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February 4, 2023



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Could classified docs be about the Bidens and bioweapons?

Do you remember the flurry of stories last spring about U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine?  That was when Putin was lining up his tanks at the Ukrainian border and preparing to invade, and questions abounded:  Did we really fund biolabs in Ukraine?  What were they doing?  Did they make bioweapons?  How long had that been going on?  How safe were the labs?  Did we run them?  Who else was involved?

Contradictory stories flooded the news.  “Fact”-checkers piled on.  John Kirby, Coordinator of Strategic Communications for the White House National Security Council, said the U.S. was working on “pandemic prevention” and did not operate biological weapons labs as part of its biological research in Ukraine.  But he also said the projects underway there had been “closed” and the labs thoroughly “deactivated” before the Russian invasion, casting doubt on the innocence of what they’d been doing there.

Russians took full advantage of that, saying the U.S. was scurrying to hide something.  And, sadly, our government has hidden so much --- lied to us so much --- that we can’t believe anything it says, any more than we can believe the Russians or Ukrainians.  After several months, the Ukrainian biolab story essentially went away, as stories so often do.

But a few days ago, GATEWAY PUNDIT ran a shocking story about Hunter Biden’s association with Ukrainian biolab company Metabiota, which apparently owned one of the 46 (!) biolabs the U.S. had reportedly partnered with in that country.  Jim Hoft reported that President Zelenskyy had sent out a government decree to destroy “ALL INFORMATION” on Metabiota on the very same day --- February 24, 2022 --- Russia invaded.  Witnesses saw fire outside Ukraine’s intel headquarters that day.

The story quotes one observer who tweeted:  “Did Zelensky keep some of the more incriminating documents against Hunter at Metabiota and Burisma to use as extortion against Joe Biden to get more money and weapons?  We all know the answer.”

Well, we don’t KNOW the answer, but we know it could easily be true and would explain a lot.

As GATEWAY PUNDIT reports, “Zelensky sent out a decree on February 24, 2022, for government officials to destroy all information on the Ukrainian Research Anti-Plague Institute, Mechnikov Institute of Health of Ukraine, and the Zhytomyr Regional Laboratory Centers of the Ministry of Ukraine, who all worked with Metabiota Inc. (Metabiota) scientists.”  According to a photo of a statement about the document translated into English, it said this was done by “the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with the participation of specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine in connection with the conduct of martial law in Ukraine...[who] organized the devastating destruction of personal files of servicemen, employees and staff...which worked together with scientists at Metabiota Inc., Battelle.” 

Some speculated that documents were being burned “to cover up their affiliation to U.S. biological malfeasance.”  We can’t verify the contents of burned-up documents, but video evidence does show that...something...was being burned that day as the Russians revved up their tanks.

It was hard to know at first what to make of this story, so we applied our “72-hour rule” before commenting.  There might be aspects of it that, as far as we ever learn, will remain speculative.  But upon reflection, it seems this might have something to do with the classified documents that Biden’s DOJ suddenly seems so desperate to keep under wraps.  Odd how crackhead Hunter, international man of mystery, so often ends up being connected to key global players who line their pockets while skirting the law.

In Scott Adams’ Friday podcast, Episode 2008 (starting at 29:21), he cautiously looked into what he called a “very complicated” story about “Ukraine and the Biden crime family,” drawing on posts from pundit “Kanekoa” on Twitter and Substack.  At this point, he doesn’t know if all of it’s true but is passing it along so we can assess for ourselves.

In 2012, he said, a Ukrainian news report said the U.S. Defense Department was “building biological weapons laboratories in cities across Ukraine as part of its biological threat reduction program.”  At the time, it wasn’t reported as a big deal, even though it should be obvious that the way to figure out how to reduce your risk is to CREATE the risk.  (Doesn’t that sound like Pfizer’s alleged ‘directed evolution’ of COVID variants, as reported by Project Veritas?)  In 2012, the labs were being upgraded by the U.S. to research control of anthrax, typhoid, cholera and much more. 

