December 29, 2020

December 29, 2020      

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Post-Christmas Coronavirus News Round-Up
  • Socialism is once again on the march
  • Latest outrage
  • UPDATE on Nashville bombing: "still no motive"


Mike Huckabee

Post-Christmas Coronavirus News Round-Up

By Mike Huckabee

Two new studies, one of them a massive study of 10 million people in Wuhan, China, found that the rate of COVID-19 infection spread by people who were asymptomatic was virtually zero and another.

Since the whole idea of shutting down businesses and forcing seemingly healthy people to wear masks is based on the assumption that people are spreading the virus even when they don’t feel sick, this would seem to be cause for celebration. It suggests that the government can take its boot off people’s throats and stop insisting that all life grind to a halt, even for people who don’t feel sick and aren’t in the most vulnerable groups.

But it won’t. Blue state and city leaders are too in thrall to the power it’s given them. I also strongly suspect that a lot of people have become so invested in signaling their anti-virus virtue that they won’t stop wearing masks on deserted beaches even after everyone gets vaccinated and the virus dies out completely.

The Biden family’s pals in the communist government of China have punished eight whistleblowers for trying to tell the world the truth about the coronavirus that they (NOT Donald Trump) unleashed on the world. The latest is a journalist sentenced to four years in jail for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” (translation: telling the truth about China’s virus cover-up on the Internet.)

Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted misleading Americans about the coronavirus because, to quote Jack Nicholson, “You can’t handle the truth!!” I think it would have been easier to handle the truth than to handle the deadly mismanagement of this disease by various government figures (and no, I’m not referring to President Trump, who has yet to be thanked by leftist media for that vaccine they said it would be impossible to create so fast.) Sen. Marco Rubio called out Fauci for lying, while Washington, D.C., declared Christmas Eve to be “Dr. Anthony Fauci Day.” I can see why, if he’s really an unelected bureaucrat who gets people to obey by willfully misleading them, he would be treated as a hero in Washington, D.C.

One reason it’s hard to know what’s the correct thing to do to prevent the virus, or who’s lying and who’s just honestly incorrect, is that we keep getting so many mixed messages. For instance, that last article talks about how wearing masks would have done the most to stop the disease. But a study of contiguous (borders touching) counties in East Tennessee found that between October 1 and December 22, those with mask mandates saw 4.7% of their populations test positive for COVID-19, while those with no mask mandates had an infection rate of 4.6%.

This backs up similar studies questioning the efficacy of mask mandates in Florida and nationwide.

So were the "experts" lying when they told us masks didn't work, as Dr. Fauci admitted, or when they told us masks did work, or did they not even know themselves? And do they really know even now?

Socialism is once again on the march

By Mike Huckabee

Remember that infamous 1999 Newsweek cover: “We Are All Socialists Now”? I thought at the time, “It’s nice that the staff of Newsweek finally admitted it.” But it turned out they meant all Americans were socialists. That’s the kind of buggy idea you can get when you spend all your time in an office full of fellow leftists in New York City and would rather cross the Atlantic in a rowboat than cross the Hudson River and visit the rest of America.

Well, nearly two decades later, socialism is once again on the march, pushed by a lot of naïve young people who have been misled by their professors and self-proclaimed “socialist” media stars in $20,000 designer outfits, and who have no idea what socialism really is or the inevitable dire consequences of it (FYI: no, having a fire department isn’t “socialism.”) But is the idea of a socialist America really booming in popularity, or is it, like so many things these days, just a fantasy narrative based on the wishful thinking of a leftist mass media?

Well, now we know, because someone finally asked Americans what they think of all this new socialism talk. Rasmussen Reports and The Heartland Institute surveyed Americans and found that socialism is even less popular than (brace yourself) Congress!

When asked whether they prefer a free market economic system or socialism, Americans chose free markets over socialism by 75%-11% (Congress’ Gallup Poll approval rating is 15%, suggesting a perfect Congressional motto: “We may be awful, but we’re slightly more popular than socialism!”)

