January 2, 2020

Welcome to 2020!  The New Year went out with a bang, and I don’t mean fireworks. 

On Sunday, the US carried out airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against Kataib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed militia group believed to be behind rocket attacks on US bases that recently killed a civilian contractor and injured several American troops.  Iran denied any connection to the attacks, a claim you can take for what it’s worth.   

On Tuesday, some members of that militia attempted to attack the US Embassy in Baghdad.  They were ridiculously described by some in the media as “protesters” and hilariously dubbed “mourners” by the New York Times (see, they were “mourning” the militants killed in the airstrikes, by throwing rocks, setting fires, etc., the way mourners do at funerals.)  It couldn’t possibly be that this is just the latest of many attacks stretching over months; no, they had a case of the sadz because their comrades were killed, just like the militants in Benghazi just happened to attack on September 11th because they were upset over a YouTube video.

This chaotic assault on a US Embassy in the Middle East was greeted with unseemly glee by many on the left in America, who appeared to be more excited about hanging a “Benghazi” around President Trump's neck than they were concerned about our people inside the Embassy (concern for the safety of people inside our embassies in the Middle East doesn’t seem to be too high on their list of priorities, if history is any guide.) 

Unfortunately for them, it was virtually the polar opposite of Benghazi.  The Embassy personnel were safely evacuated before the attack.  Trump reacted quickly and forcefully, threatening Iran, demanding that Iraq send security, and ordering in 100 Marines, to be followed quickly by hundreds more US troops.  He tweeted, “The Anti-Benghazi,” which is a perfect description. 

After all the years of spinning and “What difference at this point does it make?” excuses, it must have come as a shock to Trump’s critics to learn that the Commander in Chief doesn’t have to sit around impotently and do nothing for hours on end while our people are being attacked.  He can actually order our troops to go in and stop it.   Who knew?!

Here’s one who earned the Golden Hypocrisy Award:

Another naked example of hypocrisy were the attacks from the left because Trump was reported to have visited his golf club earlier that day.  He angrily denied playing golf, saying he had meetings all day and was closely monitoring the situation in Iraq. I’d care more about that if any of the sources attacking Trump had shown a molecule of curiosity over the past seven years about where Obama was during the Benghazi attack. 

By Wednesday, the militants/protesters/”mourners” had rethought this whole “attack the American Embassy” idea and were retreating.  The Washington Post reported that they were chanting, “Yay, we burned them!” because the fires they set damaged two reception areas.  Watch the movie about the Benghazi attack, “13 Hours,” and see how that destruction and carnage compares to a couple of charred settees. 

For now, we should all thank God that our people in Baghdad are safe, and that those who attacked them learned there’s a new sheriff in charge. Once again, the mindless rush to attack Trump and hang the term “Benghazi” on him only served to point up just how different things are now.  During the Obama years, the media echo chamber helped to delude a lot of people into believing that patently false things were unarguably true: we couldn’t drill our way out of an oil shortage, we couldn’t stop millions of people from streaming across the border, we couldn’t just crush ISIS with military power, you’d need a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs, 2% GDP growth is the “new normal,” etc. etc.  Trump has proven all those things wrong.  All his critics are doing by bringing up Benghazi is reminding us of how tragically incompetent Obama and Hillary Clinton were, and how it didn’t have to happen the way it did.

If you want to read more about this, Nina Bookout at the Victory Girls’ blog has an excellent summary.

And here’s what one of the heroes who was actually at Benghazi has to say about the ludicrous “Trump’s Benghazi” claims.



Some liberal media outlets were so shaken by armed citizens taking just seconds to stop a would-be mass shooter at the White Settlement, Texas, Freeway Church of Christ that they are still desperately looking for ways to spin it as a negative.  A USA Today editorial admitted that the head of church security who killed the shooter was a hero, but claimed it was “terrifying” that several other members of the congregation also pulled out weapons. Considering they were prepared to stop any further shooters but responsibly held their fire, I don’t think “terrifying” is the appropriate term, unless you also happen to be a would-be mass shooter. 

Someone should remind USA Today that they’re supposed to be a national paper, not just a voice for NY/L.A./DC liberals.  Maybe send one of your reporters on a safari to Texas to talk to a few of those terrifying gun owners who stand ready, willing and able to stop mass shooters.