The story, though, actually goes back to 2005, when Sens. Dick Lugar and (yes) Barack Obama were instrumental in getting a $15 million agreement between the U.S. Department of Defense and Ukraine’s Health Ministry to support bioresearch in Kiev, Lvov and Odessa..

According to this report, details of the agreement were to be “withheld from public disclosure.”  But “state secrets of Ukraine” were to be shared with our Defense Department, it says cryptically.

Of course --- and Adams pointed this out --- one reason to have these labs in other countries is so you can do things you couldn’t legally do here.  Safety standards are lower.  Also, “if you pump money into a corrupt place, you could probably skim some off for yourself.”  Also, you’ve got the money laundering opportunities.  Ah, he knows how Ukraine works.

Kanekoa reports that Hunter Biden was financially involved with the Ukrainian biolabs long before we knew anything about him, through a company called --- and here’s that name again --- Metabiota, “a pandemic tracking and response firm.”  (Adams laughed at this and mused, “I wonder how well a company like that would do if a pandemic broke out.”)

Scott then moved to the part of the story we’ve been covering the past few days, that Hunter’s boss at Burisma was the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.  Hunter, recall, was getting paid big bucks for being the son of a U.S. Vice President who was also Obama’s “point man” on Ukraine.  Kolomoisky is also the financier who backed Zelenskyy when he was running for President --- paying for “security, lawyers and vehicles” --- and, before that, even provided money for a TV show when he was a rising comedian.  “So, essentially, Zelenskyy and Hunter Biden were controlled by the same Ukrainian billionaire,” Adams said.  “Interesting.”

He noted that Zelenskyy was also “the beneficiary of a web of offshore firms created around 2012.” 

That was the same year Zelenskyy’s media company received $41 million, paid out of “this billionaire’s private bank.”  Of course, we know this was PrivatBank, the same bank that paid Hunter.

Also in 2012, research on Burisma Holdings FUNDED BY GEORGE SOROS AND THE STATE DEPARTMENT (we thought we’d emphasize that) determined who the owner was; they found it was Kolomoisky.  Remember, 2012 was also when the U.S. was upgrading the biolabs over there.  It seems to have been a big year.

So we have Zelenskyy and Hunter Biden both working for the same Ukrainian billionaire at the same time.  It might also be noted that Kolomoisky funded three Ukrainian battalions that have been accused of war crimes against children in Eastern Ukraine.

In 2020, our ‘Justice’ Department accused Kolomoisky of laundering $4 billion from PrivatBank into American properties.  We’ve reported on his more recent travails, during which Zelenskyy turned against him, stripping him of his property and citizenship.  It’s here where motivations and details are still murky.  Biden has sent $100 million to Zelenskyy.

Scott admitted this story is getting to a place that it’s harder for him to go, but said it’s credible.  Going back to 2005, the WASHINGTON POST described those biolabs as “part of a Cold War network of anti-plague stations.”  They admitted that the research did, in effect, create bioweapons.  President Obama, according to the Twitter thread by “Clandestine,” “opened the floodgates to the Deep State and created biological weapons programs with the Ukrainian government, and established connections for U.S. oligarchs to build biolab companies in the lawless land of Ukraine.”  That’s his opinion, but it should offer good direction for researchers.

More from this thread:  When civil war erupted in Ukraine and Victoria Nuland was facilitating regime change (!), she reportedly said there was a risk of Russians getting their hands on biological weapons research.  According to Clandestine, the U.S. picked Zelenskyy as “puppet” leader and now has control over Ukraine.  Biden has visited there 13 times, securing U.S. funding to Ukrainian oligarchs.

Clandestine’s conclusion is, “The reason all of our tax dollars are in Ukraine:  because Ukraine is a deep-state proxy controlled by the ruling class, the DNC and George Soros.”

Again, these last few paragraphs are speculative.  But the pieces Adams presents do fit.  (And the other details about Ukraine we’ve brought you before today also fit.)  He says that even with just the part we KNOW is true, we can conclude that “the Biden family is a crime family.”