As for the media’s beloved celebrity face of chic, fashion magazine socialism, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 58% of Americans view her unfavorably. Only 18% view her “very favorably” and 19% “somewhat favorably.”

The same poll found that only 51% of Americans view Joe Biden favorably, so if he becomes President and starts trying to force a lot of far-left judges, legislation and executive orders onto an unwilling people, the Democrats will have their own “resistance” to deal with, and it will come from about three-quarters of the population.

Latest outrage

By Mike Huckabee

So many crises happened in 2020 that the insane Democrat policy of “sanctuary” cities and states fell out of the headlines. But it wasn’t forgotten by the victims of crimes committed by illegal alien criminals shielded from deportation by liberal politicians.

Latest outrage: an illegal immigrant convicted of second degree murder of a child in 1999 was released from prison in California and instead of being handed over to ICE for deportation, was released onto the streets. Fortunately, ICE quickly found and deported him, but only by using tax money and resources that wouldn’t have been wasted if California had complied with federal law and handed him over to ICE.

Before you fall for the idea that ICE is only deporting innocent dreamers, here’s who they arrested in fiscal 2019: “individuals with more than 1,900 convictions and charges for homicide, 1,800 for kidnapping, 12,000 sex offenses, 5,000 sexual assaults, 45,000 assaults, 67,000 crimes involving drugs, 10,000 weapons offenses, and 74,000 DUIs.” If liberal politicians and judges want to protect people with those records, then they should have to let them move into their guest rooms rather than hiding from the consequences of their actions behind armed guards and inside gated communities. I think that would end “sanctuary” policies for criminals overnight.

UPDATE on Nashville bombing: "still no motive"

By Mike Huckabee

Since the FBI can’t be counted on to tell us anything we can trust, we’ve been trying to piece together some facts about the Nashville Christmas bombing from other accounts. What we find is disturbing.

According to a neighbor of apparent suicide bomber Anthony Quinn Warner, he said a few days before Christmas that the world was “never going to forget me.

On December 21, Rick Laude saw Warner standing by his mailbox and pulled his car over to ask him how his elderly mother was doing.

"Is Santa going to bring you anything good for Christmas?” Laude asked casually.

“Oh, yes,” Warner said with a smile, according to the neighbor. “I’m going to be famous. Nashville and the world is never going to forget me.”

Laude, a commercial truck driver, didn’t think anything about this at the time, assuming Warner just meant “something good” would happen to him on Christmas. He said he was “speechless” later on when he heard the news that Warner was suspected in the downtown bombing.

Warner apparently hadn’t raised any red flags with anyone in law enforcement or even in his own neighborhood. David Rauch, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said Monday that they “hope to get an answer. Sometimes, it’s just not possible. The best way to find a motive is to talk to the individual. We will not be able to do that in this case.”

No kidding. This is why law enforcement typically tries to take suspects alive whenever possible. Short of holding a séance, in cases where the suspect is dead they have to deduce a motive from clues they find. “It does appear that the intent was more destruction than death,” Rauch said, “but, again, that’s all still speculation at this point as we continue in our investigation with all our partners.”

According to a report in NEWSMAX, Rauch said Warner’s mother is cooperating with investigators.

Dan Bongino interviewed blast investigator Joey Jones on Monday’s HANNITY show, asking him if it’s possible to reconstruct the scene before the blast, determine the point of origin and find out what the explosive was. Jones said that, yes, you do a “post-blast analysis,” starting at the center of the explosion and working your way out, following the blast radius and also the fragmentation radius, meaning the path of the shrapnel that is farther than the blast itself. Look for any part that might have a serial number. “The idea that they [bombs] just char and disintegrate everything is actually completely untrue,” he said.

