June 27, 2017

It's not as much of a smackdown victory as those who care about the Constitution, separation of powers and national security might like, but President Trump did get mostly good news from the Supreme Court about his temporary ban on immigration from six terrorism-plagued nations. The Court will hear arguments in October, and until then, the ban won't apply to the plaintiffs or people like them; for instance, American citizens who want to bring their relatives to the US or students attending college in Hawaii. But otherwise, the SCOTUS granted the Administration's request for an injunction against the lower courts' stay on the ban, upholding Trump's order as it applies to foreign nationals who have no bona fide relationship with any American person or entity. The Court also barred nonprofits from contacting would-be immigrants and establishing a relationship with them purely to help them enter the US. Foreigners who have no connection to the US have no right to demand entry.

Hard to believe a legal concept that simple had to go all the way to the Supreme Court, but then, it came by way of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. Depending on them to stop idiotic, unconstitutional arguments is like using a butterfly net for a coffee filter. Or depending on liberal judges to keep terrorists out of America.

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