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October 6, 2021

Facebook is having one of its worst weeks ever, and that has some people absolutely delighted.

It kicked off Sunday when “Sixty Minutes” interviewed Frances Haugen, the whistleblower who exposed thousands of pages of internal documents. They showed that people inside Facebook were complaining about how it allows misinformation, incitements of violence and hate speech to spread, and that they were aware that Instagram is harmful to users, particularly girls, but are pushing to introduce a version aimed at children anyway. Here’s that interview on YouTube:

It’s interesting, but notice how CBS illustrated every reference to “misinformation,” hate speech or violence by showing Trump supporters and repeating the ever-more-shaky claim that the January 6th Capitol violence was an “insurrection.” Note to “Sixty Minutes”: social media sites are also used by leftists to spread hate speech and to organize violence. Maybe you missed all the riots, looting, arson and attacks on citizens, police and government buildings and monuments last year by violent leftist radicals like Antifa, but some of us are old enough to remember way back to 2020.

It makes me wonder how much of this pious concern about Facebook’s internal post vetting and “fact-checking” is really just about the left not wanting people on the right to have free speech. After all, we’ve known since the First Amendment was written that some people would use it to express bad or incorrect ideas, but that would be fixed by challenging them with more free speech. I’m not ready to trade the free marketplace of ideas for a Facebook-created algorithm that decides who gets to speak.

Haugen will also be testifying to the Senate this morning, where she reportedly plans to accuse Facebook of tearing societies apart and compare it to big tobacco, and not just because Mark Zuckerberg has blown so much smoke in Congressional hearings.

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  • Steven Bukosky

    10/07/2021 01:34 PM

    Don't think for a moment that the shutdown of all aspects of Facebook was to do damage control after the 60 Minutes segment. They were proactively CYA before subpoenas were made. Their storage is more than what can be cleared with Bleach Bit and hammers.

  • Phyllis J Treat

    10/07/2021 11:47 AM

    I shared a post about the folks who were jailed after Jan. 6, was kicked off for 30 days. Zuk gave Democrats 10 million dollars, so why is that ok and i cant post in support of Trump?