July 25, 2017

If you wonder how California got “that way,” read this article. It details the experiences of a conservative student who attended the University of California-Irvine for four years and never had even one non-leftist professor. He says it wasn’t a school, it was a PC indoctrination center where the students voted to ban the American flag as “hate speech,” and professors spent their class time relentlessly attacking America, slamming gun owners, calling students racists and the President an “idiot,” promoting Marxism and in one Latino studies class, attacking the Border Patrol for arresting Mexican drug gangs. And this was his experience in getting a finance degree!

Maybe that explains why California has a projected budget deficit of $1.6 billion and unfunded liabilities and debt totaling nearly $400 billion. Just a word of caution for parents who are bracing to pay a lot of money to send their kids off to college: pick the college wisely. Too many colleges these days take the concept of teaching “liberal arts” much too literally.


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  • Paul Torres

    07/25/2017 05:07 PM

    So as a oh so glad to be a :Former Resident of the the Silicon Valley/ Bay Area.., I am so Blessed & Grateful for now being a "Texan/ Conservative/ Christian/ Veteran/ Patriot" and no longer a victim of the Lunacy of the Corrupt & Immoral Culture and Character of the "Anti-American/ Anti-US Constitution State" aka "Crazy California". I used to ride the "BART" to commute to work & back home during the time that it was sort of safe. Now, the BART is implementing a Radical Racist Political Correctness Madness Secret Policies against All Non-Black Tax Paying, Legal, Law Abiding Citizenry & to cater to & protect the "Criminal Black Thugs & Street Gangs Populace" that are a part of the "40 Percent" increase of Violent Crimes being committed of the "Bay Area Rapid Transit" on the "Legal Law Abiding, Paying Citizens"! "So, the insane policies are focus on "Intentionally Not Enforcing Existing Laws", "Not Protecting Legal Law Abiding Citizens" & Denying The General Public The Right To Information (Including Pictures & Videos Showing The Crimes & The Perpetrators) so that the "Victims & Soon To Be Victims" can be informed and make a deserved judgement as to whether or not they should risk continuing to put themselves in harms way, knowing that the BART & Bay Area Counties have "Leftist, Liberal, Progressive Policies To Protect The Rights & Feelings Of The Criminal Thuggish and Not Monsters and Not The Legal, Law Abiding, Tax Paying Citizens". I pray that Our Lord God will Save Our Nation From These Leftist, Liberal, Progressive, Anti-American/ Anti-US Constitution Movement, Culture & Populations. "May God Bless America".