March 13, 2018

Big news fresh out of the White House this morning: Rex Tillerson, who often seemed publicly with President Trump on major issues such as Russia and North Korea policy, is out as Secretary of State. He will be replaced by current CIA head Mike Pompeo. In a tweet thanking Tillerson for his service and congratulating Pompeo, Trump also congratulated deputy CIA Director Gina Haspel, who is being promoted to become the first-ever female CIA Director.

That last appointment continues a trend of Trump naming more women to important posts than any other President in history. Of course, his political opponents will never acknowledge that, as it might interfere with their narrative that Trump is a sexist and Bill Clinton was a feminist hero.

More details on the shake-up at the link.


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  • Mary T Brehm

    03/14/2018 12:33 PM

    I am & have been a Trump supporter. I was shaken & dismayed by his open treatment of Sessions but this with Tillerson is really pushing it. He may have disagreed with Trump but isn't that what a strong leader wants some kick back not all yes men/women? How he did it once again was repulsive. He behaves like a spoiled brat with meanness. Starting to think anyone working with Trump should have a food taster with he handled/informed Tillerson was ugly & smacked back at Trump as being sneaky & not trustworthy at all. One reason I finally started to support Trump was because of the people he had surrounded himself with...he has to know these individuals so as to work well with them. It is a wonder Tillerson had not already walked away after viewing some of his dirty tricks.
    I am so very disappointed. . .

  • Carole Leandra

    03/13/2018 04:39 PM

    I'm disappointed that Tillerson has been removed. I thought he was a good Secretary of State. He certainly never embarrassed us.