November 7, 2018

BREAKING NEWS:  Jeff Sessions replaced, Democrats already screaming

By Mike Huckabee

Well, that didn’t take long.

The day after the last ballot was cast on Election Day (though some remain to be counted, and perhaps re-counted, until Democrats ultimately and mysteriously win a few tight races), Jeff Sessions wrote to President Trump:

“At your request, I am submitting my resignation...”

FOX News reporter John Roberts broke the story:  This morning, Chief of Staff John Kelly, speaking on the President’s behalf, asked by phone for Sessions’ resignation, and the response came quickly.  It seems likely that Sessions was prepared and had written this some time back; the fact that the letter is undated is certainly consistent with that.

Trump reportedly has already sworn in a replacement, now-acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, who presumably lacks the conflicts of interest that prevented Sessions --- and should have prevented Rosenstein --- from overseeing the Trump/Russia probe.  Whitaker had previously served Sessions’ chief of staff.  However, there are already challenges:  he’s spoken about the metastasizing scope of the probe and reportedly has commented in the past on limiting the special counsel by cutting that budget.  He’s also argued for more declassification and in an op-ed countered former FBI Director James Comey’s assertion that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a case against Hillary.  Sounds like a great choice to me, but Democrats are screaming “Obstruction!!!” at the very act of Whitaker coming in.

Ironically, gleeful Democrats such as Sen. Chuck Schumer are already throwing around terms like “constitutional crisis” when the President is trying to put people in charge who have FEWER conflicts of interest than the ones who have been there for the past couple of years.  Shameless Democrats mercilessly criticized Sessions during his confirmation process, and now they're screaming because he was asked to resign.  Of course, their fondest wish is that a judge or investigator with personal or political animosity towards Trump will choose to ascribe nefarious motives to Trump and interpret any action on his part as obstruction, when in truth he’s exercising his constitutional authority as President.  They’re even saying –- deja vu alert –- that the new acting Attorney General should immediately RECUSE HIMSELF from overseeing the special counsel.  In other words, no one should oversee the special counsel.  In their world, the special counsel is God.

Much more on this as it develops.  At this writing, Rod Rosenstein is reportedly on his way to the White House.

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One woman's view:  Fashion magazines indoctrinate in Trump-hate

By Laura Ainsworth, Staff Writer

It’s late Tuesday night --- technically, Wednesday morning --- and I’m watching the last of the election returns roll in on FOX News.  Even though Stacey Abrams, at least at this moment, appears to be losing the Georgia governor’s race (admittedly a high point of the night for me, if not for Oprah), I am generally just disgusted, mostly because Democrats have managed to take control of the House as the next step in their plan to depose Trump and also, secondarily, because FOX News rushed to call it for the Democrats, I think before polls had even closed on the West Coast.  Too soon!  They obviously didn’t see any problem with this, because they were bragging about how “good” they are to be able to call it so quickly.


Though the “blue wave” turned out to be more of a ripple, a ripple was all that was needed to turn the U.S. House of Representatives into a horror show for the next two years, putting power into the hands of Maxine Waters (Finance), Jerry Nadler  (Judiciary), Adam Schiff (Intelligence), Nancy Pelosi (probably the speakership) and the rest of those partisan predators who will rip this country apart if that’s what it takes to undo this administration’s accomplishments and remove Trump from office.


I’m also extremely concerned that some of these races, like Sinema vs. McSally for Arizona senator, are as close as they are, even if McSally emerges victorious.  From what we know about Sinema, it just shouldn’t be close at all.  It may well be that the Republican Party has a “woman problem,” as I’ve been hearing from pundits off and on for the past several hours.  It’s not rural women, who are more conservative, but those who live in large cities and, increasingly, suburbs.


Coincidentally, I happen to have done a little impromptu research today on why they seem to be speaking with one loud, angry, anti-Trump voice.  Turns out, women don’t have to be students or alumni of Ivy League universities to be become thoroughly indoctrinated in far-left wacko “female empowerment” ideology.  There’s no need to spend one’s life paying back student debt, even though it’s a lot easier now under Trump’s economic policies to find a good-paying job.  There’s no need to set foot on a college campus at all!  All a woman has to do to immerse herself in leftist bilgewater is pick up a fashion magazine.


