May 5, 2017

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert admitted that Monday’s now-infamous, foul-mouthed anti-Trump rant that passed for a monologue was cruder than it should have been, in terms of language, but said he has no regrets and refused to apologize. That did nothing to cool the rising calls for his firing from both Trump supporters and those who think his filthy sexual comment involving Trump and Vladimir Putin was homophobic (it’s interesting how many people are outraged that he might have shown disrespect for a gay sex act but don’t care at all that he spent 10 minutes of CBS network air time spewing blatant disrespect at the President of the United States).

Like Sean Hannity, I’m not calling for Colbert to be fired. I think there’s too much capitulation to easily-offended mobs over saying the wrong thing as it is. That’s not to say I excuse what Colbert did, which was ugly, inappropriate and unfunny. I just look at him more with sorrow and pity than anger. Stephen Colbert is a talented man who seems to have lowered himself to the gutter for ratings. Many people questioned CBS handing over a mainstream network franchise to a polarizing political satirist. His sliding ratings bore out those concerns, and there were rumors that CBS regretted not giving the show to the popular and apolitical James Corden.

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But then came Hillary’s surprise loss. Liberals, furious at being turned out of power and with few places left to massage their bruised egos other than late night TV shows, flocked to Colbert. The late night audience having diminished greatly since Carson’s heyday, that was enough to boost him to #1, and he seemed so grateful for the lifeline that he started giving angry left viewers just what they craved: nightly anti-Trump assaults. It worked for a while (even the affable Jimmy Fallon was under pressure to attack Trump more to compete). But I predicted that it wouldn’t last. You can only swallow so much arsenic every night, even in tiny doses, before it eventually poisons your system.

As Colbert kept feeding the hate-filled crowd, they demanded more blood every night, until he inevitably crossed the line with that ugly, offensive rant. This was the same man who was on live TV on election night, and although shocked that Trump won, said this:

“So how did our politics get so poisonous? I think it’s because we overdosed, especially this year. We drank too much of the poison. You take a little bit of it, so you can hate the other side. And it tastes kind of good. And you like how it feels. And there is a gentle high to the condemnation, right? And you know you’re right, right? You know you’re right…Politics used to be something we thought about every four years, maybe two years if you didn’t have a lot of social life. And that’s good that we didn’t think about it that much, because it left room in our lives for other things, and for other people. Now politics is everywhere. And that takes up precious brain space that we could be using to remember all the things we actually have in common.”

It’s hard to believe that’s the same man who gave Monday’s vicious, obscene rant on national TV, sending his viewers off to bed with their brains filled with hatred for their own President, then claimed to have no regrets. I sincerely hope he will pull back from the abyss and remember that some things are more important than ratings, reflect on his own words, and stop drinking the poison.


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  • Matthew Boyden

    05/14/2017 05:23 AM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,

    Might I know whether your wife ever took your penis in her mouth as an act of love?

    I am English, which means nothing save that I am educated and inclined to question what is said and done by those in power, and influence.

    The means you, as well as Mr. Colbert.

    Your comments have clearly struck a chord with your readers, including the aptly named Mde Vial, and I asked you he question I did because you appear to think there is something wrong with felatio. I cannot agree.

    And I don't think you do - not if you are honest, as you claim to be.

    So why is a reference to felatio a negative if, and only if, it is between men unless those who find it so are themselves homophobic?

    Colbert accused Mr. Trump of engaging in a sexual act as a metaphor. What's wrong with that? Would you have objected to the same had the other party - the 'holster', if you were - had been Angela Merkel? Or Hilary Clinton?

    The issue is simpler than you imply.

    The hatred of Mr. Trump is a concern only if it is not articulated. The mistake America made was to disallow, or repress, the loathing of Mr. Obama for 8 years. Your media is not fake; it is imbalanced and subject to horrible bias. I propose you address this disparity, while considering also the extent to which you, as a man with a reputation to protect, should consider distancing yourself from a man devoid of virtue.

    The office of the Presidency is greater than its occupant, but it's not a ticket to legitimise anything that person says and does.

    We need Colbert to get angry. We need you to do the same.

    I urge you to consider what that means for us now, and for those we leave behind.

    V best

    Matthew Boyden

  • Betty Barton

    05/06/2017 07:19 PM

    Great commentary, Mike. Although I agree with you about free speech, I do not think it is ever appropriate to allow anyone on national television to use the vile, filthy language that Colbert used in his rant. That is why I believe he should be disciplined. I'm sure you remember Don Imus and his remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team - calling them nappy-headed hoes. CBS fired him. Colbert's rant wasn't against a basketball team, but in my opinion, trashing our president is much worse. He has been blasting our president for months, long before Trump won the election, and it is sickening. It isn't the same comedic roasting that we regularly heard on Jay Leno, and Jay never used the filth that we heard coming out of Colbert's mouth. Again, I'm all for free speech, but not when it's laced with words I never use, and are offensive to most of his listening audience.

  • kathleen butler

    05/06/2017 04:14 PM

    I try not to waste time on liberal, secular celebrities, because I know what they are about, and they have nothing I am interested in. Any time a Christian views or hears evil material-it is in their mind and heart cannot delete it. Vileness makes one weary in body and soul. 2 Corinthians 4:1-16 is an excellent chapter for those who are exhausted from the daily doses of wickedness that eat away at our spiritual sensibilities.