Bonchie at REDSTATE echoes what we’ve said about Hunter…


By Colonel Kenneth Allard

Many Americans may react casually to the startling news that a Chinese reconnaissance balloon is drifting unmolested over the American Midwest. Because the blood sport of international politics is seldom presented honestly either by the legacy media or their allies in academe, the average citizen might be lulled into thinking that this latest violation of US sovereignty is something that only diplomats care about. After all, isn’t US sovereignty violated every day by thousands of illegal border-crossers – to say nothing of the Mexican drug cartels? And what can a reconnaissance balloon see that cannot also be viewed by a score of commercial reconnaissance satellites licensed by Google Earth?

True enough, but the real significance of this event lies in what it suggests about the current state of our deterrence, i.e., that elusive quality dissuading your adversary from attacking because he believes you have both the capability and intent to retaliate. For years, the numerically superior Soviet Army was deterred from attacking US and NATO forces in Western Europe because they correctly believed that American nuclear weapons would quickly act as a trigger to counter any Russian advance. That balance of terror endured throughout the Cold War but where do we stand today? Think of that reconnaissance balloon as an upraised Chinese middle finger pointed directly at Joe Biden.

Equally alarming is the Pentagon’s craven reluctance to bring down the balloon. That institutional obstinacy clearly demonstrates that a whole new mind-set holds sway in which any defense consideration must give way to the possibility of damaging the environment - even in wide-open Montana! In my thirty -year career spent in and around our intelligence establishment, we always relished the chance to acquire intact the intelligence -gathering technologies of our adversaries. What in the world can our latter-day successors be thinking when they studiously avoid even the possibility of recovering that reconnaissance balloon and systematically examining its intelligence systems? It might even help to even the score with Chinese intelligence with their long track record of reverse-engineering American defense technologies.

American deterrence is in trouble, whether it results from Joe Biden’s abysmal foreign policy record (including the Afghanistan debacle) or those persistent character issues belatedly coming under media scrutiny. It is hard to escape that admittedly grim conclusion when enemies on every side no longer fear us as they once did. Well so what, you might ask, can’t we avoid those consequences by just being more cautious in our foreign policy? Maybe but also remember that Ukraine is up for grabs, so is Taiwan and who knows what mischief the Iranians or the North Koreans have in mind: But rest assured that all of those powers are watching us closely! It reminds me of those timeless questions once posed by Sean Connery in The Untouchables as he explained Chicago gangland tactics to young Eliot Ness. “He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send two of his to the morgue. What exactly are you prepared to do, Mr. Ness?”

Whenever deterrence seems to be failing, the central question is about timing, specifically how much time do we have to prepare before hostilities commence?  Veteran defense analyst Bill Gertz has been following the especially lively debate kicked off when Air Force General Michael Minihan recently told his command that “my gut tells me we will fight (China) in 2025.” By any measure his stunning admission attracted more than its share of cautions, reservations and shade-throwing from Pentagon higher-ups. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin conceded that, while Chinese air and naval harassment of Taiwan “is some very provocative behavior” that might be an attempt to create “a new normal. …But whether or not that means an invasion is imminent, I seriously doubt that.”

Another respected defense policy analyst, Jed Babbin, argues that, despite the increasing evidence of Chinese preparations for war, the Biden administration has only created more uncertainty while trying to find “the right approach.” Written shortly before the appearance of the Chinese reconnaissance balloon, Babbin offered a blunt conclusion: “We are sleepwalking to war with China. While (the generals and admirals) are sending up warnings, Mr. Biden and congressional Democrats are ignoring them. We have to do better but Mr. Biden apparently has no intention of doing so.”

Having watched eerily similar oversights from my home close to our overrun southern border, one can only speculate that Mr. Biden’s lamentable presidency may be best remembered for its twin pillars of indolence and incompetence.

Colonel Kenneth Allard, United States Army (Ret.) is a Vietnam-era draftee who became a West Point professor and Dean of the National War College. He is also the author of Command, Control and the Common Defense, winner of the 1991 National Security Book Award. After leaving active duty, he served for nearly a decade as an on-air military analyst for the networks of NBC News.