"If there were any type of sophisticated components used, I guarantee they’ve already found pieces of them and started to put this puzzle back together,” he said, noting investigators’ years of experience and past cases. “But mostly, a lot of it’s kind of common sense. You look for these pieces and parts, if you can find one electronic component and understand the infrastructure of how he set it off, look at the purchase history, regionally, and...clue in really quickly.”

Regarding the type of explosive used, there are “a few theories circling around,” perhaps black powder or pyrotechnic, he said, or an explosive combination such as ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, “that went to full deflagration but not detonation.” This apparently would account for the lack of a blast crater at the site and less structural damage than there might have been. It was "a really hot, hot explosion,” he said. “The fireball was fast.”

Jones observed that, unfortunately, the technology involved is so simple that the basic circuitry that kids might learn in a high school class to turn on a light bulb can be adapted to set off a bomb. A couple of components are a little more sophisticated, he said, but the bulk explosive and the initiation board are “pretty easy.”

"What we rely on,” he said, “is the amazing work of our federal and state and local law enforcement to prevent these things from happening and respond when they do. We saw it work in Nashville, some amazing police work that did just that.”

Well...they didn’t prevent the bomb from happening. Local first responders performed unbelievably courageous work under unimaginable pressure and surely saved lives, but their job came after the bomb was set to go. Nothing about the bomb itself was prevented and now, this far into the investigation, nothing has been explained. As FOX NEWS reported, “Officials have not provided insight into why Warner selected this particular location for the bombing.”

The operative word here is “provided.”

The report goes on to say that “a source close to the investigation” told THE DAILY MAIL that Warner was said to be “heavily” into “5G” conspiracy theories, believing the networks were actually killing people. According to this source, “The unofficial motive thus far is the suspect believed 5G was the source of all deaths in the region and he’d be hailed a hero. We are waiting on the digital footprint [his online history] that should finally provide us with some answers.”

Reportedly, investigators from the Tennessee Highway patrol recovered parts of the exploded RV and were able to retrieve the vehicle ID number, which was traced back to Warner. DNA was another way they say they matched him. FBI agent Doug Korneski maintains that they’ve seen no evidence anyone else was involved.

Of course, we can’t climb into the mind of a disturbed person to understand what compels him to do things that don’t make sense to us. We look to “experts” in psychology to do this, to the extent they can. But what this man did is so bizarre that it almost defies explanation. (We covered some of the big questions in yesterday’s commentary.) And now a witness says Warner was expecting to be famous. If that’s the case, why didn’t he make more of a public statement with some kind of manifesto, perhaps on the danger of “5G” if that’s what he was so concerned about? If he wanted to be famous, it’s logical to think we would have learned his motive right away. He would have left a warning about it. Otherwise, he’s just some guy who blew himself up for no apparent reason.



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  • jerry ball

    12/30/2020 10:20 AM

    mike is vp pense going to throw all americans and our president under the bus what is wrong with him.can the republicans not see that not standing with the people of this country and our great president is going to put a stop on the republican party .all republicans should be behind the people vote not the democrats .if pense does not standup and fight the blood is on his hands and he calls himself a christian and a believer of god. the congress and senat could care less about the people of this country

  • Linda Trumbull

    12/29/2020 06:53 PM

    I have faith in God. My children's future looking for life, knowlege,hope, fear, faith, humor and God. My parents realized to let go. My Mother had cancer. She told me ," please keep your knowledge as I taught you. " I realized to let go my children. God be with you. Amen. I am at peace with God.

  • Fred Scalf

    12/29/2020 06:44 PM

    Might not be wise to include in your newsletters. It is also my OPINION after reading 3-4 emails and lists of major AT&T NSA hubs. I believe the "5G" is just a cover story because it is not for public consumption that the Nashville AT&T office was a secondary hub for NSA wide spread monitoring of just about everything electronic. As an aside, google AT&T and you will find "branches" all over the world. I would not be a bit surprised if NSA owned AT&T and the staff is a front nor that AT&T could care if anyone actually subscribes to uVerse, Directv, telephones, or DSL. Oh, it would be nice if they had enough subscribers left (after losing way over 1mil from Directv alone) to appear legit. I would suspect they are VERY healthy from billions from NSA!

