good thing Cleveland mentions about the statute of limitations: The DC Circuit Court has held that if a defendant engages in a scheme to falsify, conceal or cover up material facts, the limitations period does not begin to run until the scheme ends.” She figures this takes us to June 29 of this year. That’s consistent with Sperry, who likewise specified “the end of the month.” Down to the wire!

One thing she still wonders about, though: What if the “CROWN sourcing” does actually refer to British spies, the same ones at Cambridge involved in trying to damage Michael Flynn during the Obama administration? Just when you think the plot couldn’t get any thicker, it (maybe) does.

The Igor Danchenko trial is about four months away.  If you'd like more backstory on that case, Margot Cleveland wrote something earlier this month providing some and pointing out the significance of the approximately 1,500 documents that Clinton's people at Fusion GPS withheld during the Sussmann trial under the auspices of "attorney-client privilege."  These would include conversations among Steele, Fusion GPS, and Marc Elias of Perkins Coie.  She says Durham needs to fight to obtain those documents.

Timely Reminder

Sunday is Father’s Day here in the US. Don’t forget to honor dear old Dad, whatever his/her/their gender may be. Here’s an interesting story about the history of Father’s Day and other related facts (for instance, I bet you will not be surprised to learn that Mother’s Day came first.)

How bad is inflation? This bad...

I already wrote about President Biden’s false claim that inflation is a problem that’s “worse everywhere but here.” According to Pew Research, we rank #13 out of 44 advanced nations, and that’s using the 8.6% annual inflation rate reported in May, which any shopper will tell you is a serious understatement of reality. For instance, one of my writers reports that the bags of wild bird seed he buys just leaped from $6.49 to $9.19 overnight. Anyone in Washington who thinks that’s an 8.6% increase needs to sign up for remedial math and learn about percentages.

It’s worth a follow-up to note that Biden supporters are trying to defend him on social media with a misleading inflation graph that lumps various nations together into groups. It shows the US below several other groups of nations. Be aware that they got those groups’ inflation numbers up by including basket case nations suffering from hyperinflation.

If Biden wanted to be accurate, he could say, “Hey, at least we’re not as bad off as Sudan, where the May inflation rate was 220%,” but I don’t think that would sound very reassuring.

Cotton demands Garland resign

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton is demanding that Attorney General Merrick Garland resign for his inaction over more than 50 attacks by pro-abortion domestic terrorists on pro-life pregnancy centers and churches. Cotton said a “left-wing extremist group called ‘Jane's Revenge’ has taken credit for many of these attacks, including fire bombings and grotesque acts of vandalism." And they just put out a threatening letter declaring “open season” on all anti-abortion groups.

Sen. Cotton is absolutely right that Garland has proven to be a disgrace as Attorney General, turning the DOJ into an enforcement wing of the Democrat Party, targeting critics of its radical policies as domestic terrorists while ignoring real domestic terrorists, like the pro-abortion radicals who are threatening Supreme Court Justices and their families and waging acts of war against churches and peaceful pro-life service groups.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect Garland to resign, because feeling ashamed of yourself requires a sense of shame. But don’t be surprised if his well-deserved impeachment is on the agenda for a new GOP Congress.

Sad poll results from Fox News

On the subject of protesters trying to threaten and intimidate Supreme Court Justices and even their families at their homes, a new Fox News poll finds that a (sadly small) majority of 55% of Americans think protesting at Justices’ homes is inappropriate, while 37% think it’s appropriate. Shockingly, 58% of Democrats think it is appropriate, even though it’s illegal under both federal and Virginia state law and is an obvious affront to basic human decency and the implied compact we all have to respect our form of government. It illustrates the shocking slide of the modern Democrats into violent radicalism and a “win at all costs” mindset.

It’s also an attempt by actual violent insurrectionists to intimidate and shut down a branch of the government so they can get their way by force. I’ve been hearing a lot lately from House Democrats about how bad that is, but they’re trying to illustrate the lesson with an event that doesn’t fit the narrative. The threatening protests at SCOTUS Justices’ homes, the harassment of their children, and the Kavanaugh assassination attempt are genuine illegal attempts to interfere with the processes of “our democracy.” When can we expect Nancy Pelosi to form a committee to investigate this?

Great Entertainment

Anytime Sen. Rand Paul gets the chance to grill Dr. Anthony Fauci, it always makes for great entertainment, especially if you like full contact sports. It happened again Thursday,

First, Paul pounded him like a ten penny nail on why the government is pushing COVID booster vaccines for very young children when there’s no proof that they reduce hospitalization or death. Fauci tried to mock Paul’s numbers as an “absurd exaggeration,” but Paul fired back that it’s the same standard of proof that Fauci’s own committees use.

And Fauci’s answer to Paul’s question of whether he ever received royalties from a company that received grants that he’d awarded is also raising eyebrows. At least among those in the media who are able to raise their eyebrows.


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  • stephen russell

    06/18/2022 11:37 AM

    Heres one for ya:
    Have colleges pay of student debts since want to attend college X let them pay OFF debt for Yale, Harvard etc.
    OR host price wars for market share

  • stephen russell

    06/18/2022 10:40 AM

    Honoring June Teenth:
    o Soul Food cookoffs
    o BBQ cookoffs
    o Jazz festivels
    o Art, dance, music events cultural
    o Miss June Teenth beauty contest


  • bert mars

    06/18/2022 07:20 AM

    a very long time ago while in the service one of my fellow Marines was from New York and his father was a detective and told his son the FBI gets convictions on frame ups and lying about what happened. Looks like the ones in charge decided it is worked to send career criminals to jail it could be used as a political tool. Time to disband the FBI or at least toss most of it's leadership into prison for treason. But the whole department of justice has become so corrupt it needs to be removed in mass and told your only job now is to review each new law and determine if it meets the guidelines of the US Constitution and if in double challenge it in court to get a final ruling.
    Inflation numbers should be based solely of fuel costs since when the price of fuel goes up then transport costs goes up which means everything costs more. In the last year gas has gone for about $2.00 a gallon to as of yesterday local prices were at $4.50 on the average, so inflation is really 50% not some made up number to make the government bunglers look less worthless. I would love to see our spineless new media start pushing the real numbers.
    While I disagree with many of the Supreme courts ruling and feel that position should have a term limit just like a every appointed and elected office should have term limits I do not agree with showing up at the home of a justice and protesting. Keep the protests in front of the federal building you are protesting.

  • James Drury Jr.

    06/18/2022 06:20 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • clemie Dale abbottRecently

    06/17/2022 09:07 PM

    Recently, Sandy Rios on her AFR Radio show Interviewed several of the January 6th prisoners being held Illegally for their criminal conduct (their words not mine) It would be great if this could be exposed more on your show or on Fox TV.Most are military Veterans and Christians.the way they are being treated is a digrace. I am sure Sandy would appreciate your help and would be happy to share her information.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/17/2022 03:03 PM

    I don't buy any FOX polls - they are just as fake as CNN.
    Besides how was it phrased?
    Peaceful protest most Americans agree with - just leave the fireworks at home.