March 21, 2018

With all the gleefully obsessive media focus on whether or not President Trump will fire special counsel Robert Mueller (he won’t) and spark a Watergate-style Constitutional crisis (not gonna happen), some interesting developments got shoved to the wayside.

We’ve known for a long time of the existence of the husband-and-wife team of Bruce Ohr, who served as deputy associate attorney general during the 2016 campaign, and Nellie Ohr, who, unbelievably, worked for Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm that hired British ex-spy Christopher Steele to come up with a “dossier” salacious enough to convince a FISA court to let the FBI spy on Trump’s associates. To think that an official that high up in Obama’s DOJ was married to someone being paid by the firm that supplied dirt on Donald Trump during the campaign –- very fictional dirt that was funded by the DNC and Hillary Clinton and used by the DOJ to investigate Trump –- boggles the mind.

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One hopes that Inspector General Horowitz has been able to connect the dots and put the whole picture together. But how can he accomplish this when he has no authority at all over any “dots” that lie outside of the Justice Department? He has probably questioned Bruce Ohr, but Nellie Ohr, like numerous others, remains out of reach.. This is why so many Republicans (including me) are finally calling for a second special counsel, as a matter of last resort, to look into biases, conflicts of interest and abuses of power at the FBI and Justice.

It may be a few more weeks till we see the IG’s series of reports, but in the meantime there’s one more link we can add to our chain of cozy connections between the high-level bureaucrats undermining our democracy and the low-down world of oppo research and spies.

Another Fusion GPS employee, Neil King, Jr., happens to be married to another high-level government official, this time a woman who was serving as a policy advisor to President Obama. Shailagh Murray had previously worked as deputy chief of staff and communications director for then-Vice President Biden. We’ve already discovered that Obama used the services of Fusion GPS before Hillary Clinton did, even paying them through the law firm Perkins Coie, just as Hillary Clinton did. And surely if Hillary had (shudder) been elected President, she would have kept right on paying them to dig up (or make up) God-knows-what on anyone she saw as a political threat. It's just her way.


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All of these cozy connections go back years. Along those lines, able reporter Sara Carter has been looking into the backgrounds and relationships of Robert Mueller and the rest of this cast of characters, and what she’s found isn’t as pure and saintly as the mainstream media portray. To cite just one example, while Mueller served in Boston as Assistant U.S. Attorney and later as Acting U.S. Attorney, he reportedly played a role in covering up the FBI’s corrupt dealings with mobster and informant James “Whitey” Bulger. To protect another of their informants, the brother of a partner of Bulger’s, Mueller wrote letters to the parole board opposing clemency for four men who had been successfully prosecuted for murder by the FBI. In 2001, the men were finally exonerated by the courts, and it was discovered that evidence had been withheld that would have cleared them. From this story (more details at the link), the Boston office of the FBI when Mueller was there seems just about as corrupt as the Washington, DC, FBI of 2016.

We learn from this that Robert Mueller must have a pretty elastic definition of the terms “guilty” and “innocent,” or else just not really care. No, President Trump won’t fire him, but at this point Mueller really has no business doing what he’s doing, just as the spouse of an FBI official has no business working for a company digging up partisan dirt on someone they’re investigating.



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  • Thomas Weaver

    04/12/2018 08:21 PM

    That picture on Twitter did not look like the Gulf in the background... Blue Mountain just doesn't have those kind of views....
    I'm disgusted with the DOJ and the upper levels of the FBI. I think it would be without any trouble at all for the President to fire the deputy DOJ which he, in my opinion, ought to do. He's an Obama holdover and in addition had to sign-off on all the FISA applications as well as the extensions and search warrants.

  • Karen Kempf

    04/01/2018 04:23 PM

    This is another reason we the people should demand term limits for all government politicians and justices. A turnover is healthy for everyone. Without change our elected become narrow minded, greedy, aquire too much power, become absent from reality, put their interest in the forefront, and most notably forget who they serve.