I chose, at random, the October issue of ELLE, with Selena Gomez on the cover, and spent the afternoon going through it page by page, looking for anything that was remotely political –- liberal, moderate, conservative.  Wow, did I find a lot.  And this was just on the editorial pages, not the ads.


On page 30, this month’s “Read” is a book by activist Jill Soloway called SHE WANTS IT:  Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy.  Soloway directed the show Transparent, which, though almost unwatchable and, indeed, canceled, was rewarded on Emmy night for being about a transgender person.  In fact, she made news in her acceptance speech by shouting,“Topple the patriarchy!”  As ELLE helpfully points out, this “became a rallying cry that took on even greater urgency after Trump’s election...”  In her book, Soloway talks candidly about coming out as “nonbinary.”


On page 32, there’s a blurb about Obama’s chief official White House photographer, Pete Souza, and his new book that uses pictures of Obama “with captions that compare him to the current President  --- often humorously and always to Trump’s detriment.”


On page 58, there’s a feature called “Put It In Print,” about “getting profound” with personal style by wearing clothes that do the talking.  (“Join the movement at”)  The messages on the clothes pictured are:  “God save the US...he ain’t my President” (with defaced picture of Trump), “The future is female,” “We will not be silenced,” “Radical femininity,” “Women’s rights are human rights,” “Gender equality,” “March For Our Lives,” “Iranian, Iraqi, Libyan, Sudanese, Syrian, Yemeni, Somali people,” and “All I want for Christmas is social, political and economic equality for all genders regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, ability and sexual orientation.”  (Yes, that last one did fit on the front of a t-shirt.)


Incidentally, the t-shirt I most like to wear these days is truly daring; it says “#WalkAway,” as in, “Walk away from the Democratic Party.”  ELLE did not include one of those.


On page 66, in her Editor’s Letter entitled “Midterms Matter,” the editor quotes former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards:  “Marching is great, knitting pink hats is great, going to town hall meetings is great --- but voting is how we will transform this country.”


On page 79, there’s a picture of the Statue of Liberty.  Wow!  However, Lady Liberty is “reimagined as a Fendi-toting fashion icon” by Scottish artist Hey Reilly.  Not a big deal, really; I just thought it did a nice job of reflecting the progressives’ “playful” attitude towards America’s constitutional freedoms.


On page 88, there’s a piece entitled “The Hanbok’s Tale” (a pun on “The Handmaid’s Tale”) by novelist Crystal Hana Kim that begins thusly:  “The day after Donald Trump was elected in 2016, I pulled a hanbok out of my closet.  I felt compelled to wear this traditional Korean garment, with its stiff collar, short top and floor-length, empire-waist skirt, as my small statement of resistance...”


On page 170, in an article about actress Jenny Slate deciding to cut her hair short when she knows men prefer it long, she’s quoted as saying she told her friend, “I only look like this because I am deeply trained to please an industry and cis-hetero dudes.”

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On page 174, in an interview with domestic goddess Ina Garten, it’s mentioned that she did a Food Network special with Michelle Obama and that her barn is decorated with pictures of the two together.  “Would she consider doing another special, with Melania Trump?  ‘I think I can say Melania probably won’t be inviting me to cook for her,’ she says.  ‘She doesn’t strike me as somebody who loves to cook.  She has other interests.’”  The interviewer tries to press her to talk more about politics, but she won’t do it.  Good for her.


On page 176, under the title “Hell Hath No Fury,” ELLE profiles several new books and films that “unveil the unbridled, unapologetic anger of women.”  Try the book GOOD AND MAD:  The Revolutionary Power of Women’s Anger.  There’s also RAGE BECOMES HER;  The Power of Women’s Anger.  (Sense a theme here?)  In the new film THE HATE U GIVE, a young woman sees a police officer kill her childhood friend and becomes a protester.  In another film, ASSASSINATION NATION, “an armed band of teenagers faces off against a mob of small-town slut-shamers.”  And why are women expressing their rage so openly?  “Our current political climate has no doubt chipped away at deeply  entrenched gender roles.”