There were also false claims that the hero of the incident, James Wilson, was a professional armed guard, so that they could say how horrible it is that churches have to hire armed guards, proving we need more gun control laws, lather-rinse-repeat.  Actually, Wilson is a member of the congregation and head of their volunteer security team, not a paid armed guard.  He’s also a former Hood County Reserve Deputy Sheriff and currently a Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Instructor and Concealed Handgun License/License to Carry Instructor.

But the ones who had the most difficulty dealing with reality were the writers and editors at Reuters who were either so desperate to spin away the truth or so blinded by their narrative mind ruts that they ran an article claiming it was the gunman who was a concealed carry instructor. They were forced to make a humiliating correction.

But of course, they aren’t the only ones who believe that when the facts don’t cooperate with your chosen narrative, just make up your own “facts.”  Unfortunately for them, a lot of us have gotten wise to that.



Joe Biden had a news-making Christmas week.  He suggested that all the coal miners that his fossil fuel industry-destroying policies would throw out of work could just “learn to code,” because “Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for G-d’s sake.”

I don’t know, I’ve seen people who can be Vice President, yet not be able to speak a coherent sentence.

Joe also stepped deep into it by claiming that if the Senate subpoenaed him to testify in any Trump impeachment trial about his son’s alleged corruption, he would defy the subpoena.  He backtracked like a crab after someone on his staff apparently told him that Trump was being impeached for allegedly wanting to look into his son’s corruption and defying a Congressional subpoena, both of which he’d strongly condemned.

Meanwhile, a lot of Democrats are probably wishing Joe’s son Hunter had just accepted his responsibilities and paid child support because his court battle against the mother is turning out to be the dumbest strategic decision since General Custer decided to summer at Little Big Horn.

It's an open question who delivered more gifts to Republicans over Christmas: Santa Claus or the Biden family.



Say, remember that fiercely urgent impeachment that had to be passed before Christmas, only to have Nancy Pelosi let it sit on the shelf like an elf until after New Year’s?  If that was designed to damage Trump’s reelection prospects, it’s not working according to plan.  Since Democrats seem to want to impeach Trump for something different every day, he might want to encourage them to go ahead and do just that.  He’ll be the first President to turn impeachment into a major profit center.



The most criminally-overlooked story of 2019 that suddenly became news in the last month: the rising tide of anti-Semitic attacks in the deep blue New York City area that had already been going on throughout the year:

Considering the disregard for enforcing laws or showing respect to police that have marked the unnecessary decline of the Big Apple under Mayor Bill DeBlasio, the rising crime and violence are hardly surprising.  But never underestimate the ability of the left to take a terrible situation of their creation and make it far worse with the application of some grand, sweeping, radical, idiotic idea. Don’t believe it?  How about their latest brainstorm: “Abolish the police!”  Yes, that will finally make places like Chicago, Baltimore and Seattle safe: removing the police entirely.

Seriously, did these people grow up eating lead paint chips?

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  • Ellen Klapperich

    01/03/2020 02:37 PM

    I have noticed a severe lack of common sense these days. So much so that I have begun to call it the not so common sense.

  • rodney burke

    01/03/2020 02:16 PM

    TDS on public display? media has no clue what happened in Benghazi and this proves it. and they want us to vote for this? I don't think so. I am no longer amazed at the mental ineptitude of the media. they don't know much and prove it by the stories they write. Well, things are about to get sticky and they are in the middle of it.

  • JC Holland

    01/03/2020 10:00 AM

    Mike I watched Tulsi on Fox this morning basically call out President Trump for killing a notorious terrorist. She is just as nutty as all the other socialist democrats.
    You need to stop being her cheerleader as the voice of reason moderate democrat.
    She is no different then the 31 House democrats who ran as bi partisan and then all towed the AOC, Pelosi far left positions.

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/03/2020 09:50 AM

    While I already HAVE a comment posted in response to this newsletter, upon just now reading the other comments that were written, I feel moved to let Anne Odenhal know....(if there is any chance that she would read this) much what she wrote about Mike Huckabee blessed me!

    Her statement to Mike, "you make the world a much better place", reminded me of a plaque that I saw years ago that said, "that man is a success who leaves his world a little bit better than he found it."

