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February 25, 2023

Alec Baldwin pleaded not guilty Thursday to involuntary manslaughter in New Mexico. The judge released him on his own recognizance (she must not be familiar with his recognizance) provided he abides by four conditions that you can see at this link, and then makes bets on which one he violates first.

Prosecutors also dropped the enhanced weapons charge that could have increased the potential sentence from 18 months to five years. Andrew McCarthy explains at this link why it was dropped (that law wasn’t yet in effect at the time of the shooting) and why he thinks all the charges should be dropped and Baldwin should just face lawsuits and a civil trial. I’m not a legal expert like McCarthy, but that seems too lenient to me, considering an innocent woman is dead due to Baldwin’s actions. But see if he can convince you.

FTX co-founder and alleged cryptocurrency scammer Sam Bankman-Fried has been hit with more indictments, this time for allegedly seeking to influence cryptocurrency regulations by making over $70 million in illegal donations to members of both parties in the 2022 election, using straw donors and corporate money.

Incidentally, while Bankman-Fried attempts to disarm his accusers by coming across as a naïve, childlike nerd who just got in over his head, it should be noted that despite his youthful and unkempt appearance, he’s not a college age slacker, he’s 30 years old. For reference, that’s just one year younger than bank robber John Dillinger was when the feds gunned him down, except Bankman-Fried has cost his victims a lot more money.

Hollywood mogul and major Democrat fundraiser Harvey Weinstein, who is already serving a 23-year sentence for rape in New York, was sentenced to another 16 years in prison in Los Angeles Thursday for rape and sexual assault. Four women accused him, including the now-wife of Gov. Gavin Newsom, but the jury was hung on her charge and another woman’s and acquitted Weinstein on a third.

Weinstein’s rep said there would be an appeal and called it a “cruel sentence,” considering his age, health and the conditions of the trial, which he described as having an accuser who lied and a judge guilty of bias and injustice. He said, “There are many out there who will celebrate this action, but it is a sad day for justice and fairness, and I hope no one who is pleased with this is ever caught on the wrong side of cancel culture while hopelessly and voicelessly proclaiming innocence."

That’s very eloquent. They should hire him to write Hollywood awards show speeches where celebrities lecture us about their superior morality.

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Comments 1-2 of 2

  • Sharon Faulkner

    02/26/2023 07:42 PM

    Mr Berger
    You are full of it.
    Hilarious ? Try sick bigots.
    And the Levt only condemned Wienstein after it became P.C to do it - before that he was a god or so said Meryl Streep when the Left knee what he was doing.
    Conservative crimes ? Please. All we have seen are lies.

  • Robert Berger

    02/25/2023 08:29 PM

    Harvey Weinstein is in no way typical of American liberals, and. the entire Democratic party has condemned him in no uncertain terms . And there is no proof that Alec Baldwin is actually to blame for the tragic death of that unfortunate Ukrainian woman . \
    The right refuses to forgive him for his hilarious satires of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, and they refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt . And remember - there are many,many. conservative. celebrities who are guilty of heinous crimes and liberal ones have no monopoly on wrongdoing .