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October 21, 2022

Get un-woke, stop going broke.

But notice that the write-up by the Hollywood Reporter fails to mention that this rebound comes after Netflix refused demands to cancel Dave Chapelle and instead told the whining crybullies on its staff that if they couldn’t deal with creating programming for people with different views, perhaps they needed to find someplace else to work.

If these big media companies subscribed to this newsletter, they could have saved millions of dollars because that’s precisely the advice I gave in 2020 to the New York Times when their young SJW staffers had a hissy fit over the paper running an op-ed by Republican Sen. Tom Cotton. They all should have been told that it’s the duty of an editorial department to present a broad range of viewpoints, and if they couldn’t deal with that, they might want to consider a career in the food service industry. Instead, the publisher sided with the snot-nosed brats, and the editor who approved the piece was smeared as a “fascist” (of course) and lost his job.

That editor, James Bennet, is now speaking out about what happened to him, and it’s a must-read, especially for the bosses at the Times. Bennet said his only regret is attaching an editor’s note to Cotton’s piece to try to mollify those people, but he never apologized and still doesn’t (never apologize to someone claiming offense over something inoffensive; showing weakness is like tossing chum into shark-filled waters. Apologies are what feed the cancel mob’s addiction to feeling powerful.)

Bennet accuses Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger of disloyalty and of missing an opportunity “to make clear that the New York Times doesn’t exist just to tell progressives how progressives should view reality.” He said the Times wants the applause of the left, and they kowtow to them because they’ve signed up so many subscribers in the past few years who expect “that the Times will be Mother Jones on steroids. 

He’s right, the former “paper of record” is now just a broken record, endlessly repeating leftist clichés and fake news for their brainwashed niche audience even as rising numbers of Americans turn against them. They’ve gone from a major newspaper to a print version of The Daily Show.

By the way, that op-ed by Sen. Cotton recommended that the National Guard be called to quell the riots that were destroying America’s cities at the time. I wonder how many black residents who were losing their businesses and homes agreed with that. I wonder how many far-left “progressives” in cities like Portland and San Francisco secretly wish the National Guard would show up and save them right now.


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