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July 7, 2022



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Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16 KJV

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Not Speculating

The suspect arrested in the deadly Highland Park, Illinois, 4th of July parade shooting has reportedly confessed. Despite having talked with him in detail, officials said, “We don’t want to speculate on motives right now," which sets them apart from much of our irresponsible media and political class.


You know you’re desperate to push gun control when you give network prime time to an interview with a proponent of gun control who also happens to be a failed presidential assassin.

The campaign to recall DA Gascon progresses

The campaign to recall Los Angeles’ disastrous leftist District Attorney George Gascon reports that it collected 717,000 signatures to get on the ballot, about 150,000 more than needed. Of course, they now have to be verified, so expect the Democrat establishment to do everything it can to reject signatures. Isn’t it funny how vital it is to scrupulously verify signatures when you’re trying to keep a failed leftist from being thrown out of office, but when you’re trying to elect one, signature verification is an assault on democracy.

All-Time Lows

A new Gallup survey found that Americans’ confidence in our institutions has fallen to all-time lows.

The institution with the most support (68%) is small business, followed by the military at 64% (but that’s down 5% since last year, largely due to Republicans upset with the wokeness, vaccine mandates and general incompetence of current Pentagon brass.) The biggest drop in confidence was in the Presidency, down 15 points from 38 to 23% since one year ago. Scraping the bottom of the poll were TV news (11% have confidence in that) and Congress (7%, down from 12% in one year.) Used car salesmen and palm readers probably have higher levels of confidence. I’m sure the lesson they’ll take from that is that they need to schedule a lot more January 6th hearings.

They don’t get it

Not at all surprised to learn that Rolling Stone writers know even less about prayer or religion than they know about politics, economics or basic fact-checking.

The NYT smears Rep. Mayra Flores

When is it okay and not at all racist to smear accomplished Latina women? Why, when they’re conservatives and you’re fatuous liberals from the New York Times who are obviously terrified of their success.

Also, check out this perfect illustration of the Times’ glaring double standard between the way it treats a socialist Latina who spouts nonsense 24/7 and conservative Latinas who are pro-life churchgoers.

Is it any surprise that Latino voters are turning Republican?

Nothing is impossible when you are desperate

Sen. Joe Manchin has reportedly agreed to help Chuck Schumer pass a bill to reduce prescription drug costs. This was originally part of the “Build Back Better” bill. For some reason, it was impossible to pass it without also spending $5 trillion on a bunch of leftist wish list stuff, but now that Democrats desperately need any kind of win before the election, it isn’t impossible anymore. Funny how that works.

Not shocking

Not exactly a shock, but a new study found that the states that are doing best in the post-pandemic recovery are Republican-led red states, with Texas, Florida and North Carolina leading the pack.

Interesting Read

I promised that during my staff’s summer break, I’d keep you up to date on the day’s top news and op-eds. I don’t know if this headline actually qualifies as news, but it’s an interesting read: “Biden’s Economy is a Flaming Dumpster Fire.”

Our current “leaders”

Stephen Krusier’s Morning Briefing is on the quality of our current “leaders” and polls showing that Americans are fed up to the eyeballs with them.

Sample quote: “…This current crop of D.C. Dems is the largest collection of dullards they’ve ever had in power. They’re a bunch of pants-wetting demagogues who are completely devoid of any intellectual heft. Because of that, they’re dumb enough to believe the lies that their flying monkeys in the mainstream media continually tell for them.”


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Comments 1-10 of 10

  • Jerry

    07/08/2022 08:55 AM

    Looking at the voter that elects mayors Governors Congress members police chiefs are getting what they want misery a lower level lifestyle that includes crime and unequal justice and no surprise the democrat is the designer of this program. People that live in one family homes with a yard and a landscape a good school system and people that work to obtain and keep up their property are the target of the democrats to destroy the family and its right to happiness although it takes work and intelligence the democrats are doing all it can to stop people of an enjoyable lifestyle

  • Jerry

    07/08/2022 08:17 AM

    How does the security squad allow an assassin to murder the former Japanese PM. Maybe the PM was going to get back into another national leadership role and the Left could not let that happen

  • Wallace Rowan

    07/08/2022 06:25 AM

    Dear Mike, indeed we have a White House and an administration filled with the most mediocre, untalented, and idiotic buffoons in that great edifice’s history.