  • Constance E. Cumbey

    03/26/2018 01:33 PM

    You make compelling points that as a lawyer I fully understand. While I did not support Trump for the nomination, he was duly elected to the Presidency. The stress the unfair media treatment and the obvious cabal attempts for an attempted coup d'etat against his presidency is the threat to our Republic -- not the obviously concocted Russiagate one. I'm quite old enough to remember how very much the Left loved Russia and how fervently they sang, "all we are saying is give Peace of chance," as long as they perceived Russia somewhat to the left of Joseph Stalin. Reading Hillary's book WHAT HAPPENED, it's pretty clear to me that she, at least, was most threatened by Putin's failure to adopt the LGBTQ Agenda and his friendship with Christianity. I well remember that before Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012 he told the Russian he was speaking to (obviously not knowing the mikes were on and the cameras were rolling) how much he could do for the Russians once he was re-elected. He ridiculed Romney for acting as the Cold War were still a reality. It appeared to me that the attitudes appeared to change once the LGBTQ agenda and the Russian Olympics collided.


  • Rosemarie Kaupp

    03/26/2018 12:10 PM

    All the more reason President Trump should not sit down for an interview with Mueller. He is out to get Trump any way he can.

  • Roland Revis

    03/24/2018 08:48 AM

    Mike you have a lot of influence all over America. How about persuading the good people of Kentucky and Wisconsin to remove and vanish forever the 'snakes from the sewer" Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. These are the two sorriest politicians who hate conservatives, want open borders, planned parenthood and now definitely want to keep sanctuary cities. And obviously Dave Bratt can't get his bill, HR 4927, to identify and verify the limits of the Federal Judges, to the House floor because of Ryan. They stink to high heaven!

  • Randy Butler

    03/23/2018 10:14 AM

    Gov. The SWAMP is loaded with unethical creatures. Just Look at the top of the KGB, oh I'm sorry I meant to say the FBI . So many lawyers who have no loyalty to anything except the sound of money. These folks are NOT the rank and file members everyone keeps saying are exceptional individuals. Perhaps the FBI officers in Texas that solved the recent weekend bomber. How far down the chain of command does Jeff Sessions have to go to find Public Service Unionized FBI management that are PATRIOTS and realize that THEY are the folks DESTROYING our REPUBLIC. May our GOD Bless AMERICA and the President.

  • Deborah Lemons

    03/22/2018 11:18 AM

    The state of our government is getting very worrisome. The integrity of the FBI, at the top is very tainted and we need to clean house; when we have mud on top of the cake, it is hard to get to the good part, which is at the middle and the bottom. I am very frustrated with the slowness of the cleaning house and draining the swamp process. One of the biggest problems is that President Trump does not have the support of his own people and his own party, so it almost impossible to get anything done and I fear for the "shaky, wishy-washy" and uninformed people will swing back toward the false promises of the democrats and the leftist. Our Republican Congress is pretty much a disgrace to their positions and to their claims of conservatism; we need to be on their case every day - answer their survey (with remarks), call their offices. They need to know how the people feel and that their jobs are in jeopardy if they do not start acting on their word, their promises and Republican principles I hope this budget does not pass and that Trump vetoes it; sounds like it is a boondoggle, full of pork and crap, all concessions to the obstructing democrats; we really must stand strong in seeking to know and understand what is going on and to speak up for those who are working hard to preserve America and for our President. We need to challenge those who are bad mouthing the President and the few working Republicans and ask them for proof of their anti-Trump claims and statements; just ask for the proof. I wish the majority of Republicans in Congress would grow some _____ and spirit, then show some loyalty and respect the American people and to the Constitutional rule of law. Thank you Mike for standing strong and for giving us a platform to speak. I do enjoy your updates and opinions.

