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August 22, 2023



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Today’s Huckabee Video Links

Must-See, or Must-See-Again: My interview from this weekend’s “Huckabee” on TBN with chief House Biden investigator, Rep. James Comer.

Here’s my monologue from that show, on the indictments of Trump that perform the same function as a scantily-clad female assistant does for a bad magician who needs to distract the audience from what he’s doing.

This is my appearance on “Rob Schmitt Tonight” on Newsmax, discussing the Bidens’ worse-than-Third-World financial chicanery exposed by House investigators.

Biden visits Maui

It took President Biden over a week to finally leave his beach vacation, go to Maui and comment on the devastating and tragic wild fires. But if all he could do was make it about himself and how he once suffered a kitchen fire, stumble through remarks filled with verbal gaffes, and make lame and tasteless jokes that offended the victims, maybe it would’ve been better if he’d just stayed beached.

Matt Vespa at has more on the continuing outrage of the way Hawaii’s Democrat officials failed in preventing the wild fires, extinguishing them, and aiding the victims in their aftermath.

Of course, a media salvage operation is already underway to claim that criticism of the government’s botching of the Maui wildfires is a “rightwing narrative.” Or as we call that around here, “the truth.”

President Trump's bail is set

Former President Trump will be processed in Fulton County, Georgia, Thursday, on the latest round of ridiculous charges of “racketeering” for objecting to an election. Bail was set at $200,000 (this link has a breakdown of the amounts for each charge that add up to $200,000.)

That’s actually fairly standard in cases involving people for whom there’s evidence that they actually committed those crimes. But what’s more concerning is the extremely subjective conditions on the terms of release. Things like “The defendant shall perform no act to intimidate any person known to him…to be a co-defendant or witness in this case or to otherwise obstruct the administration of justice.” And he is forbidden from making any “direct or indirect threat of any nature against the community or to any property in the community,” including in “posts on social media or reposts of posts” by others on social media.

This entire case is built on a partisan prosecutor twisting free speech into felony charges, and now it appears that his bond conditions are, too. We’ve already seen special counsel Jack Smith claim Trump’s social media posts were “threats.” The prosecution in this trial will be hunting for any opportunity to claim that something Trump says is a violation of his bail terms and demand that he be jailed. It’s designed to either shut him up or lock him up during campaign season.

If you didn’t think the entire point of this destruction of our legal system was election interference, then this should cement it.  


The Hunter Biden Story

The Hunter Biden story is like a pinata full of sleaze that, just when you think it’s been beaten until it’s empty, drops some more slime on the floor. Jesse Watters of Fox News just revealed the latest, reporting that Fox Primetime has confirmed that Hunter flew overseas on Air Force Two with then-VP Joe Biden at least eight times.  Watters tweeted:

“These are trips we didn’t know about before, because Hunter avoided being caught on camera. But Primetime now has indisputable evidence that Hunter Biden was using Air Force 2 as business travel. Taxpayers funded Hunter’s business travel so the Bidens could sneak around the world and get rich.”

Nothing we didn’t already know, but again, there’s just so much more of it than we knew, and it never seems to end. I’m sure we’ll have more on this so stay tuned…

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Friendly advice

I’ll bet you probably didn’t even know that there was an Amazon Prime TV series based on the movie “A League of Their Own,” about World War II-era female baseball teams. Well, “loosely” based. It used that movie's premise to push an anachronistic racial and gay political agenda, complete with lesbian sex scenes and an underground lesbian bar run by Rosie O’Donnell. It was so in-your-face with the LGBTQ messaging that it won awards from a number of radical gay and leftist groups, including GLAAD. notes that if you’re thinking that sounds nothing like the movie, you must’ve watched the movie wrong. The show’s co-creator Abbi Jacobson claimed that the original movie is an “iconic gay film,” even though none of the characters is gay. Okay...

One problem: Nobody watched the TV series, and it’s just become the latest piece of woke propaganda to get canceled after only one season. If it makes them feel better, they can think of it as a late-term abortion.

In related “Get Woke, Go Broke” news, major theatrical companies around the nation that went all-in on producing plays and other live performances that push leftist, racial and LGBTQ political agendas are facing financial catastrophe as donations and ticket sales have plunged.

In the spirit of supporting the arts, I want to offer them this advice:

People love “The Music Man.”

Justice Thomas

Speaking of Justice Thomas, Democrats have been on a jihad against him for months, trying to drive him off the SCOTUS with bogus ethics allegations about him taking lavish gifts from his longtime billionaire friend, Harlan Crow. They have been led by leftwing “news” outlets like ProPublica.

Matt Vespa at has some new info on the various ways they got the story wrong, including claiming that Thomas took vacations on Crow’s yacht when he actually just took a 30-minute tour of it while it was moored to the dock. They also claimed Thomas had a standing invitation to an exclusive golf resort. They didn’t mention that he doesn’t play golf and never went. They also made a big deal about him watching a college football game from a suite that costs $40,000 a year. But Thomas’ ticket cost a whopping 65 bucks, well below the required reporting value of gifts.

Do you still wonder why I put quotation marks around the word “news” when I refer to leftwing media outlets?

