August 15, 2017

I pointed out yesterday how ludicrous it is to try to take the actions of a tiny handful of violent extremist idiots and tar an entire political party or its leadership with them. I don’t associate your typical Republican with a neo-Nazi scumball anymore than I associate a blue collar Democratic voter in Michigan with a black-hooded, “anti-fascist” fascist rioter at Berkeley.

Sadly, Democrats have long used slander and division for political gain, painting every Republican as a racist/sexist/homophobe/xenophobe/etcetera-phobe, and I hate to see it working in some people’s minds with Trump. Trump was the first candidate of either party to make a sincere outreach to improve inner city schools and living conditions, reduce crime and bring job opportunities to minority neighborhoods, and nobody’s even talking about that because the “Trump’s a racist” meme has been so successful. It’s great for Democratic political fortunes, but young minority students are the collateral damage.

Let me ask a question that I’d honestly like to hear the Trump Hate Brigade answer: if Donald Trump is such a KKK-supporting racist, when exactly did that happen? He’s lived most of his life in the public eye. His companies were leaders in non-discriminatory hiring. He’s given interviews for decades that you can watch at the link below, denouncing racism and white supremacists. He was a major TV star for years, and we never heard any accusations of racism (if there were, NBC would surely have dropped him, right?) So when did he become an evil white supremacist? Was it after his 70th birthday? If so, then that’s one more way in which he’s truly remarkable. Not many people change their entire world view after they turn 70.


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