My friend Lloyd Green has given an exceptional insight into Hillary’s challenge. It’s a masterpiece! I hope you enjoy.

-Mike Huckabee

From Lloyd: 

For Hillary Clinton, California’s and New Jersey’s June 7th primaries can’t come quickly enough as last night she again suffered the indignation of rejection at the hands of Democratic Primary voters. Last night, West Virginia painted a big L on her forehead; last week it was Indiana.

These losses couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Democrats’ mathematically certain nominee, with polls in the battleground states of OH, PA, and FL showing her to be fighting for her political life. A year ago Bernie Sanders was a blip, and Donald Trump was a  late night punchline. Not anymore. In Clintonworld nightmares due come true. There really was a blue dress.

But, Rejection didn’t end in 2008, with Clinton’s loss to first term senator. Right now, working class Democrats and millennials are telling Hillary that they’re not buying what she’s selling. And the only thing Team Clinton tell white voters without a 4-year college degree is that the campaign is busy studying them – not my words, but Clinton Super-PAC guru Paul Begala’s.


So at this moment, the Clintonistas are putting the WWC under a microscope like they were some sort of insect or virus in the hope of discovering why working Americans aren’t buying in to what America’s most famous Heathers-Wannabee is selling. Imagine that, Bubba’s Wife  couldn’t even buy a date to the Blue Ridge Mountain Ball yesterday, after she won West Virginia in 2008.

Imagine?, no need to.

Voters have  had more than two decades of Hillary, and they don’t like what they’re seeing. And at this point introductions and re-boots are meaningless.

Clinton’s campaigning as Obama’s third term, but just in case anyone forgot -- Obamacare wasn’t everything Obama promised that it would be. For working Americans it was more pain than cure, while at the same time it was a big sop to the Democrats’ Urban Base. In other words, Obamacare really did = WELFARE.

But it didn’t end there. N0, it was also about Hillary’s personal greed – even as she preened, preached and pitied – herself, that it is. Like a priest with his hand caught in the till,  or a Rabbi busted for leering at his congregant, Clinton shouldn’t expect any love back.

From her speeches to the Gods of Wall Street, to her home-brewed server, to her inability to tell the truth, Clinton has managed to gross-out that swath of America that never had a shot at the Ivy League or the Seven Sisters. Those folks get it, and see it. And unlike the One Percent, Beverly Hills and Chappaqua, there’s little cultural identification or affinity going on there. The Rise of Midwest Suburbanite by Being the Teachers’ Pet is not exactly an Inspiring narrative.

No. The Rest-of-America is  watching a candidate who can pucker-up to Al Sharpton, and plotz all over Black Lives Matter, but at the same time joyfully announce the Death of the Coal Industry, and stay sinfully silent in the face of White Death. Apparently, some causes are more chic than others; apparently, not every cause gets a pretty little ribbon, or has the privilege of watching Lena Dunham doing a PSA. Like smokers who die of cancer, the denizens of Charles Murray’s Fishtown should have known better – according to Saint Hillary.

Today, Clinton may be taking comfort in the fact that she’s not Trump, but she shouldn’t dwell on it. Her own favorable ratings are negative,  and she’s less popular than the President. As Gallup reports, Clinton’s favorability is even at a historic low among Democrats. Meanwhile, Clinton is distrusted by a majority of the electorate, and she knows it. As Clinton acknolwedged, “'I understand voters have questions” Unfortunately for Clinton, she’s been unable to assuage those doubts – let alone answer those questions. Oh, and in case anyone missed it, Clinton’s go-to-gal Cheryl Mills stormed out of the room yesterday when questioned by the FBI about the Clinton email system.

At this moment, Clinton’s credibility is on life support. Yes, Donald Trump may be dishonest, he may well have swindled Trump University enrollees at of their hard earned money, and may have his own thing for cheap foreign labor. OK, he’s awash in muck. But he has three things going for him that Clinton doesn’t have:

Cool. Like Bill Clinton way back when, Trump is Cool. A rogue for sure, a fraudster maybe, and tons of ties to Russian criminal types, and a convicted felon here-and-there. But he’s cool, and that counts.

Two. Trump doesn’t simply defend. No, he just gives opponents a nickname, and fights back.

Sure, Trump rallies can get heated and can turn into Jerry Springer re-runs. They may get gross, and Mick Jagger has Trump to stop playing his music,  but they are also must-see TV.

Hillary – with that horrid voice – NO. And unlike Trump, HRC leaves it to others to do her fighting for her. Trump will put a sword in your heart as he beats your brains in. Clinton knifes you in the back.

No wonder America’s soldiers prefer Trump to Clinton by 2-to-1.

Last, it’s the kids. Yeah, the Trump Boys look like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, OK just one of ‘em does. But Ivanka connects, and she exudes poise and competence. Chelsea – is more a Next Generation Grifter with Her Mom’s Charm, and a hedge fund husband. Soo predictable  

Come Election Day, all of this will matter.

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  • Bee Cee

    05/11/2016 06:00 PM

    Hillary better try selling her snake oil in another's not selling here any more.