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February 9, 2021

Over the weekend, while Democrats were gearing up to “impeach” a President who’s been gone since last month for allegedly inciting a riot that we now know was being planned over a month before he gave the speech in which he urged his followers to peacefully protest, BLM and Antifa protesters continued to riot across the nation. That includes Washington, DC, where on Saturday, far-left rioters attacked police and marched through the streets chanting, “Burn it all down.”

If this was taken as insurrection, a coup attempt or a call to overthrow the government, it wasn’t reported that way, nor have I heard any demands for impeachment or resignations from the many Democrat Congress members who have excused, defended and encouraged this sort of thing over the past year, until it came from the right and happened in their own building.

Reminder: Vice President Kamala Harris, then a Senator, promoted a fund to bail out protesters in Minneapolis so they could go right back to rioting and looting. Think that’s hyperbole? From last August, here are a few of the patriotic citizens she helped return to the streets…

While we all wait patiently for the media to demand impeachment trials for the Democrats who supported and continue to tacitly support violent rioters who serve their own political ends, here’s what a retired veteran Chicago police officer and rep for the National Police Association had to say about the media obsession with one riot while they ignore “the other 99 percent of violent riots that American law enforcement has been dealing with for the past almost year.”


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  • Cecilia leonard

    02/10/2021 06:35 AM

    You report hope when there is hardly any to find. I can’t tell you the last time I watched any news. I will watch you when I can for nd you. God Bless America