“Huckabee” Preview

Tune in tonight for an entertaining and news-making new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN. I’ll talk with the man who launched one of the biggest stories of the week, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. Show business legend Pat Boone will drop by. We’ll have plenty of laughs with “In Case You Missed It’ and the return of the hilarious Todd Oliver and his amazing talking dog, Irving. Then get ready for a great musical finish with country/gospel star and “The Voice” winner, Todd Tighlman!

It all gets rockin’ tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST on TBN. To find out how to watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, plus extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests and links to all their sites, at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.


This story keeps drifting along

Americans haven’t been so transfixed by a balloon since the infamous “Balloon Boy” hoax. The balloon that China admits is theirs (but they claim it’s a weather balloon that blew off-course, not a military spy balloon) has moved eastward beyond Montana. President Biden is under pressure from Republicans to shoot it down, but for some reason, his Administration continues to “monitor” it rather than do anything about it. This has sparked a lot of questions, rumors and conspiracy theories, as well as a couple of hilarious satirical stories from the Babylon Bee.

However, from a certain point of view, you could argue that that second one is true.

There’s also a report of a second Chinese balloon being spotted over Latin America.

And there was an Internet rumor, complete with possibly faked video, that a large explosion happened in the skies over Montana, but local authorities say they received no such reports. Personally, I’m astounded that there wasn’t one. I can’t believe a number of Montanans wouldn’t have weapons with enough firepower to take down that balloon for target practice.

Biden is apparently taking China’s word for it that it’s not a danger, but Republicans are demanding to know what kind of “weather information” it might be picking up as it drifts above sensitive US military locations. (Seems to me that shooting it down would make it a lot easier to settle the debate over what info it’s been gathering. Does the Pentagon not even have a pea shooter handy, or did they send them all to Ukraine?)

Some commentators are warning that just because a balloon seems harmless, it could potentially be extremely dangerous.

China, on the other hand, is slamming the criticism and speculation from American political figures and media outlets, claiming they’re “hyping up” this innocent incident to smear China.

Others are concerned about what lessons China might be taking from our response, or lack thereof, like that they can invade our air space and we’ll do nothing about it (can you even imagine them not shooting down a US surveillance balloon that drifted over their territory?) That’s a very dangerous signal of weakness and inaction to be sending to China at a time when they’re threatening to invade Taiwan, and their chief deterrent is that America’s President might actually do something to stop them.

In the meantime, this story continues drifting along. I predict that as a big gasbag with an unknown agenda and ties to China, it will eventually land in Washington, DC, and be appointed to Biden’s Cabinet.

Prayers and condolences

We extend our deepest condolences and prayers to the family of Eunice Dwumfour, a young African-American Republican city council member from Sayreville, New Jersey, who was murdered Wednesday night.

It’s been reported that she was shot 7 times in the head and 7 more times elsewhere in her vehicle near her home. The FBI is now involved in the investigation. No motive is yet known, but her pastor said he believes from the extreme brutality of the crime that it was a targeted personal attack.

Read the article, which is heartbreaking when you think of this horrific act against someone who was obviously so beloved in her community. Those close to her described her as a kind, generous light to others, a person of joy and faith who loved her 12-year-old daughter and had recently married a pastor. I hope you will join me in praying for comfort for her loved ones and also for the authorities to swiftly bring whoever did this to justice.

The Jobs Report delivers a BIG number, but should we credit Joe Biden for it?

Friday, the government reported that the US economy added 517,000 non-farm jobs in January, far more than the average 183,000 predicted by economists. Job creation was so strong that economists are worried that the Fed will continue hiking interest rates to cool the economy down and rein in inflation. But the high jobs number baffled many analysts, considering the obvious problems with the economy. That didn’t stop President Biden from taking credit for it and declaring that his mysterious “economic plan” was responsible for this miraculous level of job creation.

Well, as Detective Columbo might say, “Nah, that can’t be it.” For me, this news echoed back to the Obama/Biden years, when they took credit for any modest gains in the struggling economy. My analogy then, once again relevant now, was that the US economy was like an Olympic swimmer and their economic policies were like a concrete block hung around his neck. If the swimmer was so strong that he could still tread water, they’d try to give credit for that to the concrete block.

