August 10, 2016

Campaigning for President is hard work --- take it from one who knows. Possibly the only job that takes more of a toll, both emotionally and physically, is that of actually being President. Wanting to be President is not enough; the person in that job has got to be up to the extreme and unpredictable pressures that come with it. I said it on the campaign trail numerous times: there is no way to know what one is going to be faced with during one’s years as Commander-in-Chief. And with the current state of the world --- due in part to Hillary’s own behavior as Secretary of State, but I digress --- that truth rings even louder.

We’ve seen what it’s like having an “empty suit” in the Oval Office when events demanded the attention of a real leader. We can’t afford to replace him with someone who may be limited by shaky health.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, it’s not just political opponents and conspiracy theorists who speculate about the state of her health. We all do. Physically, she seems fatigued and unsteady, and we already know she’s had problems with serious falls, debilitating injuries and her thyroid gland. Lately, she’s seemed to “zone out” occasionally and react with odd facial expressions, and handlers are at the ready to help her navigate stairs and platforms and remain steady in front of crowds. She’s even referred to one of her own false statements not as a lie, but as a “short-circuit,” which is probably just a lawyerly evasion but could be touching on an unfortunate truth.

Numerous video clips have been going around, often with no context or date, often looped to make them seem more severe than they actually were, but some of them resonate because we know she’s flat-out lied about other things --- so why not this? We literally cannot believe anything she says, so it’s understandable that we use our eyes.

If she has a problem, the mainstream media will cover for her in ways not seen since John F. Kennedy hid his serious health problems, including Addison’s disease. The Washington Post has expressed skepticism about the sensational claims circulating on the Internet. But under the circumstances, the only thing that will make this go away is if Hillary releases all her health records. Period.

It’s her own fault that we can’t believe her and require detailed documentation of her good health.

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  • Pam Boutell

    08/18/2016 09:20 PM

    Isn't she supposed to be as healthy as a horse to be Commander in Chief? I just don't understand why she & her husband don't have to follow the rules & laws like we do.