Starting on page 182, there’s a whole section called “Get Registered –- Use Your Vote.”  Six full pages of concentrated tripe.  The subhead “Voter suppression is very real” features Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.  (If she still loses her race after all the absentee ballots are counted, I can’t wait for her to blame her loss on voter suppression.)  We also hear from alleged comedian and “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee; Jaclyn Corin, student activist and co-founder of March For Our Lives; Cecile Richards (again); and Sophia Lin Lakin, staff attorney for the ACLU.  


On page 194, there’s an article about Sister Norma Pimentel called “Saving Grace.”  Think this is going to be a pro-life piece?  No way; it’s about immigration.  And it presents the usual distorted picture of President Trump’s attitude and policies towards immigrants, immigrant children, and Muslims.


There’s more sprinkled throughout, but, really, isn’t this enough to make the point?  For angry, confrontational, misleading, totally one-sided PC crap, this is total immersion, baby.  If suburban women are reading this stuff, it’s got to be affecting their political views, just by osmosis.  Seriously, I tried to find anything at all within those 246 pages that reflected a conservative viewpoint but had no luck whatsoever.  Maybe I missed something, but, gee, I’ve already thrown the magazine across the room and don’t much feel like going over there to get it.



Situational Ethics 101

By Mike Huckabee

Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, who will take over the House Judiciary Committee (I tried to warn you) is now demanding an investigation of Jeff Sessions’ resignation. And what was he demanding last year? Jeff Sessions’ resignation.



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  • Amelia Little

    11/09/2018 01:11 PM

    On nadler--well, the democrats have pretty much be let it known they will spend a whole lot of time on meaningless "investigations" which, of course, will take precedence over real, needed investigations. Will certainly prevent any investigation into the liberal/leftists/socialists and democrats (pretty much one and the same) that were actually actively involved in Russian collusion and stacking the deck for hilary in the DNC, and the list goes on. It does not surprise me that, after demanding the firing/resignation of Sessions, just like with their screaming that comey be fired--that when their demands are met, they find something wrong with it!! And, Sessions and comey and others are now the victims of the Trump Administration. They really liked having Sessions as AG because he recused himself from some of their "issues"--mainly that he let mueller go hog-wild in his kangaroo court, aided and abetted by rosenstein--who SHOULD have recused himself in several matters. A new AG might just rein in the fishing trips.

    Thanks for wading through a women's rag (er, uh, magazine) for us. In a doctor's waiting room (take a book, the reading material is limited to fishing and wild-life, or hoolywood elite tripe, or mags like this) I picked up an "O" magazine, but traded it for a wildlife one because, everything was about oprah--I didn't read, but I suppose she included some political statements. Wonder what can be so great and wonderful that every month (or how often it is issued) can be filled with all about her? I don't wonder enough, though, to read it!!! :)

    The young people in my family/household/their friends did tend to lean toward bernie sanders' view of how the US should be run, despised the thought of hilary as much as Donald Trump, and would have voted for Davis for President. I think, fortunately for the US, these young folks refuse to register, and therefore aren't voting. I have even offered to chauffeur to register, and picked up card where they could register by mail, and they shrugged it off. Of course, they are for free college, free healthcare, and, again, shrug off any talk of paying through the nose when they get into the real world. They also get their panties in a wad to have to pay for a vehicle, for the insurance, the oil change, new tires, etc etc etc. Thank goodness that, meantime, they do have jobs.

  • Yvonne Shelton Crumpler

    11/08/2018 05:48 PM

    Thank you, Governor for your comments on what you read in that "Women's" magazine. It shows how ignorant these women are, and how the "word smiths" are doing their best to prove women are treated badly. One more comment & I will hush... my father, born in 1894, always told my sister and I we could be whatever we choose to be. My sister was born in 1926 & I was born in 1941 so we really did have better choices than women in 1900, but even then in the latter part of the 19th century there were women doctors, attorneys, etc. Thank you, again, for your comments.

