August 15, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  While the media wasn't looking -- "Transitioning" gone wrong -- Glass Houses -- China is playing ball with us -- Options for Venezuela  -- News Bits 

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Various leftist commentators have been smearing Donald Trump as a supporter of white supremacists so loudly that they apparently didn’t notice that last week, his ICE announced the biggest prosecution of white supremacist in history. Eighty-nine members of violent white supremacist gangs were convicted and received a total of more than 1,070 years in prison. The actions have virtually wiped out such gangs as the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas.

Interestingly, the convictions weren’t for hate crimes, but mostly drug charges. In recent years, they’ve turned their attention from racial hatred to selling meth. I assume from the condition of their brains that they were also using their own product.

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Mike Huckabee



"Transitioning" gone wrong

By Mike Huckabee

Not long ago, I related Katharine Hepburn’s childhood story --- that as a young girl, she decided she wanted to be a boy, to the extent that she cut off all her hair, wore boys’ clothes and told everyone to call her “Jimmy.” She grew out of it on her own. I speculated what might happen to such a girl today, in a time when some parents allow or even encourage the “transitioning” of their young children, who likely are just going through a phase or have other psychological problems or difficulties at home.

Well, here’s a real-life example of how far wrong it can go: a girl who decided to get hormone injections –- and, later, even a mastectomy --and live as a boy but who later found God and realized her body was His temple and that she had been ruining it. She acknowledged that she really was created by God as a woman and now readily lives as one.



Glass houses

By Mike Huckabee

HEADLINE NEWS: “Prez Struck With Rock Thrown From Inside Glass House.” From the Administration that took six years to admit the Fort Hood shooting was terrorism (but still not Islamic terrorism) instead of just “workplace violence,” a swipe at Trump for taking 24 hours to label the killing in Charlotte “domestic terrorism.” For the record, I called it that immediately, but then I also immediately realized that an Army major gunning down his comrades while yelling “Allahu Akbar” was terrorism, so I guess I must be a prodigy on this subject.


China is playing ball with us

By Mike Huckabee

China didn’t block sanctions against North Korea at the UN, but they didn’t say whether they’d abide by them. But on Monday, with Kim Jong-Un looking bound and determined to start World War III for no apparent reason, China announced that it will join in the sanctions. This after stating that if North Korea attacks the US and the US retaliates, Kim is on his own. Let’s hope this sends Kim a clear message that if he doesn’t pipe down and back down, the only nation that will be sending any hardware his way will be ours, and it won’t be plumbing fixtures.



Options for Venezuela

By Mike Huckabee

There’s now an entire industry built on wildly overreacting to everything President Trump says or does. One recent example: He was asked what he might do about the violence and late-stage socialist oppression in Venezuela. One of his stated principles is that, unlike the last President, he doesn’t announce military plans in advance so that enemies can prepare for them. So Trump said a “possible military option” exists for dealing with Venezuela. Note that he didn’t say we were sending in the Marines, just that it’s a possible option. That’s about as vague as you can get while sending Venezuela’s government a message not to get too far out of line. But judging from the way it was reported, you’d think he was already massing troops in Aruba.

That left it up to Vice President Pence to make it clear that there are “many options for Venezuela,” and the President is confident that a peaceful resolution will be reached by working with Latin American allies to restore democracy. Next, maybe we could find some options for restoring sanity to the American media. Both Venezuela and the US media prove that having an ill-founded faith in socialism inevitably leads to hysteria and chaos.


News Bits

21st Century Problems: How “keyless entry” to your car can let a car thief enter it without a key.



Toughest part of police training: the rubber chicken. Also the worst part of political fundraising dinners.



For those who keep trying to draw equivalencies between the US and North Korea, or Trump and Kim Jong Un, here is just a little sample of why that’s embarrassingly stupid. This is what it’s like when you do something the leader doesn’t like in North Korea.



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  • Floyd Kimmel

    08/16/2017 11:52 PM

    The statute taking down movement to erase history of slavery and racism my be fine in certain peoples mind but I look at this way. To take away one thing erases another. take down a statute because of slavery well then slavery ceased to ever exist. Take more from history and it racial tones. Then segregation never happened, Rosa Parks never happened, MLK never happened. People who fought for equal rights for blacks never happened. because there is no history to back it up.

  • sugarcat

    08/16/2017 11:02 AM

    there are lots of people who want to see the statures etc. left alone because it is history. it's that today but what will people go after tomorrow. where did sanity go? certain people are bringing all the wrong opposing, crazy, malcontents, haters of all that is good and lovers of all that is evil together to destroy all peace and order in the world. they were always there now they are being mobilized as a force for evil.

  • Web Hatley

    08/16/2017 06:10 AM

    How can a Southern born & bred man support keeping the monuments alone without being connected with these wild and crazy groups like KKK, etc. Here in the Charlotte, NC area we don't seem to have much Southern history left. I'd like to see them stay just from a history perspective nothing else. Just don't know where to turn. There must be others out there like me I would hope. Thanks and I appreciate your newsletters.