    Following is a letter I sent to our Georgia senator Warnock:

    As a twenty-six-year Georgia resident and having seen the positive results Republican governance and leadership has done for our state (and our country) versus the disasters the democrats have foisted upon our citizens (and the citizens of this country as well), I can no longer sit silently by while your deceitful ads assail me as I try to find some nominal entertainment on YouTube and other venues.

    As a professed “reverend,” it is incomprehensible how you would support and be a member of a party with the sordid history of the Democrat party particularly toward blacks and somehow call yourself a Christian. How do you reconcile and justify that when it is the Republican Party that gave us the Emancipation Proclamation and more importantly the Constitutional Amendments that abolished slavery, and gave both blacks and women the right to vote? Your party was nowhere to be found in those deliberations and affirmations (other than to oppose them).

    Can you even bring yourself to give a bow of appreciation and acknowledgement to the party that actually did that for this country? You instead support the party of the aggressors and the destroyers—and literally the party of the looters, grifters and deceivers.

    Further, you cannot claim to be a Christian, and at the same time support the Leftist ideology of your party. You cannot support Jesus and support Cain. How about giving I John 3:12 some serious consideration?

    You cannot reconcile the two in your heart, or you are lying to yourself—and most despicably—your constituents and your congregation. Your own president can’t even reconcile it as he has admonished the people of this country to “put their faith in government.” God is nowhere to be found in this administration nor in your party. Frightening. And it is why we are sliding further into a society of moral depravity—by your party’s actions and policies. How do you stand by and support that as a purported “reverend?”

    Further we are careening into a downward spiral of inflation misery due to your policies. You cannot blame what is happening in our stores, on our grocery shelves, at the gas pump and in our diminishing savings accounts on anything but your depraved, inept and misguided policies. The people are fed up with your party’s excuses, your party’s incompetence and your party’s disingenuousness toward us.

    As a democrat, you are deceiving us when you say you are “committed to upholding the Constitution.” That is a flat out lie. Democrats have always hated being fettered by our Constitution and have done everything they can to circumvent or destroy it. From Woodrow Wilson, through FDR, Johnson and Obama, and now Biden ineptly stumbling about our White House, your party’s leadership has done everything it can through its history of actions and assaults to undermine, destroy and vilify our Constitution.

    And your “safer communities” notion does not start with defunding the police (another one of your many horrific democrat mantras), and our communities certainly won’t get safer with more gun control laws.

    Either your own delusion or more likely, your evil intent forces you to refuse to admit that it is YOUR policies, your ideology and your corruptness and hypocrisy that erode our moral fiber as a society and cause such atrocities against fellow human beings. Further, you refuse to confront head-on the fact that in every case of mass shooting, the perpetrator was on some sort of prescription anti-depressant. These have all been proven to cause homicidal and suicidal thoughts and tendencies in those taking them.

    Why don’t you confront that and do something about it? Then maybe you really would be doing something meaningful and beneficial for our society—which is what you are supposed to be doing for the citizens of Georgia, rather than blithely marching in lockstep to the Left’s ideology drumbeat and in so doing, helping destroy our country.

    Need I remind you that it is YOUR party that was and still is the Party of Slavery, as you continue to enslave your constituents with your damnable entitlements, handouts and continued nonsense regarding “reparations” which have created generations of people who have regressed into near total dependency on government. Your party owns that shameful chapter in our history and has never atoned for it.

    Your tyranny continues to afflict the black community. They are the only ones I see in public who continue to wear those ridiculous masks because they have been cowed by your messaging that those proven ineffective things do them some good. That is yet another sad commentary on how your party has wrecked their lives and tyrannized them.

    Your party and its policies also own the fact that over 70% of black “families” have no father. What are you doing about that to counter your party’s policies which have wreaked so much havoc and misery, particularly in the black community?