  • jack macdonald

    11/08/2018 04:04 PM

    I think Acosta thinks he is Sam Donaldson or Dan Rather. He is an immature showboat and has not been housebroken. I agree with one of your contributors that the press needs to be told what the rules of decorum should be in the pressroom.

  • Joan Barnett

    11/08/2018 03:22 PM

    I agree with you about Fox news. I was very disappointed with there coverage of the elections.

  • Dianne Johnson

    11/08/2018 01:22 PM

    It is sad so much brain washing and desensitizing has occurred and continues to be done to adults but more so to our young children. Truth has ceased to be taught. We live in an upside down world.
    Until we get term limits not allowing anyone be career politicians occupying one position forever and make it where politicians must live with the things they vote in for everyday folk which I believe would make them rethink their decisions on many things..
    Thanks for your stand for truth and sharing it with all who wish to listen.

  • Helen Sustachek

    11/08/2018 12:23 PM

    Mike, yes that really struck me when the Dems immediately said the person who is taking Sessions place has to RECUSE HIMSELF from Mueller's Russian probe. Did they, perhaps, make Sessions do it? Are they that much in charge of the Justice Dept. that they have that much power over them? Sessions needs to tell us if they did that? President Trump, it seems then, has a long way to go to clear that SWAMP. There are more creatures in that swamp than anyone knew?

  • Maryann Tamilio

    11/08/2018 09:28 AM

    Hi Governor Huckabee
    Even though they are out there, I don’t believe the bulk of America woman are reading these trashy magazines. They are too expensive and unless you looking to read about nothing but left wing antics, that’s all they have. Their ads for jewelry and clothing are beautiful but again, the average woman isn’t going to be impressed by that. I would imagine it’s the miliniums that purchase these magazines since they have their parents money to spend and little or no sense . I won’t even pick one up when sitting in the doctor office or at the hair dresser. These rags are an insult to any intelligent, hardworking, America woman.
    Big fan of yours and your lovely daughter.??

  • Kathleen Bullano

    11/08/2018 08:22 AM

    Always insifpghtful articles. Thank you Governor Mike.

  • Larry Weldon

    11/08/2018 07:52 AM

    I grew up on a farm. Farms are like organisms; there is a door for the silo, the grain bin, and the haymow - then the milk comes out one way and the manure the other. Fixing the manure spreader when it works is a filthy job and you can feel pretty unclean afterwards.

    I'm sorry you had to read that horrible magazine but thanks for fixing the manure spreader!

    On a different but similar note did you notice that magazine begins with MAGA?

  • Dolores Miltenberger

    11/08/2018 06:36 AM

    My husband and I look forward to your articles. Thank you,
    By the way - we are proud for you: Sarah has a fantastic way with words- intelligence spoken truthfully and quietly. I know a lot of the time she is so very tired, yet she is always in command.
    Thank you for sharing her with the public.
    Gordon and Dolores Miltenberger

  • Lisa Mccleary

    11/08/2018 03:20 AM

    Hi Mike!! We love your newsletter and your thoughts and comments!! Thank you for everything that you do to help make our country great! And thanks also to Sarah! She is lovely! I mentioned to a dear friend how much I appreciate and enjoy your newsletter and she said, “Mike hates Mormons!!!” I was stunned and didn’t believe her! Can you please let me know your feelings about the Mormon people? I am Mormon and I feel that we are kindred spirits with God loving, faithful people like yourself! I hope that you will answer this note! And thanks again for everything that you do for our country! Have a great day!! :). Lisa

  • Kathy Wingate

    11/08/2018 03:19 AM

    Oh, I had to take a Zantac after reading your review of Elle.. all I can say is, "God, please help us all get through the next two years!!"