Related: Following my “wait at least 48 hours” rule before commenting on any inflammatory accusation against Republicans, I didn’t comment on the big dust-up about Gov. Ron DeSantis allegedly calling Trump supporters “listless vessels.” And here’s what I was waiting for: 

Former Virginia Attorney General and DeSantis supporter Ken Cuccinelli went on CNN and confronted them about creating that quote via misleading video editing. They cut out a full paragraph between DeSantis’ reference to Trump voters and the phrase “listless vessels.”

I’ll let you decide if this substantially altered the meaning of DeSantis’ comments. In the meantime, here are some reactions from conservatives, none of whom should have been surprised to learn that CNN airs fake news.

How to Fight Back

Victoria Taft of PJ Media interviewed Mike Davis of the Article III Project, who outlined his advice for how Donald Trump can fight back against all these politicized indictments and win. He also believes that the flimsiness and obvious partisan nature of the charges is becoming apparent even to Trump haters and people who don’t follow the news, and some Democrats already sense that their overkill is boomeranging on them and will work in Trump’s favor

Davis says this strategy is exactly what they did that saved Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination, when the Dems just kept throwing one transparently ridiculous charge after another at him, assuming that would bury him, but it blew up in their faces. Read more at this link:

And in the podcast, he recounts a great story told to him by Clarence Thomas that he calls the “dead chicken” strategy. If you don’t have time to listen to the entire podcast, this link will take you straight to it.

Border? What Border?!?

From the very first day Joe Biden took office as President, he began dismantling all the measures that President Trump had taken to secure the border. As to whether this was a deliberate attempt to allow millions of illegal immigrants to come in, or mindless opposition to anything Trump did, or a combination of the two, I can’t say. But some of Biden’s actions were inexplicable if you were looking for any logical coherence. For instance, he ordered an immediate halt to construction of the border wall (which was working), even though storing the materials cost taxpayers $300 million, and for zero benefit.

If you had any hope that the border disaster this caused might make him come to his senses and finish the wall, forget it. To prevent that, the Biden Administration has been secretly auctioning off the building materials on the federal surplus website GovPlanet at fire sale prices.

And who needs a silly old border wall, anyway? According to liberal news outlets, border crossings are down significantly since Biden ended Title 42 in May (never mind that that resulted in a massive surge, on top of the millions already here, not to mention the violent gangs that now control parts of our border, or the flood of deadly drugs into the US.) And in July, there was another surge, with border agents processing over 183,000 people, a 33% increase from June.

Oh, and not to worry anyone, but illegal entries by Chinese nationals are up 800% since fiscal 2022.

Here’s my modest suggestion: Let’s keep the materials to build a border wall, and sell the entire Biden Administration on the liquidation site at fire sale prices.

Related: In Kleberg County on the Texas/Mexico border, Hispanic county attorney Kira Talip Sanchez has had enough of all the lawlessness and illegal entries and switched parties from Democrat to Republican.

A mystery: What was Hunter doing talking to Trump impeachment attorneys in 2019?

If you’ve been reading the newsletter, you’re up to speed on the “Biden Inc.” investigation even before the news appears in most conservative media.  Most of yesterday was a re-hashing of what you already know.  But John Solomon broke significant news.

First, the backstory:  As you know, Hunter made a call to “DC” when he was at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai with his Burisma associates.  That was December 5, 2015.  Only five days later, Papa Joe Biden flew to Ukraine and spoke before their parliament.  That’s the same day he threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees unless the lead prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was fired.  In March 2016, the prosecutor “resigned under pressure” from the Ukrainian president, who, in turn, had been pressured by then-Vice President Biden.    

Joe Biden has always maintained that, yes, he did push for Shokin’s firing, but it had nothing to do with Hunter’s connection to Burisma --- it was consistent with existing U.S. foreign policy recommendation, put together by an inter-agency task force.  But now Solomon has the State Department’s internal documents from that task force, courtesy of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and they tell a very different story.  The task force advised Biden in October 2015 that the $1 billion SHOULD be given to Ukraine, because the prosecutor’s office was doing a swell job with its anti-corruption efforts!

That was the last recommendation made by this task force.  They even put it in the form of handy talking points, which, according to State Department documents, Joe Biden related to the president of Ukraine in a phone call on November 4, 2015.  At that time, Joe told the Ukrainian president they would get the $1 billion guarantee.

But it was soon after this phone call that “life got tough inside the Biden family,” Solomon told Sean Hannity Monday night.  Reporters for THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and THE NEW YORK TIMES had begun asking questions about the investigation into Burisma Holdings and Hunter’s presence on the board, and Burisma “began to panic.”  So around Thanksgiving of 2015, Joe and his office worked on a “new talking point,” according to Solomon, “one they didn’t even share with the ambassador, who was in Kiev representing the United States…”  The White House decided they would call for the prosecutor to be fired if they wanted the money.

“Joe Biden wasn’t carrying out U.S. policy,” Solomon said.  “He CHANGED U.S. policy.”  In other words, the story being drilled into us by the media that Joe was only fulfilling existing foreign policy is a gigantic LIE.  Hey, what’s one more?

