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September 21, 2022

After having his cellphone seized by the FBI, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is finding himself in an ever-expanding club.

The latest to have his phone confiscated is an associate of Lindell’s, math teacher Dr. Doug Frank, who has spoken publicly about election anomalies that cast doubt on the 2020 election. (Shame on him for being such a threat to our democracy!) Two FBI agents met him at the airport after his flight landed on Thursday, and they had a warrant to take the phone. He’d been expecting this after what happened to Lindell, so he and the agents even had a knowing chuckle over it. Since he had chosen to be cooperative and friendly, they behaved reasonably and even let him give his wife a call. These were just a couple of young-ish field agents, he said, who seemed not to know much about the case. (Of course, that might just have been a strategy.)

Like Lindell, Dr. Frank had a connection to Tina Peters, the Mesa County, Colorado clerk who faces charges for allowing a data analyst to come in and back-up 2020 election records. Since the election, the FBI has intently focused on her and, apparently, anyone who has talked to her. Dr. Frank had spoken with her, advising her to do a full forensic back-up of the voting machines –- which would pick up everything, even the deleted files –- of her computers. She hadn’t known how to do that.

One particularly interesting observation from Dr. Frank: He says that right after his phone was taken, CNN, the WASHINGTON POST and THE NEW YORK TIMES were all trying to get hold of him for comment. He strongly suspects they were tipped off by their dear friends at the FBI.

Here’s his first interview since the experience, on LINDELL TV.  I hope you’ll take the just-over-25 minutes to watch this when you have the time; there’s a lot of good information here.

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