  • Paul Kern

    12/29/2020 06:17 PM

    I appreciate the research your staff does. Better balanced and more objective than most other Christian news sources
    It will be interesting to see what happens on the 6th.
    It is discouraging but Biblical to see how many Christian leaders are falling. The woke culture appears to have infected all
    At this time i and many others have lost trust in all government institutions.
    I keep telling others I know in the military and overseas what us really happening. I provide links and resources like your site and other real news sources. It blows their minds.
    Even European news sources now are blocked by MSM due to their honest reporting
    Even my church denomination is living in the past. Here in the Pacific Northwest near Portland most churches are full if sheeple and wolves in sheep's clothing. Relying on past practices they believe having a Marxist government will be acceptable
    Keep up the good work Mike. Us"deplorables" still follow the Living God and prepared to follow His marching orders not any tyrant

  • Carl T Smith

    12/29/2020 04:02 PM

    Socialism on the Rise? It NEVER really subsided! It will NEVER subside as long as over 90% of what the MSM, Big Tech. determine what we are ALLOWED to see and hear! Hollyweird is well, Just Weird Script Reading Millionaires whose only thoughts are Why is no one Kissing our Ring Finger these days? Stupid is as Stupid Does! is the answer but even though I know it's not fashionable to call a Moron, a Moron, I have decided I really don't care What they think about me! I have made my LAST contribution to the Taylor Swifts of the world. They Contribute ZERO to the continuing of our REPUBLIC! They are just narcissists who have not Matured yet! Maybe Never! When WE the People accept the idea that Communism/Socialism is the progeny of Academia and eliminate ALL funding to the same, the race to the bottom will NOT STOP!

  • Kay DeWitt

    12/29/2020 03:49 PM

    As a result of listening to a sermon that Mark Harris preached, this Sunday, was I moved, this.morning, to write him an email asking him (and whosoever else) to join me in TRAVAILING..non-stop...prayer...

    1) THAT the Lord will DIVINELY INTERVENE in the upcoming Georgia senatorial election so as to INSURE that Republicans do NOT lose the majority in the Senate..

    2) THAT, if it WAS voter fraud that "won" this election for Biden that, at this nth hour, the Lord will again DIVINELY INTERVENE to move upon the heart, or hearts, of anyone who would be willing to testify TO the truth OF this...or via His performing any OTHER kind of MIRACLE that will provide the PROOF that, heretofore, has NOT been provided, TO prove that this IS, in fact, the TRUTH about this election.

    3) THAT response TO your article entitled, "Socialism is once again on the march"....the Lord will give Christians a second chance to TO DO that which, Mike, will enable you to write an article entitled, "Christianity is once again on the march", as a result of Christians saying a rousing AMEN to YOUR cry....that you made along with Arthur Brooks....that THE only answer to uniting this country is NOT socialism but Christ's UNCONDITIONAL love that, BECAUSE it is unconditional, can love one's enemies while, concomitantly, can also hate one's enemy's sin!  In view OF the Democrats' hatred...rather THAN His Love...FOR Trump from the day he took office, it is ludicrous FOR the Democrats to claim that they are the ones who will BRING unity to this country.

    Now...getting back to my opening statement about how it was the sermon Mark Harris preached, this past Sunday, that moved me to write to him and request that he join me IN travailing prayer FOR the things I have just stated above...and the REASON I made this request OF Mark is because I take seriously the truth that "the prayers of a righteous man availeth much" and, as far as I am concerned, I know of no other Christian more righteous THAN Mark is.....I.know of no other Christian who is a man after God's own heart more THAN Mark is....and BECAUSE Mark IS a man after God's own heart, I know of no other Christian who is more qualified to be used as God's mouthpiece THAN Mark Harris is!