  • Carol Mathews

    03/22/2018 02:43 AM

    Well I am feeling very smart today. I have for many months told people that Mueller was not what people say. I was thinking on the uranium deal as I did not know about this other mess but I just knew he was not squeaky clean. I also believe he is the type to decide on a crime and then find stuff to make it real. The deeper one checks the more there is to fine. Glad Sara Carter is a detective journalist. All this and more, needs to get out. Discrediting them all makes anything they say a lie. How can anyone believe Mueller was impartial with the entire multi-millions of dollars this democrat only council was put together. He is more crooked than any he is trying to prosecute. Gowdy and Paul need to wake up and see what is in front of them as well as Graham. Sessions needs a little more back bone also.

  • Waylon Bush

    03/21/2018 06:42 PM

    Again, the swamp will win.

  • Eveline Garrison

    03/21/2018 04:57 PM

    Wow! This Mueller guy is really corrupt!

  • Rodney Burke

    03/21/2018 12:12 PM

    yep all this with Mueller, lead to more and more corruption. Comey KNEW Mueller was corrupt or he wouldn't have gotten him as special counsel. We need now a panel of special counsels with very specific enforcement power, we have so much corruption it's insane. There isn't a major crime anywhere that isn't going on. We have people who have committed enough to be executed for treason, sedition, and who knows how many other crimes. Sounds to me like 1/4 of the USC dealing with such matter has been violated by one or more persons. And Hilary? She Has no less than 10 sections of the USA + the constitution she has violated. and she is still walking around loose, shooting off her ignorant mouth. Something is beYOND wrong! It's almost criminal!

  • Glen Smith

    03/21/2018 11:41 AM

    I am 74 years old but find myself terribly naive. If the law says you must designate a crime before you can call a special council, how can someone just disregard the law and call a special council. It seems to me someone is responsible for upholding the law. Is it congress that should be putting a stop to this? I guess in D.C. the law really makes no difference. And to think all of the people involved are lawyers and are the ones designated by our country to uphold the law. We are sick,sick,sick.

  • donna eagan

    03/21/2018 11:29 AM

    Really appreciate your getting this information out about all this corruption very difficult as to why so many refuse to look at or believe

  • donna eagan

    03/21/2018 11:28 AM

    Really appreciate your getting this information out about all this corruption very difficult as to why so many refuse to look at or believe

  • Elaine

    03/21/2018 10:25 AM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,
    Thanks for being an intelligent,witty and honest voice today! Regarding Mueller, if he were a man with no guile, he would immediately suspend his investigation because it is based on a political hit piece and promoted by some rogue,indecent FBI agents who lied to the FISA court. I am most disgusted though with snake in the grass Mitch( I love Chinese money$) McConnell. The fact that he is supporting Mueller and not screaming foul to Chuck Schumer shows Mitch wants Trump to be removed from office. He threw our President under the bus yesterday! I pray for President Trump everyday - he has to fight every one!!! Please talk about how insidious Mitch McConnells character is and how he is a greater danger to America than Nancy Pelosi! Thanks!
    Elaine Gibilisco

  • sharon ruetz

    03/21/2018 09:37 AM

    Why are Strozk, Page, Ohr, and Rosenstein still working at the FBI. It seems that now knowing these things along with Florida shooting debacle, the FBI is not the premier, integrity-laden organization we have all counted on it being.

  • Kevin Cook

    03/21/2018 09:03 AM

    To be honest I am sick to my stomach and scared that our Federal government and Democrat Party swamp is NO better than any vile dictator or banana republic. Putin and Xi are celebrating that the corrupt mask is coming off our federal government and Democrat Party. State government and Wall Street Companies are NOT any better. They all are power obsessed evil people who will stoop to any level of evil to retain their worldly power. The Democrat Party will take any voter they can even if the voter hates America.

    Trump was elected specifically to destroy the cancer in our federal, state, corporate and Democrat Party swamps. Mobilize the people to be louder and to our the Democrats so we can begin to DRAIN THE SWAMP.