  • Patti Vial

    05/06/2017 08:04 AM

    Remember what happened to Billy Bush! NBC fired him for laughing at Trumps off color joke that happened 11 years ago!

  • Jeff tanenbaum

    05/05/2017 07:09 PM

    Brilliant narrative but I must respectfully disagree: I want Colbert fired. I am sick of the leftist rants , spewing hatred verbally in writings and on the air toward our President .Indecency, disrespect, dishonesty can no longer be tolerated . The President works his butt off and all we hear and see is hatefilked rhetoric . I say enough already . They need to be a taught a hard lesson and a firing is the right thing to do.

  • Linda Ward

    05/05/2017 06:14 PM

    How "badly" was CBS's John Dickerson treated? A ride on Air Force One, exclusive time with the POSTUS and time in the Oval Office? When he pressed on a "gotcha" question that his network would air over and over again, President Trump didn't take the bait and politely ended the interview. After all, this IS THE President of the US! There seems to be absolutely NO respect or dignity from most in the media! What happened to "when they go low, we go high?" If this is what tolerance looks like, I'm thinking it is about time to redefine "tolerance!" Unfortunately, unless the American people stop watching and "supporting" these brainwashing rants and and making it part of the daily dialog, the hatred and disrespect of our President just gets more attention than it deserves.

  • E. Cuevas

    05/05/2017 06:08 PM

    Mike, thank you for your voice of common sense and decorum. I stopped watching Colbert after he left Comedy Central. He should face real consequences from his sponsors, the network, and the FCC.


    05/05/2017 03:10 PM

    The conservative Voice is weakening by the left design. Colbert is worse than a foul joke and just one of the many ploys used to attack.
    We know Who is solidly in control and we are thankful for your support. We could use a million more strong voices like yours.

  • james randolph

    05/05/2017 02:24 PM

    Who are his sponsors?
    Suggest to them their representative is unworthy of their endorsement.

  • Diane Arguin

    05/05/2017 02:19 PM

    Never watch him or CBS! What he said was vile!! He doesn't regret what he said? Really! One word, Karma!

  • Dominic Tommy

    05/05/2017 02:09 PM

    Your article on mad man, Stephen Colbert, is timely on disrespect of the President of United States. Colbert and other liberal talk show hosts are crying with foul comments against the President. The Liberals, thought they had the whole world of Democrats in White House forever. But American people are smarter than them. Keep up the good work of defending the freedom and encouraging the conservatives.
    By the way, Governor, is it possible you can go back to Fox News and re-host your program.
    We miss you and Bill O'Riely. Now no one is there to present the format of your news cast of those day before you ran for Presidency. Please come back!

  • Connie L Bickel

    05/05/2017 01:56 PM

    Thank you Mike for having the common sense we need in this country. Keep up the good work!

  • Cheryl Jongeneel

    05/05/2017 01:27 PM

    This is one of the most reasonable retorts yet. What he said that night is amazing. Though I do not watch any of the "late night" programs; I remember some very clever reposts of things he did on his show. He really has surrendered to the poison.

  • Heather Irwin

    05/05/2017 01:21 PM

    Hate hurts everyone. It hurts the heart and spirit. It literally rips apart our so fragile sense of human balance, both for those spewing it toward others and those viewing and receiving this terrible form of communication. Saying you hate someone or something is bad enough, but demonstrating it in public is devastating with dire uncontrolable backlash for the one delivering the blow.

  • Jan DeSmet

    05/05/2017 01:06 PM

    I used to like Colbert and Stewart. It was never over the line. As you eloquently pointed out, we've ALL just gone too far. I myself have lost friends over this political season. Sad. But in my defense, I felt like I was just defending myself. I'm not one to tell you how to live your life. Pretty, "live and let live", but if you are constantly berating me, at some point, you fight back. And it infuriates me that these protestors keep getting away with breaking laws and yet are allowed to still protest and block traffic, leave their trash, destroy innocent businesses. As much as I want to live and let live, at some point, you have to stand your ground. I don't think conservatives are doing that in WA DC and we aren't doing it in the streets. Sad.

  • Rosalee Rousakis

    05/05/2017 12:53 PM

    I agree with you Govenor. Colbert is a disgusting fool and a weak excuse for a man. Shame on him!

  • Rosalee Rousakis

    05/05/2017 12:51 PM

    I agree with you Govenor. Colbert is a disgusting fool and a weak excuse for a man. Shame on him!

  • Barry Sykes

    05/05/2017 12:42 PM

    Leno's last show was my last night of nightly late tv except for forcing myself to watch Letterman's finale. I did watch the first night of Fallon but since the only times I have seen any late night stuff was a you tube Carden sing-a-long a few times. Colbert, Noah, Kimmel I have no interest in.
    Used to be networks had "censors" who signed off on content at taping. Obviously anything goes now and that overseeing arm of the nets is no more. Blatant disrespect for the office of the president as demonstrated by Colbert is just mind-boggling to me.
    Your take is right on. These days their is NO limit ...used to be cable was the only place to take a chance with such filth. No more.

  • Rich Glomstad

    05/05/2017 12:10 PM

    I agree Mike. Hillary spent close to 1.2 Billion dollars on her campaign. I believe that is the highest amount of money ever spent in human history for a campaign no? It certainly paid for a lot of pundits and MSM news outlet support.