    It was Mark's love...and burden...for his country that moved him to give up the pastorate of THE most successful Baptist mega church here in Charlotte because he felt he could better love his country to Jesus Christ INSIDE the walls of Congress than OUTSIDE the walls of Congress....and, BELOW, I am going to copy, and paste, the link TO Mark's sermon in an endeavor to put spiritual credibility to my claim that...because one cannot outgive our blessed Lord....Mark Harris just might be our modern-day John the Baptist crying out TO Christians THAT "Christianity BE once again on the march" because Christians have said yes to joining IN that march, WITH Mark, in response TO Mark's (Christ's} cry that they do so! And I prefaced this BY stating that one cannot outgive our blessed Lord because what Mark GAVE TO our Lord, when he surrendered his church pastorate COST him something, in the way of suffering, and He never allows our suffering to BE in vain!  BELOW IS THE LINK TO MARK'S SERMON;

  • C. Michael Roberson

    12/29/2020 03:22 PM

    I have read several bogs on the subject of AT&T having Dominion Voting Machines located in that building for the purpose of audits. AT&T has denied they had a contract to audit Dominion Voting Machines. In addition, there is (or was) allegedly a super computer located in that building that would have been used for the audits and it is (or was) likely destroyed. I do not know if any of this is true, but I would sure like someone i can trust to look into it and report on it. Also, I have read some intriguing stories on AG Barr and his ties to Dominion Voting Systems. Check out this link:
    I would like your weigh-in on these subjects. Concerning AG Barr, it was always a roller-coaster ride for me as to whether or not I really trusted him. The more I dig into his past and all of the shady characters he has been associated with, the more disillusioned I have become with his representing the truth and the Rule of Law. What say Ye! I would like to hear what Laura and Pat think too.
    Love you guys,

  • Jerry Korba

    12/29/2020 02:51 PM

    Biden's Administration will look like a Hogans Hero rerun with Biden as Klink the always on the wrong side of any issue Bidden will screw up everything thats comes his way. The United States is in for a long run of miserable policies the return of the Obama Administration policies that defeat the American value will again become a Globalist regime just like the China Virus relief fund only American assets are heading off shore while mainland american citizens tax dollars are waved bye bye only to be returned in partial percentages to it originators of the proposal nice choice on the Congress selection. People that can not say thank you in English don't care just keep the voting population ignorant and America can keep sending its tax dollars away from America. Americans don't need any help at this time.

  • Joanne Wolf

    12/29/2020 02:40 PM

    Mike, please do research on what Epoch Times recently made public regarding the Havana Syndrome; a/k/a 5G or EMF. Another name is ES. I am a victim of this and can’t find anyone who believes me. It is extremely painful and destructive to both my Cockatiel and my hearing.
    Fake news won’t cover it but for 4 years in Canada and UK, our scientists and professionals over there were subject to this and had to retire due to the damage done their ears, cognitive thinking and neurological senses.
    I pray you get this as I have been blocked by Big Tech from getting to people in the know.
    It’s extremely dangerous and I need to move to get away from this, but I need help to get this under control. My phone is 6168360968!
    Please believe; I have proof!
    I have no one here! Thanks and God Bless, Joanne wolf

  • Chris Shivers

    12/29/2020 02:32 PM

    President Trump gave us a glimpse of what America could and should be. It is imperative that we follow his lead far into the future. The far left extremist will destroy this country if we the people do not stand with our president.
    We must all pray for this country and stand united to stamp out this evil!

  • Chris Mitchell

    12/29/2020 02:12 PM

    What I appreciate about your newsletter[ and others] is that there is intelligence in your reporting - something that no longer exists in America, due to the dumbing down the population..... Personally it reminds me when the Soviet Union was around. A country that was built upon the foundation of propaganda, lies, misinformation, as their power base, subjected to the public. It sounds like America today!