But Ben Whedon at may have solved the mystery of how there could be that many jobs created with Biden at the helm. You won’t be surprised to learn that it’s another example of the old axiom that there are three kinds of lies: “lies, damned lies and statistics.” In this case, it’s the third.

The big “gain” in new jobs may be largely an illusion caused by three things: a rise in government employment, people returning to work after the end of a university workers’ strike, but most importantly, many big companies had announced major layoffs (12,000 from Google, 17,000 from Amazon, etc.) that were factored into the January numbers, but that are taking longer than expected to put into effect. One economist told CNBC that the big “jobs created” number “is not really the number of jobs created, but how many fewer workers were let go" than expected. In other words, it's not that it's much better than expected, just that it's not as bad as expected, yet. 

If there’s another month or two with very high job creation numbers, that might be an indication that the economy really is booming. But I wouldn’t bet your double-mortgaged farm on it.  

Is Kyle Rittenhouse headed back to court?

Kyle Rittenhouse was already famously acquitted on all charges for shooting three protesters and killing two of them during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, because the jury agreed he acted in self-defense to prevent them from killing him. But he may be heading back to court again after a Wisconsin federal judge gave a green light to a civil lawsuit by the father of Anthony Huber, one of his attackers, who claims the city, the police and Rittenhouse are all to blame for creating the situation that led to his son’s wrongful death.

Rittenhouse’s attorney said the judge’s ruling that the case could proceed doesn’t address the merits of the case. He also said the plaintiff “is represented by a Chicago-based, incredibly well-capitalized, Democrat Party-aligned law firm specializing in police misconduct and civil rights cases” and the real intention is “to degrade further the protections afforded to us under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and our God-given right to self-defense.”  He’s set up a GoFundMe account to defray Rittenhouse’s legal expenses, and it will be interesting to see if GoFundMe allows it to stay up.

The father’s attorney said the lawsuit puts the family “one step closer to justice for their son’s needless death” and to holding Kenosha officials accountable for it.

Let me just say that I understand how devastating it is for any parent to lose a child. I have compassion for the parents. But I can’t help wondering if they aren’t being exploited by people with a political agenda who might have persuaded them that their son’s death is all the fault of the city, the police and Kyle Rittenhouse.

As that linked story notes, Rittenhouse fired to stop Huber from beating him to death with a skateboard during a violent protest that Huber was participating in of his own free will. Rittenhouse was trying to run away, but Huber chased him down to attack him. Huber had already spent time in prison twice, “first for violating probation after strangling his brother and again for kicking his sister.” So I sympathize with the natural parental inclination to want to find someone else to blame for your son’s death, but maybe he himself had set off on an inevitable path to a violent end long before that particular night.


Honda owners, read on

If you own a 2001-2003 Honda, you should read this story before you try to drive it again.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a "Do Not Drive" advisory for many models from that period due to a 50% chance of the airbag inflators exploding and hurling shrapnel in case of a crash. That’s definitely something you’ll want to have taken care of. Just park it for now and be grateful you drove it for 20 years without finding this out the hard way.


This headwear meltdown seems like misplaced anger to me

By Mike Huckabee

What is it with people having meltdowns over headwear? A high school swimmer in Morristown, New Jersey, was disqualified from a meet after the opposing team’s coach complained that the American flag patch on his cap (which I assume he wasn’t even wearing in the pool) exceeded the 2x3-inch size limit.

The boy’s dad said the other coach might have thought it was a “political statement.” But the boy actually wears the patch in honor of his grandfather who was killed in the 9/11 attacks.

First of all, when did wearing any representation of the American flag become a controversial political statement? This is America. If he wants to arrive at swim meets wrapped in an American flag, then more power to him, and if anyone is triggered by that, it should fall under the very broad category of “Your problem.”

Second, I notice that some people in the comments are defending the disqualification on grounds that “Well, he broke the rules, so he had to be disqualified.”

Reminder: this is a high school swim meet. They certainly have bizarre criteria for enforcing the rules when a boy can be disqualified for having a larger-than-2x3-inch flag patch on the cap he wore into the boys’ locker room, but if he’d gone to a girls’ swim meet, stripped naked in the girls’ locker room and walked out wearing a women’s swimsuit, he could’ve gone home with all the trophies and we’d be expected to applaud him.  


