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July 7, 2022



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Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16 KJV

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Not Speculating

The suspect arrested in the deadly Highland Park, Illinois, 4th of July parade shooting has reportedly confessed. Despite having talked with him in detail, officials said, “We don’t want to speculate on motives right now," which sets them apart from much of our irresponsible media and political class.


You know you’re desperate to push gun control when you give network prime time to an interview with a proponent of gun control who also happens to be a failed presidential assassin.

The campaign to recall DA Gascon progresses

The campaign to recall Los Angeles’ disastrous leftist District Attorney George Gascon reports that it collected 717,000 signatures to get on the ballot, about 150,000 more than needed. Of course, they now have to be verified, so expect the Democrat establishment to do everything it can to reject signatures. Isn’t it funny how vital it is to scrupulously verify signatures when you’re trying to keep a failed leftist from being thrown out of office, but when you’re trying to elect one, signature verification is an assault on democracy.

All-Time Lows

A new Gallup survey found that Americans’ confidence in our institutions has fallen to all-time lows.

The institution with the most support (68%) is small business, followed by the military at 64% (but that’s down 5% since last year, largely due to Republicans upset with the wokeness, vaccine mandates and general incompetence of current Pentagon brass.) The biggest drop in confidence was in the Presidency, down 15 points from 38 to 23% since one year ago. Scraping the bottom of the poll were TV news (11% have confidence in that) and Congress (7%, down from 12% in one year.) Used car salesmen and palm readers probably have higher levels of confidence. I’m sure the lesson they’ll take from that is that they need to schedule a lot more January 6th hearings.

They don’t get it

Not at all surprised to learn that Rolling Stone writers know even less about prayer or religion than they know about politics, economics or basic fact-checking.

The NYT smears Rep. Mayra Flores

When is it okay and not at all racist to smear accomplished Latina women? Why, when they’re conservatives and you’re fatuous liberals from the New York Times who are obviously terrified of their success.

Also, check out this perfect illustration of the Times’ glaring double standard between the way it treats a socialist Latina who spouts nonsense 24/7 and conservative Latinas who are pro-life churchgoers.

Is it any surprise that Latino voters are turning Republican?

Nothing is impossible when you are desperate

Sen. Joe Manchin has reportedly agreed to help Chuck Schumer pass a bill to reduce prescription drug costs. This was originally part of the “Build Back Better” bill. For some reason, it was impossible to pass it without also spending $5 trillion on a bunch of leftist wish list stuff, but now that Democrats desperately need any kind of win before the election, it isn’t impossible anymore. Funny how that works.

Not shocking

Not exactly a shock, but a new study found that the states that are doing best in the post-pandemic recovery are Republican-led red states, with Texas, Florida and North Carolina leading the pack.

Interesting Read

I promised that during my staff’s summer break, I’d keep you up to date on the day’s top news and op-eds. I don’t know if this headline actually qualifies as news, but it’s an interesting read: “Biden’s Economy is a Flaming Dumpster Fire.”

Our current “leaders”

Stephen Krusier’s Morning Briefing is on the quality of our current “leaders” and polls showing that Americans are fed up to the eyeballs with them.

Sample quote: “…This current crop of D.C. Dems is the largest collection of dullards they’ve ever had in power. They’re a bunch of pants-wetting demagogues who are completely devoid of any intellectual heft. Because of that, they’re dumb enough to believe the lies that their flying monkeys in the mainstream media continually tell for them.”


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