  • James Evart

    11/08/2018 02:54 AM

    Shouldn't there be some sort of censure during a press conference for unruly reporters nowadays? It seems to me that these people have become an uncensored and unchecked lot in need of discipline and guidance, especially in the presence of the highest executive of our land. In court rooms aren't there bailiffs to control unruly people? Why not have sergeants-at-arms representing a member of each of our armed services who will gladly show disrespectful reporters such as DeCosta to the door forthwith?
    If I were the President, I would let the news agencies and their hirelings know upfront, just exactly what was expected of them by way of decorum and manners as well as the consequences for breaching the same since they have never been taught a semblance of decency and respect for those with whom they disagree, even though they SAY that they are representing an unbiased news organization. After all, our President is not sitting in a public establishment trying to eat dinner with his wife.

  • GK Epperson

    11/08/2018 02:43 AM

    "The Evening Edition" is informative and thought provoking. You add enough humor to make articles even more interesting to read. You are a great writer, and I find myself in agreeing and smiling as I read.
    I am very disappointed that the USA didn't get the votes for the House but pleased that Republicans kept the Senate and we got some good conservative governors elected.
    President Trump, like all presidents, has his faults but he has done quite a bit of what he has promised already. I hope he is able to do more things that are good for our country. I know President Trump and conservatives are going to get tormented even more since the Democrats got the House majority.
    I am also so disappointed that we probably won't be getting the wall and the
    votes we need in the house to handle the illegal alien problem. It makes me concerned for our safety with hoards of people coming with only God knows how many who have criminal or maybe terrorist backgrounds. I noticed that the caravan was mostly younger men....some looked like they were giving the same hand signals in one picture. The illegal Immigration problem seems worse than ever.
    I would appreciate you input on what you think will be done now about the illegal alien situation & any thoughts on how you think it could be dealt with in the best manner.
    Also want to add....I think Sarah Huckabee Sanders is absolutely the best White House Press Secretary we have had in my lifetime. She is amazingly good at her job. I am impressed every time I watch her. I hope & pray she stays in her position if at all possible. I know its a tough job but she is a strong lady and a great example of a conservative woman. I am so proud of her. No doubt in my mind that God gives her wisdom on what to say to a room of a lot of hostile media.
    There are a lot of us who value your keep it coming!

  • ßharon Wangsness

    11/08/2018 01:15 AM

    I gave to so many pacs , even though I am retired and a widow. I always gave when there was a match. I think Soros needs to be deported since he claims dual citizenship but pledges allegiance to the EU , not the USA. Guess he doesn't know that United States actually means UNITED states. Neither will our children and grandchildren and great grand children the way education is going in our public schools.

  • Vicky Compton

    11/08/2018 12:58 AM

    All this garbage will
    Re-elect Trumpnin 2020! Still
    Do not get it! Very slloooowwww Learners!

  • Bobbe R Wilson

    11/08/2018 12:56 AM

    I have to say- at 65 yrs of age, I finally have a hero- Sara Huckabee Sanders. What I wouldn't give to be a woman that intelligent, strong, a woman of deep faith and conviction. She is a credit to and an icon example of what a woman can be and accomplish. Those who march and cry in the "me too" movement and the like should take note and learn from her example. The respect Sara has earned will never come to those who can't see beyond their own selfish angry demeanors and fail to behave rationally and with intelligence! Thank you Sara for all your efforts

  • Georgia Ascherl

    11/08/2018 12:02 AM

    I am so glad for you and your sane political perspective. Also for your daughter??

