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November 18, 2022

Here’s why the Republicans need large majorities in both Houses of Congress. The votes in some races are still being counted (and why is that?), and already, there’s talk of a GOP Senator quitting.

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy, the sharpest and funniest conservative this side of…well, me…is considering stepping down to run for Governor.

This opens up several crates of worms. Louisiana seems like a reliably red state with two Republican Senators (the other is Bill Cassidy), but it does have its own basket-case big blue city (New Orleans), and a Democrat Governor who will be in office for another year. Kennedy won his last election with 61.6% of the vote, but who knows if another Republican would fare as well? As great a Governor as Kennedy would be, I hate to think of him not being in the Senate, or the potential problems if the GOP happened to lose that seat. There are a lot more details at the link.

Whatever he decides, this should be yet another reminder for Republicans in Georgia of the urgency of turning out for the runoff and electing Herschel Walker to the Senate.

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  • Creola V Loyd

    11/19/2022 06:38 PM

    Agree with statement. Much work needs to be done in all states that have Democrats a the top. Yet, we need to keep Senators, like Senator Kennedy in the Senate.