Solomon believes the whistleblowers in the Biden case “changed history.  There’s no doubt that them coming forward changed the dynamics inside the Justice Department and between [them and] Hunter Biden’s lawyers.”

He pointed to one document in particular that contradicts what we’ve been told about Hunter having no impact on foreign policy.  There’s a classified email to leaders in Washington from George Kent at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine (remember him from Trump’s first impeachment?), saying, “Somebody should tell Joe Biden his son Hunter undercut ALL of our anti-corruption activities in Ukraine.”

“The documents contradict everything we were told in the original narrative about Ukraine.”

Hannity also spoke with two House committee chairmen Monday night:  Jason Smith of Missouri, who chairs the Ways & Means Committee (the committee that deals with tax information), and Jim Jordan of Ohio, who chairs the Judiciary Committee.  They say more House subpoenas have been issued to IRS and FBI investigators involved in the Hunter case.

Recall from yesterday that Biden’s attorneys actually threatened the DOJ with putting President Biden on the stand and creating a “constitutional crisis” if Hunter had to face charges.  (As if they cared about causing a constitutional crisis.)  “The idea that Joe Biden’s gonna testify is ridiculous,” Jordan said Monday night.  “Can you imagine putting Joe Biden on the stand right now and him facing cross-examination --- I mean, there is NO WAY that’s gonna happen.  But this is the pressure campaign they were putting on the DOJ.”

Recall also that without the announcement of the whistleblowers getting ready to testify, Hunter’s “sweetheart” deal would have been twice as sweet, with all charges dropped.  Incredibly, Hunter would have received “future immunity” without having to plead guilty to ANYTHING.  The fact that the DOJ had agreed to this should tell you all you need to know about the politics of ‘justice’ in 2023.

The reason the IRS whistleblowers came forward was a “red line” that was crossed during a meeting on October 7, 2022, with Delaware U.S. Attorney (now Special Counsel) David Weiss and four other people, when Weiss allegedly told them he didn’t have independent authority to bring charges.  The two whistleblowers followed protocol by going first to the Ways & Means Committee because of the personal financial information involved in the case.

But did you know that Hunter’s attorneys demanded that the DOJ prosecute the whistleblowers?  Yes, it’s true.  Even though IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel had confirmed the rights of agency whistleblowers to make protected disclosures to Congress, Hunter’s attorneys called for them to be prosecuted because they’d divulged details about the probe to Congress, and what they said had “played a role in influencing the outcome.”  They said that for this reason, the whistleblowers broke the law and should be PROSECUTED.

What really happened was that, in revealing to Congress what they felt was wrong about the investigation, they helped prevent Hunter from getting an unacceptable sweetheart deal.  (NOTE:  Judge Maryellen Noreika helped, too.)  In other words, by allowing whistleblowers to “interfere,” the whistleblower law worked exactly as it was supposed to.

House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky called this what it is:  witness intimidation on the part of Hunter’s attorneys.

Jason Smith told Hannity that the two whistleblowers gave consistent testimony and characterized what they said as shocking.  “But you know who was not shocked about their information was the Department of Justice,” he said, “because, in fact, the [DOJ], just as the whistleblowers highlighted...used numerous tactics that delayed the investigation to such a degree that the statute of limitations expired for some of the most egregious crimes of 2014 and 2015 tax years.”

Of course, you know about their other transgressions, such as going straight to Hunter’s lawyers with tip-offs that interfered with the IRS investigation.  The DOJ and Hunter’s legal team really were working on the same side:  both sidin’ with Biden.

But then Jim Jordan brought up something mind-boggling that might get lost in all the other Biden corruption news.  We’ll let him tell it:

“...In 2019, Biden’s legal team wanted to meet with him to talk about things, and he said, ‘I can’t meet with you that day because I’M TALKING WITH THE IMPEACHMENT LAWYERS [emphasis ours].’  So, is he talking with Daniel Goldman, the lawyer for Adam Schiff?  ...Who’s he talking to?  Because it was all about Burisma…” was in 2019 that the FBI got Hunter’s laptop, and KNEW it was Hunter’s laptop, and knew all about Burisma, yet held onto it during Trump’s first impeachment when it would have been exculpatory for him.  Now we learn that Hunter himself was actually in contact with the Trump impeachment lawyers at this time!  What in blazes was going on here?  This has the potential to be the most shocking revelation yet.



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  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/23/2023 08:39 AM

    Nothing we didn’t already know, but again, there’s just so much more of it than we knew, and it never seems to end. I’m sure we’ll have more on this so stay tuned…

    And AGAIN you rinos ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN and have done NOTHING to stop it and sadly, I believe, will continue to do nothing to stop it!! YOU RINOS ARE A HUGE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!

  • Joan Gardner Bice

    08/22/2023 06:27 PM

    All this info should be televised and reported nationally. President Trump has been vilified every single day in some media form since 2015. How can we sit by and allow the POLITICAL and VENGEFUL destruction of our former President? Nowhere in history that any one person has suffered the degradational arrows slung at him. We owe President Trump our thanks and the deepest apology for what he has endured, and our complete support..