February 27, 2020

Yesterday, President Trump held a press conference with officials from the CDC on the coronavirus. He sought to calm fears of a pandemic (there are currently 60 known cases in the US), described government efforts to prevent the spread of the disease, and announced that he was appointing Vice President Pence to lead the White House coronavirus task force.

From the reaction from Democrats and the media (again, sorry to repeat myself), you'd have thought Trump had stood at the podium and injected coronavirus into cute biracial children. I’m not even going to quote the tidal wave of hysterical, vitriolic attacks that were launched following the press conference. If you want to feel disgusted by their transparent attempts to exploit this disease to gin up panic, drive down the stock market and score political points, just do a Google News search like I did. I guarantee you that Google will helpfully list all the most rabid anti-Trump stories first.

Instead, I’ll just link to the whole press conference and let you watch it yourself, so when you see these people having a nuclear meltdown over it, you’ll know just how ridiculous they are.

If these Democrats who are accusing Trump of not doing enough to keep foreign diseases out of the US had done anything whatsoever about those issues in the past few years – you know, like not fighting his efforts to secure our borders and bring our industries home from China instead of wasting the people’s time on a doomed-from-the-start partisan impeachment crusade – maybe they’d have a point worth listening to.

For now, I strongly suggest they put on surgical masks. Not to protect them from the coronavirus but just to put some sort of muffle over their mouths and protect the rest of us from their Trump Derangement Syndrome.

On a side note, despite no reported cases in San Francisco as yet, the Mayor has declared a local emergency over the coronavirus. It’s nice to see that San Francisco officials are finally showing some concern over a disease that’s rumored to be spread by contact with human feces, but maybe they should have thought of that before deciding that defecating in the streets and parks is a human right.


The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York ruled Wednesday that the Trump Administration can withhold federal grant money from “sanctuary” states and cities that openly defy federal immigration law and release criminal illegal aliens with deportation orders back into the streets to prey on US citizens.

A spokesman for the ACLU called the decision a “real outlier,” saying that other courts had ruled against the Administration, and declaring that the 10th Amendment protects states from having to comply with federal immigration laws (one of the miracles Trump has wrought is that leftists now seriously cite the 10th Amendment, which until recently, they argued no longer had any meaning whatsoever.)

So in short: Trump just won, but he’s still hamstrung by a lot of other courts that are trying to prevent him from instituting a policy that will save Americans’ lives. That sounds to me like an “emergency” that the Supreme Court needs to settle right away, doesn’t it, Justice Sotomayor?


When President Trump warned that lawsuits would be coming over the New York Times’ false reports of him colluding with Russia, most media outlets laughed it off as nothing but bluster. They are very slow learners.

Wednesday, Trump’s reelection campaign filed suit in New York State court against the Times for allegedly knowingly publishing false and defamatory statements about Trump and his campaign aides.

They specifically cited an op-ed by Max Frankel published on March 27th of last year, titled “The Real Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo,” which flatly states that there was a deal between Trump’s campaign and “Vladimir Putin’s oligarchy” to defeat Hillary Clinton. His attorneys pointed out that the article included no proof of this claim, and it was knowingly defamatory because it contradicted the paper’s own previous reporting. They claim it was rushed out to get ahead of the release of the Mueller report, which the paper knew was likely to find no evidence of any collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia. They further claim this is part of a “systematic pattern of bias against the Campaign, designed to maliciously interfere with and damage its reputation and seek to cause the organization to fail.”

Defamation cases are notoriously difficult for public figures to win, even more so for political office holders. The Times naturally dismissed the lawsuit, claiming the article was just an opinion piece protected by the First Amendment (for blanket protection, I suggest that they declare everything in the New York Times to be an opinion piece.)

The lawsuit is the longest of longshots, but it does serve as a shot across the bow to the biased media that we know what they are doing and it will no longer be shrugged off and ignored. And on the rare chance that Trump does find a judge who allows it to go forward, the discovery phase of how the New York Times creates its anti-Trump articles would be a lot of fun. Trump could just do what liberals who are trying to thwart his agenda do: go shopping for a judge who hates the defendant. Wonder if he’s appointed any of those?...


Here’s some sobering news for anyone who thinks it’s urgent to pass the “Green New Deal” to save the Earth (reminder: it was originally dreamed up as a plan to remake the US economy into a socialist fantasy, with “Oh yeah, and save the Earth" added later as a sales tactic), and who really believes the banana oil that “billionaires and corporations” will pay for it.

A study by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Power the Future, and the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty estimated the costs of the plan in electricity generation, shipping and logistics, new vehicles and building retrofits in 11 key swing states: Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

They found that on average, the Green New Deal would cost the typical household a minimum of $74,287 in the first year. But here’s the good news: annual costs fall to just $47,755 per household for each of the next four years (excluding Alaska), and down to a bargain basement $40,706 each year thereafter. If you’re in Alaska, you’re not so lucky. Alaskans’ estimated cost for year one is $84,584 per household, and it only drops to $51,740 after year five.

