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February 9, 2021

A Los Angeles Times editor wrote an op-ed that’s getting a lot of comment because it’s such a perfect example of the left’s utter lack of self-awareness of what they have become, and how they’ve adopted a stunningly intolerant, narrow-minded attitude and embraced negative stereotypes and guilt by association. Bryan Preston at PJ Media has a good commentary on it, but there are many more floating around.

The gist is that the writer is flummoxed because her Trump-supporting neighbors took it upon themselves to shovel the snow off her driveway, just as a friendly, neighborly act. And they did a really good job of it, too.

Now, she’s all twitterpated. She doesn’t know how to respond to their “aggressive niceness.” Should she thank them? If so, how much? After all, how can she thank people she compares to Nazis, the terrorist group Hezbollah and violent rioters (pretty sure 99.9% of those are on the left, by the way.) They’re also staunch partisans of “blue lives,” and we all know how horrible it is to care about the lives of the police – you know, those people who protect leftists like her from all those imaginary “rightwing rioters.”

She also writes that her neighbors “supported a man who showed near-murderous contempt for the majority of Americans. They kept him in business with their support…Americans are expected to forgive and forget before we’ve even stitched up our wounds. Or gotten our vaccines against the pandemic that former President Trump utterly failed to mitigate.”

(Uh…where does she think those vaccines came from? And please show me the wounds Trump inflicted on you. Psychic wounds from losing the 2016 election don’t count.)

No matter how nice her neighbors are, she remains filled with hatred and contempt for them because they don’t vote the way she does -- her views, naturally, being the only pure, correct, good and acceptable way to see the world. I wonder if, like so many on the left these days, she wants to round them up and put them in concentration camps, because “THOSE PEOPLE are Nazis!”

There’s a meme online that’s been going around for quite a while. It’s a clip from a British comedy sketch in which a question suddenly dawns on a Nazi soldier: “Are WE the baddies?” It was used a lot against Trump supporters, but I think it’s far more applicable here.

The hilariously non-PC Kurt Schlichter also offers some tough love advice to leftist political junkies who are overdosing on wokeism, which he compares quite aptly to other dangerous, soul-crushing, mind-destroying drugs:

Our leftist moral superiors who are filled with hatred and contempt for their fellow Americans who treat them kindly should ponder that question, “Are we the baddies?” It might also help them answer the question, “Why does hardly anyone trust the media anymore?”

Personally, I wouldn’t trust them to shovel the snow off my driveway competently.


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