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April 15, 2021

Here’s some more on “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s call for ending all policing and incarceration, calling it “government-funded murder.”

I’ll just respond the same way I always do whenever someone on the far left advances some suicidally-stupid proposal: “You first.” Let Rep. Tlaib give up the protection of the Capitol police and personal bodyguards, and put out the word that she will not call the police while she is at work, commuting or at her home. After a year, we’ll check in and see how her year-without-policing is working out. I have a feeling it would be like the leftist city council members in riot-torn blue cities who voted to defund the police for everyone else but assign them to special duty to protect council members. Or the one in Portland, Oregon, who called 911 over a dispute with a Lyft driver just days after voting to cut $18 million from the police budget. The Internet never forgets, and neither do we.

While we’re on the subject, Rep. Tlaib and the other “Squad” members should also stop lionizing the police who dealt with violent protesters and protected them at the Capitol on January 6th if they’re going to condemn all the other cops dealing with violent criminals and protecting the public everywhere else. Reminder: the only violent death at the Capitol that we know of was caused by a police officer shooting an unarmed female protester who was crawling through a window at the time. That seems to fit Rep. Tlaib’s description of “government-funded murder” (the DC coroner even ruled that a “homicide,” yet we still don’t know the name of the cop who fired. The officer in the Daunte Wright shooting has already been named, despite the obvious danger to her and her family.)

So if you want to do away with all policing and jailing of criminals, then give up your own police protection for a while and then get back to us on how it’s going.

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