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August 2, 2021

Other than “Trump Wins Second Non-Consecutive Term,” I can think of few headlines that would cause more anguish in liberal circles than “Sarah Palin Elected To Senate.” And for that reason alone, this story makes me smile…

In a related story, I have a feeling Sen. Lisa Murkowski isn’t the only Republican in Congress who will be facing a challenge from the right. In a new McLaughlin & Associates survey 53% of regular Republican primary voters in Wyoming described Rep. Liz Cheney, currently the darling of CNN for her spot on Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6th show trial, as “liberal.” Only 23% say they plan to vote for her, and 77% say they will not. I think you can safely call those “daunting odds.”

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  • Anette Punser

    08/13/2021 08:22 AM

    Dear Gov,

    You are a bright light in this very mixed up confused world.
    I so appreciate your voice of reason in person as well as in your website. Your faith is inspiring and gives me hope - reminding me that there are other like minded people out there... and some like you who lead the battle against evil!!

    This week gov Desantis quote I think was the most direct I have heard. I wish I could say it myself!!
    DeSantis’ stand-up-and-cheer response to President Biden: “Why don’t you do your job? Why don’t you get this border secure? And until you do that, I don’t want to hear a blip about COVID from you, thank you.”

    Further... President Biden said this week of others if you’re not going to do the right thing why don’t you get out of the way. Personally I think President Biden should take his own words of direction.
    He is weaponizing illegal aliens against his own people… That doesn’t seem legal to me.

    Thank you Mike... for your courage.
    I pray you and other warriors “will be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power...”

    Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses, but we will trust in the name of the lord our God!!”

    Anette Punser
    Glen Ellyn, IL

    PS- praying for Sarah... sorry I cannot offer more support but have been out of work looking for quite a while.
    Not as easy finding a job as it was 20 or 40 years ago!
    God bless her efforts!!

  • Gerald Petras

    08/12/2021 05:40 AM

    Maybe they should start doing autopsies on the people that died from the shot ( experimental vaccination). Also there shouldn't be any mandates to wear masks since they are flying the illegals all around the country and letting them spread the virus. I thought that so many people had to be dying for it to be called a pandemic? It probably should be called something else. The delta isn't supposed to be as bad as the first virus. How do we know that the tests aren't reading things other than the covid virus. I understand they run the test through 37 times.

  • Bev Engelhardt

    08/08/2021 09:41 PM

    Rooting for Sarah Palin! And I hope democrats get their butts whipped in the next election! We need to take back the house & all Senate seats that were lost!

  • Brian Timothy Teeple

    08/08/2021 07:14 PM

    It would grand if Sarah Palin exploded out of obscurity and into the Senate. She would throw dismay into the ranks of the Marxists and Deep Swampers.
    Soon I’m hoping for a resolution to November 3 Vote Fraud Scandal in favor of President Trump and the others who were cheated out Senate and Congressional seats. God Bless Mike Lindell !

  • Linda LuGene Williams

    08/08/2021 06:05 PM

    Sooooo, why aren't the Arizonans who are defying subpoenas in jail?!?!?!?

  • Charles Tucker

    08/08/2021 05:47 PM

    As a former Republican and staunch “right-winger”, I will never contribute another dime to the party until they purge themselves of traitors like Murkowski, Liz Cheney, Et Al!
    This is a great start!!!

  • Malone Mitchell

    08/08/2021 05:45 PM

    Mike I enjoy your comments, but talk is cheep. Until action is taken nothing is going to change. (Not violent action) The thing I can't figure out is how we became a monarchy. All these laws done by executive order. Where executed by Republican or Democrat. I thought it was congress job to make laws.

  • Cheryl A. Garrigan

    08/08/2021 05:05 PM

    I’d vote for Sarah Palin any day over Trump’s choice.

  • Stephen Ernest Mitchell

    08/08/2021 04:52 PM

    I don't believe in polls . We'll see what happens !

  • Angela L Lawson

    08/08/2021 04:32 PM

    I admire and I totally support Sarah Palin! I feel she was totally disrespected by The McCain Campaign and I feel she is more than entitled to a "do-over" for the mistreatment she received from The Republican Party. Sarah represents Republicans..........this Murkoski joker is a RINO who has done absolutely nothing but be a thorn in the side of Republicans in The Senate. I say yes to giving Ms. Palin this Senate Opportunity that she certainly deserves. It's a win-win to see Sarah in a huge comeback to the Political Stage while at the same time we are able to watch Democrats everywhere "weep out loud". It will be a memorable time for sure!