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  • Jerry

    02/05/2023 06:53 PM

    Biden voters some sad news to report the border patrol are stopping previous sex offenders from reentering the country. yes the ones that have harmed your children and women and would continue to harm if it wasn't for those few border patrol people catching them while trying to escape Maybe Joe will just send them back and give them a stern warning not to come back wink wink. Don't despair biden voters joe has thousands of people around the world to take their place joe is hoping for more people from China to enter without notice I am sure joe can find places for them to work at the china buffets while watching all the dining guests and robing info from their phones. Good old joe always ready to help a CCP agent when he can 10 % please or a Mexican Cartel ya Amigo 10% from you also.

  • Robin Rebhan

    02/05/2023 10:13 AM

    RE: "Could classified docs be about the Bidens and bioweapons?" "we can conclude that “the Biden family is a crime family.” Crime family? Sounds like they are running a whole Global Crime Syndicate!!

  • Jerry

    02/05/2023 10:08 AM

    I do not believe the jobs market report it is just another move to buy time before disaster strikes the economic debacle. Biden has been lying about any and everything for 50 years. That is just normal business as usual for him. The criteria used for job creation maybe just a myth or created by lies. If true a half million jobs that would be wonderful. Now we need a country with legal people that will work. I don't give a Adam Shitff if people working are legal it would be great if we could make our medications that and the chips for everything were make here in America and the oil wells would start producing again that would be the best of news however biden is in the oval office taking orders from who know who. Stay a failure Americans only 2 more years for sure if we have an America to resume again.

  • Jerry

    02/05/2023 08:49 AM

    American voters elected Joe Biden whether one voted for Biden or not American citizens pay for medical care or can not get quick medical care having to wait longer for appointments for children the elderly and the general population migrated illegals get the care taking the care before the citizens Arizona u wanted democratic government so get to the back of the line while waiting for medical care that was your desire and decision I applaud you however I will not be visiting your beautiful state till the situation of health care improves no big deal for your merchants I only would spend thousands of dollars there

  • Andrea Machicao

    02/04/2023 05:59 PM

    Mike, I love your emails. What is going on with the ??? Replacing other punctuation? It’s quite annoying. And distracting. Could you fix this glitch please?

  • Margot Plummer

    02/04/2023 05:30 PM

    Concerning the Chinese balloon over Montana. In northern Montana is a town, Hamilton. It has a well known bio lab, Rocky Mountain Labs, started in 1953. Take a guess at who the director was for decades. None other than Anthony Fauci. So many coincidences.

  • Vernon Thompson

    02/04/2023 05:03 PM

    Let me give you my take on the large increase in employment. The Unemployment Rate and the Labor Participation Rate do not include those not looking for work. (How they do they?) We paid people not to work during the pandemic government overreach. A lot of people got used to not having to go to work – particularly the second income in a family. For months we have seen very low unemployment figures while there were record numbers of job vacancies. I submit that the reason for the surge in employment is a phenomenon I call “Stark Terror Does Wonders for Your Attention Span.” The effect of mismanaged government and Joe Biden’s Inflation have finally hit home. People react when their way of living liLet me give you my take on the large increase in employment. The Unemployment Rate and the Labor Participation Rate do not include those not looking for work. (How they do they?) We paid people not to work during the pandemic government overreach. A lot of people got used to not having to go to work – particularly the second income in a family. For months we have seen very low unemployment numbers wile there were record numbers of job vacancies. I submit that the reason for the surge in employment is a phenomenon I call “Stark Terror Does Wonders for Your Attention Span.” The effect of mismanaged government and Joe Biden’s Inflation have finally hit home. People react when their way of living is like being able to put food on the table then they want to go back to work out of necessity. Stark terror is a powerful motivator. I have been retired for a number of years and I am looking for being able to put food on the table then they want to go back to work out of necessity. Stark terror is a powerful motivator. I have been retired for a number of years and I am looking for work.
    Let's see how my theory holds up

  • stephen russell

    02/04/2023 04:19 PM

    Chinese balloon shot down over SC