    While certainly Mike IS doing just that....leaving his (His) world a little bit better than he found it....And, as you also so state, is blessing people with his wonderful sense of humor..... that, by making people laugh and, if only momentarily, helps to wipe their tears over this never-ending bare of hatred...the end-product of which serves to keep people going and keeps their hope strong.......AND....IT IS FOR THIS REASON THAT MY PRAYER IS THAT....

    In this year of 2020, God will use Mike Huckabee in an ever INCREASING, more powerful way, to bring his (His) hope to, literally, our (His) whole WORLD!

  • Gale Baker

    01/03/2020 08:36 AM

    Someone should tell the MSM that calling the embassy attack "another Benghazi" just reminds everyone that there WAS a Benghazi, and also reminds us who was responsible for that. Bad form, guys, to put Hilary in the crosshairs again. Or maybe that's what you wanted, to heap a few more negative points on "Madam Secretary" to make sure she doesn't get elected. After all, if Trump didn't get re-elected, what would you all have to rail about?

  • Anne Odendhal

    01/03/2020 03:13 AM

    Honorable Governor Mike Huckabee! You make the world a much better place. Using your gift of unmasking facts while blessing us with laughter when we might cry or fear is what we need to keep going, and keep hope strong. Americans love you many of us wish to be more like you.

  • Linda Parker

    01/03/2020 03:03 AM

    Mike, is it time to rid the country of the Democratic Party? The blatant lying and criminal misspending of taxpayer dollars is just plain appalling. We desperately need a legitimate second party in our country. We must look ludicrous to the rest of the world. How could this be accomplished? Our country was founded on Christian principles. Democrats seem to be anything but Christian.

  • Maxine Oswalt

    01/03/2020 01:41 AM

    Thank you. The left continues to keep digging their hole deeper and deeper. Way to.go President Trump. Great reporting of truth to Mike and Staff- keep it up!

  • Rachamim Freer

    01/03/2020 12:53 AM

    America loves Governor Huckabee!

    May the USA, ISRAEL, S.A., etcetera, disarm Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah once and for all.

  • Dusty

    01/03/2020 12:01 AM

    Pretty sad for our politicians take this attack in Iraq and make it a Benghazi instead of trying to back this President our military men and women who might be killed all for these idiots to not stand for this country. What is wrong with these people and their terrible hate that continues week after week. How does this help our men and women in these terrible countries fighting to keep us and them free. Iranians want to be free it is their terrorist leaders who are as bad as we now see some of our own Congress members. STOP this we are destroying ourselves we do not need Russia . This left liberal media is taking down this country and we sit here and are letting them. WHY? Ask who and what they are protecting? Say the President was playing golf and why not he can still do business and this may relax him per this pressure? See the hate in this country now that the Jewish people face and who has started this now WHO and WHY? See Christians being killed overseas WHY?

  • Jerry Korba

    01/02/2020 10:17 PM

    I repeated to let the Left keep talking just don't let them pass any laws. The writers for the Planet of the Apes had to have a time machine they watched DeBlasio Cuomo and the rest of the Left herd leaders ruin their cities by allowing the criminals to run free week by week their cities decay a bit more. The Left leaders will win, the good people will leave New York and Dumb and Dummer will have losers all for themselves. At this pace New York will be a waste land during the next decade. Dumb and Dummer will not see it happen they will be murdered by a no bond psycopath and their office will be used for its headquarters. Heston had it right the Left blew it up. The rats will survive. Build a wall around New York!!!!!!!

  • Mona Darnell

    01/02/2020 10:09 PM

    Stupidity is getting to be the dominate factor of the liberal democrats.
    After seeing where some wanted to abolish the police the first thing that came to mind was the old western movies where lawlessness prevailed and crooks would take over the town after shooting the sheriff. Some towns didn't have laws and was run by crooks. When a person didn't like someone or there was a situation to settle one of the gunman was shot dead and taken to boot hill.
    I can't imagine our country doing that. But if it were to happen I have a feeling these anti police people better watch their backs and strap on their holsters and 9 mm's along with the rest of us because we all are going to need them.

