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October 6, 2021

This is an outrage and in my opinion a shocking violation of the Hippocratic Oath. The Colorado health system UCHealth has reversed an earlier approval for a life-saving kidney transplant for a woman in stage five renal failure because she and the donor are both unvaccinated for COVID. She was told she’ll be removed from the transplant list if she didn’t take the vaccine.

Earlier, she was told that the vaccine would not be a prerequisite for her surgery, and she’s willing to sign a waiver absolving the hospital of any responsibility, but that’s not good enough. The hospital says contracting COVID raises the mortality risk for transplant patients, so apparently, they’re willing to let her go without a kidney and die for certain in order to slightly lower her risk of dying. She’s now scrambling to find a hospital outside Colorado that will do the surgery.

Recently, late night host Jimmy Kimmel proposed that hospitals should turn away unvaccinated people and let them die. Now, we’re seeing that shocking proposal being put into effect. Incidentally, this was the same Jimmy Kimmel who tearfully promoted Obamacare by declaring that medical care was a human right. If so, then are hospitals and the government now deciding who qualifies as human?

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