    Even worse, YOUR party is now quite openly the Socialist Party of Karl Marx, proudly claiming the Leftist mantle. You are the Party of Infanticide, sanctioned murder and the horror of abortion; you are the party of open borders and no national sovereignty; the party that truly is the arsenal of hypocrisy. You proudly proclaim to be the party of “America was never great.” And yours is the party (along with your leftist-controlled propaganda media) that vilifies and attempts to silence and even criminalize any dissenting thoughts or opinion. Yours is the party that must be branded for what it really is: Evil.

    If you can somehow say that you truly love your country, love your state of Georgia and its citizens, then I contend you are in a state of denial by supporting the Leftist ideology inherent in your democrat party. All the Left and its Marxist brethren have done throughout history is offer misery, tyranny—and Godlessness. How are you any different?

    With great concern for our state and our Republic, Wallace Rowan

  • James Drury Jr.

    07/08/2022 05:58 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Judy Radley

    07/07/2022 11:20 PM

    The Democrats are getting so desperate, that they become more dangerous, but also they tend to make more mistakes too, and we will be able to catch them in their corrupted policies easier. Just like a trapped rat, the DemocRATS will bite back, but also we will be able to nab them, capture them and get rid of them and their policies by not voting for them, and HOPEFULLY the elections will be trustworthy this year and every year afterwards. Even those who think they can repeat what they did during the BLM and antifa riots, will be surprised at being arrested and finally held responsible for rioting, vandalism, shootings, killings, etc., everything they got away with before, they will NOT get away with it this time. Even young people who have jobs, and families, will rise up against their peers and stop their TDS and their fascist way of dealing with hearing the word, NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT. There are also more high school students who just graduated, who are going in to the trades, and also want to go into law enforcement, so hopefully in 10 to 20 years, there will be a large law enforcement population and any more riots and active shooter incidents, will be rare and not the norm as it is now. President Trump did more than our population, the 60+ investors and patriotic Americans, but also inspired the younger generation too, those who are just beginning their careers outside of school. That too is why the DemocRATS are more and more desperate too, they know they are the old, feeble, cronies who cannot win against the young patriotic Americans, of all races and cultures, who love their freedom here in America, and want law and order in a civilized, limited government, society.

  • Judy Radley

    07/07/2022 11:05 PM

    Congrats to Rep. Mayra Flores. And it has always been known to those of us who were taught actual history and social studies that Latino people have always been more Conservative than not. They have always been for family and religion first. How the liberals don't know that, is because they don't teach real history and real social studies in schools any more and they keep fooling themselves by repeating the same lies, to themselves, and expecting different results. That is also another definition of insanity. Latino people have always been family and religious oriented, except those who got caught up with the drug cartels, which also consider 'family' a big deal, but for other reasons, like the mafia is like. The mafia moved from NYC and Chicago to Washington D.C., but still have control over the blue-state large cities, that's also why people are not as safe in those blue-states as they are in red-states.

  • Paul Kern

    07/07/2022 09:48 PM

    After seeing the left and RINOS imploding I think it is Wizard of Oz Part 2! We just need Toto to do his famous uncovering act!!

  • Rolf Iverson

    07/07/2022 09:12 PM

    I particularly liked this edition of your newsletter and the citations mentioned. The verse of the day was taken to heart as it reminds me of lessons in perseverance, despite all that's going on out there in the physical and secular world.

  • David Berry

    07/07/2022 08:33 PM

    Trump started prescription drug reform years ago.

  • Anne Turner

    07/07/2022 08:32 PM

    Do you think there is possibly any connection with Hunter’s .China business deals and our sending part of our strategic oil reserve to .China. Can you spell Blackmail anybody?

    How could anyone possibly connect red states economic successes to conservative economic polices? Who could possibly think that? You are exactly right. What we need are more committees investigating Trump and his supporters. That is such a help to people who work to feed and cloth their families in a time of rampant inflation. How we FEEL is so much more important than actual facts. I need my safe room, my dog and my Teddy Bear. Can I cry on your shoulder, Mike?

    Does anyone possibly think that young men who fire on roomfuls of children or a street full of people might just be a tad bit insane and may not have an actual political agenda? But then we know from the protests of The Floyd issue that progressives only riot peaceably. They would never think of threatening Supreme Court judges and their children or anything like that.