  • Liliana Medhurst

    01/02/2020 10:01 PM

    I love your sense of humor.
    lf you don't laugh you'd cry /

  • Anne Turner

    01/02/2020 09:07 PM

    Well, Governor, you are really back. Hope you got a good rest. This antisemitic thing is getting out of hand. Here is why I think antisemitism is gaining traction:

    Progressive retaliation against Israel with wholesale sympathy for Palestinians no matter what they do, or have done. This is propagated by a few of our Muslim population. Palestinians fit the model of victimization.
    Israelis, and the Jewish people as a whole, are smart, good at business and in the professions as well as music. Their children do well in school as they value education. There is a tendency for some Jews depending on where they live, to be outspoken and opinionated. Many acquire wealth from working hard. In general they live well, dress modestly, have a nice place to live, value health and cleanliness. Jews tend to be law abiding and eschew drugs. In other words they, as a group, are intelligent, ambitious, ethical and moral according to the Judeo/Christian way of looking at how life should be led. They are also charitable.

    The above is what progressives and the neo Nazis cannot stand. While Jews have been victimized throughout history, most do not see themselves as victims. They took a snake infested piece of dessert and made it bloom, establishing the only flourishing middle eastern democracy. Success is frowned upon in progressive circles, unless you are among the elite.

    A Presbyterian

  • Robbie Mize

    01/02/2020 08:57 PM

    Thank you for this evening news today. I will sleep better gave me a few smiles as usual.

  • Milton Woodham

    01/02/2020 08:50 PM

    To paraphrase an old axiom: A good definition of liberalism is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and still expect to see different results.

  • Tom Wilde

    01/02/2020 08:44 PM

    What? You didn't know? Democrats long ago wrote themselves permission to be precisely on both sides of every issue as it is convenient to the moment. Biden and his cohorts are masters at it and the MSM like CNN/PRAVDA works tirelessly to make their duplicity palatable.

    Maybe it's palatable to them, but after all these years and all their lies I gag on it.

  • Tim Zahn

    01/02/2020 08:27 PM

    More Conceal Carry permits, LESS gun laws.

  • ken moore

    01/02/2020 08:24 PM

    put Hillary in prison BUILT THE WALL hang comey

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/02/2020 07:55 PM

    While I could joke about getting a HEADache from the news in your earlier newsletter, I can never joke about the HEARTache I get when I read news like the news I read in this newsletter because it forces me to look right into the face of the EVIL one.... and all the horror he brings TO these situations!

    It's time for Christians to fight to get their voices heard as TO how this IS a spiritual battle....If the He that is in us is greater than the he who is in the world, then how come the he in the world controls the media?I know I have asked that question before but I am too tired right now to try and be more articulate...

    Sigh....I WILL humor the "flesh" right now and let it rest.

  • Floyd Kimmel

    01/02/2020 07:32 PM

    Conspiracy theory 1,000,000,000,000 This was a plot orchestrated by the left, a failed impeachment attempt brings us to airstrikes because of American contractors being attacked then our Embassy gets attacked by _________________you fill in the blank Trump sends in the big dogs to secure the Embassy and protect Americans, well Obama didn't do that so Trump abused his power by this type of retaliation by not consulting with Pelosi, Schumer new article of impeachment abuse of power trying to start a war without us. OOPs, this will backfire too the fuse is lit the leader of the pack was a guest of Obama's Whitehouse.

  • Diane DeVoe

    01/02/2020 07:29 PM

    I live in South Carolina. In the last several months we have been inundated with Tom Steyer commercials. The ads are very annoying and he joins the other far-left people spreading false information about President Trump. I was wondering what your thoughts are about Tom Steyer.
    I have great respect for you Mr. Huckabee and look forward to reading your daily emails.

  • Dianne Rabkin

    01/02/2020 07:21 PM

    Always good to read the truth. Keep writing. We are reading.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/02/2020 07:08 PM

    US Emb defense:
    o Miniguns mounted hidden on rooftops, windows.
    o Mortars ready with ammo
    o Water cannon
    o Roving security force/
    o Robotic roving security
    o CP Bunker
    o Comm Bunker
    o Evac area.
    ALL Emb worldwide

  • Paul Kern

    01/02/2020 05:36 PM

    As a Christian and a Vietnam veteran I am sad and angry that there is a group of progressive "Marxist" vets who are active in getting more Marxists elected They have denied the oath of enlistment all take upon enlisting. I also read another article from a couple of years ago when they stayed they need to take out Trump! Such hatred and evil from people who are supposed to be men and women of integrity. We must be on our knees in prayer and vote!