June 18, 2018

I’ve interviewed Rob Reiner on TV and think he’s a terrific film director.  And while he and I certainly don’t agree on much politically, I’ve always found him to be the (now, sadly rare) type of liberal who can have a respectful, friendly debate and disagree without getting disagreeable.  


Here’s proof: he’s warning fellow celebrities that all their over-the-top Trump-bashing is only helping Trump by energizing his base and seemingly proving his point that his critics are nasty, arrogant elitists.  His example was Robert DeNiro’s latest foul-mouthed anti-Trump rant at the Tony Awards, which his fellow actors made worse by rewarding it with a standing ovation.


If you look at the next-day coverage in the entertainment press, you’ll find praise for that moment as “galvanizing,” epic, historic, dramatic and inspiring. Actually, it was a deranged man yelling the F-word at the President on live TV, and his colleagues signaling wild approval of his offensive and inappropriate behavior – all while they were in the middle of their once-a-year free network commercial to sell Midwestern tourists on buying Broadway tickets.  The next day, all the stories about the event barely mentioned the winning shows.  But they gave tons of space to the foul-mouthed elitist actor insulting the President and his supporters, and to the entire theater community giving that a standing ovation.  Wonder how many Trump voters who’d been thinking of coming to New York to see a Broadway show decided to vacation at Yellowstone instead, where they can get more intelligent political commentary from bears?   Yep, you liberal actors really showed Trump!

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They should listen to Rob Reiner.  He directed “This Is Spinal Tap” and helped create the phrase, “These go to 11,” so he understands people who can’t quite grasp when they’re making fools of themselves.  He’s right: Hollywood liberals should quit turning their Trump hatred up to 11 in public before the public turns their box office receipts down to zero.  Or less.  Our respect knob for people who curse the President on live TV goes lower than zero.


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  • Doris Wix

    08/25/2018 11:10 AM

    Rob is right. Hollywood antics are alienating the nation from them.
    At least Rob sounds like he is for a common sense.

  • Kathryn J Rae

    08/10/2018 06:55 PM

    Foul language at the Tony's shows that these Hollywood folks aren't intelligent enough to have a broad vocabulary, which is why they rely on foul language to emphasize a point.


    06/19/2018 10:15 AM

    I love the self-proclaimed importance of the Hollywood elites!! Please, God, let them keep spewing vitriol all over the media!!! We will OWN America!!

  • Sharon Godwin

    06/19/2018 12:21 AM

    What about how this display of hatred/lack of respect is effecting our children? Children today are already lacking in the respect department then you have a well known Hollywood actor act like a pure idiot and get praised for it. How do parents combat this behavior when we’re already struggling to combat entitlement, money-hungry, liberal ideals? Something has to give. Someone has got to start turning this around.

  • Beverly Beauchemin

    06/18/2018 09:36 PM

    I'm definitely not a fan of Rob Reiner but have to agree with you regarding his ability to debate differences in a civilized manner. I would rather the crazies not take Mr. Reiner's advice and continue making fools of themselves!!!! Love your show and in the midst of little to watch on TV my husband and I look forward to spending Saturday night with you. Entertaining and up beat and great guests! God bless you and your family with a special prayer for Sarah, a lady of tremendous dignity and grace.

  • Sally Gideon

    06/18/2018 07:39 PM

    I don't ever watch award shows. They used to be about entertainment. Now they are nothing but political slams at OUR PRESIDENT. It's disgusting.

  • Big Momma America

    06/18/2018 07:09 PM

    If we would take a step back and look at the trash Hollywood has produced over the past 50 years I think we will see a direct correlation between this nation trying to live up to their standards (or, live down, whichever way you want to look at it). The smut, trash, demoralization of humanity has come to roost. Those WITH morals have finally decided enough is enough and hence the push back you see before your very eyes. We've had enough of Hollywood values and we are here to take out the trash!

  • Sandra justiss

    06/18/2018 05:28 PM

    Exactly right. Whatever happened to comity, respect and tolerance for those you disagree with?