Considering the massive compliance costs that will drive manufacturers overseas, ignite mass business bankruptcies and destroy the economy, good luck making enough money to pay your electric bill! Oh, wait, I forgot: billionaires and corporations will pay for it all! Whew! Never mind then…


“Wow, That Trump Can Do Anything!” Dept: About 3,000 people in the Taft Houses public housing project in New York’s East Harlem neighborhood were without water for three days due to two water main breaks. And who is responsible for that? Donald Trump, apparently.

Mara Gay of The New York Times editorial board retweeted the news story, sarcastically adding, “But make America great again, right?” When users pointed out that New York State and City are both run by Democrats, Gay stood her ground, snarking back, “Public housing is a federal program, thanks.”

Users were quick to diagnose Ms. Gay’s advanced case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and to point out that public housing is a federal program administered by states and cities, and Taft House is under the umbrella of the New York City Housing Authority.

It's daft enough to blame the problems of a city housing project on Trump, but let me go a little further. The problem wasn’t caused by the housing project; it was caused by the two broken water mains that service the housing project. Those are definitely the full responsibility of Mayor Bill DeBlasio and his lopsided liberal city government. And the problem is hardly limited to the water mains serving the housing project. In fact, New York City is notorious for water pipes held together by ancient rust and fervent wishes.

Here’s a story from February 11th about a broken water main flooding the Lower East Side. It notes that this is the sixth flood from a broken water main in Manhattan in less than a month (in January, a broken water main shut down the subway.) It includes some great photos and videos from all the many flooded streets. Sorry, no picturs of water-skiing pizza rats.

And here’s a New York Times story from February 12th, headlined, “Water Mains Are Bursting All Over New York; Can They Be Fixed?” Maybe they should ask Trump to fix them; he was the one who finally fixed the skating rink that sat around broken for 10 years.

Know what all those broken water mains have in common? They’re all the responsibility of the far-left city government that has all the time in the world for thinking up new ways to impose “social justice” and reduce CO2, but apparently little interest in such boring concerns as policing crime, reducing homelessness, picking up the garbage and replacing decrepit infrastructure.

And yet, they not only blame Trump for their failures to do their own jobs, they also blame him for not taking climate change seriously enough. They claim that because of Trump, New York City may be under water in a hundred years. News flash: with these incompetent political hacks in charge, New York City is already under water, and climate change has nothin’ to do with it.

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Comments 1-25 of 42

  • James Brookins

    02/28/2020 11:06 PM

    COVID19 Task Force is outstanding, President Trump's reactions to safeguard the American people sadly includes TDS people.

  • rodney Burke

    02/28/2020 01:31 PM

    well one solution, DT could negotiate with a company OUTSIDE NYC to fix the water main situation and send the bill to Cuomo and Deblasio. and take it out of their hides!. Oh the stupidity and ignorance of the left. It is comical to watch but for the residents of NYC is is NOT at all. NYC needs an intervention. Someone else to take over and put about half the city government in Sing sing. What is the left proving without a doubt in this article? They are incompetent, at the least, and criminal at the worst. Neither should be tolerated.

  • Dwight Engle

    02/28/2020 01:18 PM

    Why doesn't anyone ever ask the "Socialist" candidates if they are going to be the first to give up their millions to social programs and live on the average American family income? Any income made above the average will automatically be diverted to social exceptions. What's good for the goose will be good for the gander.

  • Jay Johnson

    02/28/2020 11:49 AM

    What's interesting to me is that Bloomberg did nothing to solve this problem in the 12 years he was mayor, I'm speaking about the water mains. He has all these plans for "saving" America from Trump's infrastructure rebuild but apparently could't fix New York city's infrastructure problems when he was mayor of for 3 terms.

  • Phil Opperman

    02/28/2020 11:41 AM

    I love your daily renditions - the truth, with enough humor to be able to swallow it - especially the disgusting idiocies of the far left (also called the Media or Democrats - but as you say, hate to repeat myself)

  • Gail Denham

    02/28/2020 10:01 AM

    Laughed all the way through this - you do have a great sense of humor Gov. Huckabee. Thanks for the brief respite from the clamour that's bleating from the news outlets - and even the dire news of stocks falling, and of the virus. Which, of course, Pres. Trump must have started -

    altho how could he do that when the dems label him "imcompetent, ignorant, uneducated," etc. And all the rest of us who voted for him are the same - so it surely wasn't our fault.

    in light of the Chinese govt always needing to save face, I wonder if perhaps they unleashed this awful virus themselves, to save themselves from completing the trade agreement which Pres. Trump so masterfully put together and worked so hard on.

    Plus the GOp who finally, finally came to support our president - are now wasting time on trying to sue the dems for their evil deeds. It's ok to hold bad guys accountable and I hope they do that - but please keep on (I speak to the congress) doing the people's business. Be grown-up and hold the bad guys feet to the fire - what we sent you to Washington to do.

    And keep on standing up for the President.

    Good job Gov. - you've hit the nails all smack dab on their heads. Keep it up. I shall recommend folks read your newsie news.
    Blessings - and oh - let's pray hard for our president - for the country - for VP Pence as he works with CDC (which was not defunded as the media tries to say) and for all those who are left honest in the country.
    May God have mercy on our country. I dread to think (already) of when Pres. Trump's next term is over - the dems could be in charge - God help us.

