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June 20, 2023

What a crazy week it’s been in a place we once knew as America.  On Monday, President Biden hosted a freak show otherwise known as Pride Day at the White House where he called boys pretending to be girls the most courageous people he’s ever known.  This was days after most of America soberly remembered the real courage of those young men who stormed the beaches of Normandy at D-Day to help save the world from maniacal dictators like Hitler who murdered 11 million people-6 million just because they were Jews.  In Joe’s weird world, he thinks having a man who had surgical breast implants and then stripped topless on the very grounds of the White House cavorting along with some other depraved people in various stages of undress was what real courage looked like.  Not me, Joe.  I didn’t see courage.  I saw the result of people like you calling evil good.  That’s not courage—it’s craziness.  And it’s the celebration of sin.

On flag day, the flag that flew most prominently at the White House was not the American flag, but the so-called “Pride flag” that celebrates the LGBTQIA+ kingdom, or might as well call it the LGBTQIA-EIEIO flag.  Yes the People’s House is currently occupied by a man who believes biological men ought to take the place of biological women in sports in order to win contests they aren’t man enough to win as men.  We saw the US Flag fly at the same level, but less prominently as the flag of the rainbow colors of the pride that has replaced decency.  But as the Bible says, pride goeth before a fall.  I’m not yet sure if this insanity masquerading in tolerance and diversity will fall or will it be the very nation that has embraced deviant behavior as normal.  The radicals have co-opted the beauty of the rainbow which has historically stood for God’s promise to Noah not to destroy the earth by water again and they have turned it into a rallying symbol for mocking marriage and holiness and lifting up the kind of actions described in Romans chapter 1 as having been given over to their shameful lusts where God gave the over to a depraved mind. 

The people who undressed on the lawn of the White House after being lauded by President Biden for being so courageous and who disgraced the event with their selfish, childish, and licentious display were later said to be disinvited to future White House events for their outrageous behavior.  But here’s my question for President Biden:  Why did you ever invite them in the first place and then go out of your way to say they were more courageous than the Navy Seals who risk their lives in every mission, or our firefighters who rush into burning houses to save children, or policemen, who risk getting shot every time they answer a call, or Coast Guardsmen, who venture into the weather that everyone else is getting away from, or Navy pilots who fly jet fighters onto little slivers of metal called aircraft carriers in the middle of a raging ocean?  Do you honestly think that a man with all the physical attributes of a man who puts on a dress has more courage than the Secret Service agent who walks alongside you ready to take a bullet?  Is the man who outrageously dresses up in a woman’s clothing reading pornographic stories to small children in a public library really more courageous than a nurse who goes into an ICU ward to treat a patient with a deadly and highly infectious disease?

Sorry, Joe, but you and I have different standards of courage.  In fact, we have different standards for marriage, the sanctity of human life, and the role of men and women.  And for that matter, we have different standards for simple right and wrong when it comes to believing that only certain people in specific political parties are protected from being prosecuted for wrong-doing while your political opponents are targeted for relentless persecution because you apparently don’t think you can win a fair and honest election. 

So I’ll do all I can and hope other Americans join me in making sure you are sent back to Delaware in 2 years where you can stack boxes of material in your garage next to your Corvette and eat all the ice cream you want.  Because I want our country to return to believing the real heroes are the people who protect us from evil, not the ones who parade evil in our faces.

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  • Susan Andrejcio

    07/02/2023 03:18 PM

    My payment was due today, July 3rd, but has not posted yet. Maybe Joe Biden broke the bank for Social Security. Never have they failed to pay before. When I get paid you will be paid

  • Leslie Gootee

    06/22/2023 01:08 PM

    I love that you hit the nail square on the head everytime you speak. I love the way you write and I think that you would have been a great president.

  • Robert Martynowski

    06/20/2023 06:42 PM

    AMEN to that!