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May 17, 2023

Congratulations to Sen. Bernie Sanders for proving that, like Ponzi schemes and other cons, socialism pays really well – for those on the top. Thanks to his selfless devotion to socialism and public service, Bernie has raked in over $5 million in the past 10 years, and now, he’s nearly doubled his 2022 income thanks to profits from his new book attacking capitalism and the related book tour that charged attendees up to $100 apiece.

I’ve done a lot of book tours, but I usually just go to bookstores and sign the books people buy. I don’t charge them to bask in my presence. But then, I also don’t deliver an inspiring message denouncing capitalism, which surely is worth a hundred bucks all by itself.

No word on whether Bernie will be giving any of that money to the government to spend more wisely than he possibly could (he’d probably just blow it on a fourth house.) I guess only evil capitalists like Donald Trump donate their entire salaries back to the government.

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  • Ronald Menard

    05/17/2023 07:18 AM

    They have no problem taking the money! He’s a phony