  • Erik Cragg

    12/29/2020 01:53 PM

    Good Morning Mike, re: your update on the Nashville bombing, a LOT of things don't add up here.
    Many red flags.... to this I would add the statement by the neighbor which I find suspect, a 'pat answer' by someone who appears to be, from my limited research, a person who likes to get his name into the news, while at the same time implicating Warner's intentions, thus distracting from the TRUTH. If the AT&T building was thought to be housing Dominion computers sent there for forensic examination (as has been suggested)......there may be a much deeper, sinister answer to this mystery. (Sometimes I think conspiracy theories get a bad rap!)
    I hope you keep after this one!!

  • Floyd Unger

    12/29/2020 01:51 PM

    Thank you

  • David Titzer

    12/29/2020 01:43 PM

    Regarding the Nashville bombing: I think we can all be certain that if Mr. Warner was a Trump supporter, or donated money to Republicans, or had any Republicans as acquaintances, we'd have heard about that all day, every day, and the speculation would be absolutely wild. Nothing but crickets. Perhaps we should ask the "fact checkers" what they know?

  • Sharon Faulkner

    12/29/2020 01:42 PM

    Mike one thing: you notice that the Feds are trying to say that this guy was a "conspiracy theorist" because he was (they claim) concerned about 5G. So -- anybody concerned about Biden, Harris and their Chinese controllers is a "conspiracy theorist" and a budding terrorist? Really?

  • Amtonio Fernandez

    12/29/2020 01:22 PM

    Socialism is something that most people in the U.S. have not experienced but for us that have experienced it is evil. Maybe if Biden is installed as President and Harris becomes President people will get a taste of it and hopefully will wake up. I will not hold my breath but it could be a good thing if it happens.

  • Doug Morgan

    12/29/2020 01:09 PM

    Governor, thanks for your reports. Always appreciate receiving them. Regarding the Nashville bombing, I reminiscence of times gone by when we trusted the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to handle investigations with integrity. I am sad to say that today, investigation of tragedies like Nashville, arouses suspicion that their investigation is focused on burying the truth rather than exposing it.

  • JC Holland

    12/29/2020 12:56 PM

    If so many Americans are against socialism, then how did ANY democrats get elected?
    The DNC is clearly socialist in their policies.
    I don't trust this poll anymore then the rest of them.

  • Felicia Lanham

    12/29/2020 12:33 PM

    I am so upset about President Trump no being re-elected. I don't know how I can help our United States from becoming Socialist and everything that the Democratic party wants to do to us, such as giving China everything from the U.S., and I know they will let illegals in as fast as they, the Demos, can. What can we do as the little people and one person? My heart aches about this whole situation.

  • Floyd Ford

    12/29/2020 12:24 PM

    Nashville- is there any truth that At&t was hired to do forensic test on the voting machines sent to there building near the bomb site?

  • Stephen Russell

    12/29/2020 11:45 AM

    Nashville bombing:
    Bomber worried over 5G thus setting bomb near AT&T which offers 5G services.
    No manifesto?
    Rogue act
    No terror ties
    other issues forced action.

    Pls probe more.

  • Linda Wolfe

    12/29/2020 11:42 AM

    I doubt very seriously if Anthony Warner is dead. How on earth can his DNA survive a bombing like that ? I believe he was in kahoots with whoever wanted to destroy evidence of the Dominion scandal.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    12/29/2020 11:42 AM

    Mike this reminds me of the vulnerability of THE GRID. If that goes down a lot of Americans will suffer. Does this sort of act wake the Government up or what?

  • Pat J Green

    12/29/2020 11:40 AM

    I would think that if these masks are so great in curbing this Chinese virus, then this year the cold and flu season would have fallen way off. If I was a so called expert on this and other virus I would be declaring what mask have done for flu. I would be on the MTN top letting everyone know how great mask are. I haven't heard nothing from that

  • Loretta and Earl Niehusen

    12/29/2020 11:22 AM

    Have a wonderful New Year to you and your family, Governor Huckabee and stay safe.