  • Erika Adler

    11/08/2018 12:00 AM

    The first thing the new AG needs to investigate is the house democrats for their in-kind contribution to President Trump's 2020 campaign. What "service" or "good" did they donate? They won control of the house. Now all President Trump needs to do is sit back and let them prove him right by showing the nation that they are too emotionally unhinged and politically incompetent to be elected again in 2020. I don't envy PDJT, his family, Brett Kavanaugh, or anyone else the democrats decide to unjustly investigate (maybe they should do a no-knock raid on Obama's closet to make sure he doesn't have any tan suits hiding in there). But the suffering the democrats put them through with endless investigations will come back around and give Trump an easy win in 2020. Just think what would have happened if the republicans held control of both the house and senate yesterday... everything bad that happened in the next 2 years would be blamed entirely on republicans, right down to the weather (oh wait, they already blame Trump for that). The Trump / conservative / republican hating crowd would spin every minor non-scandal into a feeding frenzy on the befuddled Trump supporters. But now, Trump will use every opportunity he can to throw crumbs their way and watch them spin themselves into a tizzy while he stacks the courts with conservatives judges and appoints whoever he wants to his cabinet. I just hope the DOJ doesn't investigate Taylor Swift's "donation" to Marsha Blackburn's campaign. This was her first attempt at stumping for a candidate, she couldn't have seen how "successful" she would be.

  • Carl Smith

    11/07/2018 11:42 PM

    This might just be a blessing in disguise. The Senate is safe for the possible appointment of one maybe two New Justices. ( This will effectively kill the Dims avenue of FIRST Recourse for legislation unobtainable by Legislation). It will also give the American people a view to see the REAL Dims in action. It's going to take some real contortion gymnastics on the part of the alt media to spin their antics as something positive for the Dims, and the POTUS is up to the task to take all the Socialist/Progressive media slings and arrows unless TWITTER decides to Ban him Too.

  • William Ellis

    11/07/2018 11:21 PM

    A Actor once said that life is tough but it is tougher if your dumber than a box of rocks .that what I think about when some think the Dem are wonderful

  • Elaine Kuebler

    11/07/2018 11:09 PM

    I left a comment earlier today about how sickened I am about the election...similar to how I felt after Obama was elected BOTH times(especially in 2012). O read the evening edition and I find that I just may have to stop reading even YOUR email because I see that nothing good is coming after the election. It's NOT YOU! I already unplugged from every other news source long ago. I just don't think I can take hearing about all the even MORE horrific and despicable crap the Democrats are now going to create. So disgusted!

  • Joseph McLaughlin

    11/07/2018 10:55 PM

    Gee, Mike it sure is tough being a MAN in thus day an age. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  • Rev. Joseph W. Bernet

    11/07/2018 10:49 PM

    As my wife and I went and voted yester day the place is very familiar to both of us we signed in received our ballot went to a booth and filled it outstraight republician then placed in the folder went in line to place ballot in machine my wife went first and she comented the machine didn't register after ballot was taken it usually says "Accepted" I placed my ballot same thing it did not register "accepted" we started asking whats wrong with the ballot machine the guy stated the machine was working finewhen we voted in the past it always flashed on the screen accepted not this time is this why we lost the machines were turned off or flopped vote to other side Queationing. Rev Joseph W. & Gail A. Bernet [email protected]

  • Anne. Turner

    11/07/2018 10:16 PM

    Well Speaker Pelosi looks good for her age. She can afford the best in cosmetic help and clothing and food. Talk about a limousine liberal. Speaking of fashion, have you noticed the dearth of photos of Melania in the Style sections and in fashions magazines? Michele used to make these almost daily. Now Michele is an attractive woman, but I never thought her fashion sense was exceptional. She looked appropriate. Now, Melania has beautiful fashion sense. But it makes no difference. This is going to a laughable two years for the House. If we don’t have a sense of humor we will go bonkers. I hate to see my tax dollars go down the drain, but their you have it. I am not proud of my suburban sisters. They need some re-education. There are some women in country who are abused and have great difficulty, and society needs to help, but most have it pretty good. Believe me, I am aware as I do volunteer work with families whose children have been removed and are in the court system. I do see the seamier side, I do have to tell you that many woman bring their problems on themselves. Lest you think I am some brainwashed woman, I am 78: had two successful careers, an MBA, and a husband who encouraged me and was truly my partner. Spoiled yes, worked very hard, yes, aware, very. Ladies, listen up, make healthy decisions, get an education, don’t overtly advertise your physical assets. Remember men are different. They are driven by a different set of hormones. They have their assets, we have ours. It is up to us to be civilizing. It has always been that way. God created Adam. Then he created an improved model. Okay, Governor, LOL.