    This green new deal (and I won't capitalize ) is so awful - people cannot even imagine - no airlines - only aoc can fly all over, like a halloween witch on her broom.

    the end

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    02/28/2020 09:16 AM

    My household is living comfortably, at the moment, on our retirement ans SS income; The new green deal is something we CANNOT afford. The batteries alone (we've checked out the cost) will take $6k every 4-5 years, to replace. NOT in the budget and you will find that the millenials, who want us to pay for everything, will not be able to absorb that cost regardless. As for NYC infrastructure...get with it people or MOVE, like Californians are doing!

  • Georgia Storm

    02/28/2020 08:42 AM

    Background PH
    We had this concern with Avian Flu all states. Needed a plan the state i worked had plan i and CD prepared this plan. Why invent the wheel. CDC and each state should use this plan add or subtract where it is different

  • Linda Dixon

    02/28/2020 08:18 AM

    Governor, when I read articles like the last one on water leaks in New York, I am so grateful our parents taught us the meaning of doing a good job, having a work ethic and not blaming others for our own inadequacies. The left continues to put morons in office, I can't help wondering how they were raised.

  • Debbie Anthony

    02/28/2020 08:09 AM

    I LOVE the Evening Edition - my favorite reading of the day! (Mike Huckabee for President 2024)

  • Kay L Martin

    02/28/2020 05:42 AM

    At 0330 this morning, I have a big smile on my face. I have a silly sense of humor too. Thanks ....' Be thankful in ALL things...'

  • Beth

    02/28/2020 12:46 AM

    We all know what Democrats are doing. It is sad indeed that they allow their hatred to rule. To use that hatred to try and destroy people's lives and a Nation. Fortunately for me I trust GOD and the doctors and researchers not Democrats.

  • Judy Radley

    02/28/2020 12:12 AM

    And to top it off, all this about the lop-sided Liberal, Socialist, Communist govt. heads of New York State, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Bloomberg, and all those who hate any thing that has common sense to it, now Cuomo is taking money, stealing actually, from Western New York State, Batavia, NY, VLT, which is video lottery terminal's money, that helps sustain lower taxes for Genesee County, Cuomo is now taking that away from us, taking the VLT money, to the tune of $700,000.00, from Genesee County, just because it is someone else's money, that entrepenuers of a private business, have thought of to help pay back into their communities. Now Cuomo is stealing that from private business...See socialism is taking money from private enterprises to pay for govt. over-spending.... Cuomo did the same with fire dept. companies who used to hold small, rural town carnivals to help raise money for necessary life saving fire company equipment, but Cuomo put an end to that too... See Govt. who loves socialism, communism, takes away any thing that is in competition to govt. over-priced services.....So of course the infrastructure of New York State will never be fixed because liberals are in charge.. they don't invest in people, only take money for themselves to stuff their own corrupt pockets.. the hell with the tax-payers.... So New York State, and NYC, is doomed as long as liberals are in control.....nothing will change.

  • Susan Egert

    02/27/2020 11:59 PM

    I read the evening edition every nite before bed..You always make me chuckle..Just what I need before dreamland comes to relieve the days stress..
    Just want to say thank you..

  • Barb Sabin

    02/27/2020 11:57 PM

    How low can the PELOSI GANG go than to politicize a world health crisis? Our President Trump was calm, cool, and collected at the presser for the coronavirus!!! He was very Presidential and I am so proud of him!!! Pelosi criticized his plans as ANEMIC!!! Mrs Pelosi, if you want to see ANEMIC, just look into a mirror that reflects you and your so called House Leadership!!! Keep the terrible comments coming because you and your radicals are assuring President Trump his victory in November!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

  • Steve

    02/27/2020 11:33 PM

    As of the end of January 2020 there had been 8200 deaths from the flu in the U.S. alone this flu season. Thursday, Feb 27 2020 I read there were 69 known cases of Corona virus in the U.S. and no known deaths.
    Is this another case of MSM generated MassHysteria? If so they should be held responsible for the trillions lost in the stock markets and the losses of all businesses and governments related to this.

  • Charlotte Brees

    02/27/2020 11:24 PM

    One of the many things I love about President Trump is the fact that he speaks as if he is NOT reading from a prepared speech. He sounds like the genuine, regular guy that he is. He may be rich, but he is NOT a stuffed shirt. This appeals to me, a common, retired, old, US citizen. If he's not "high class" enough for the far left democrats, TOUGH. He's very hard working, & he's taken a lot of "bull" from them. I hope he get millions from the New York Times!!! I hope God blesses President Trump in that lawsuit & ALL of his endeavors to make & keep the United States of America GREAT.

  • Nicole Main

    02/27/2020 10:18 PM

    I love reading your Evening Editions. I sure wish that these Democrats would be held accountable for all the irresponsible and horrible things that they do and don’t do.

  • Joseph K Weydemann

    02/27/2020 10:09 PM

    Can we pour a bit of ether on the media's masks.

    Why was the Surgeon General not there to take medical questions? The President was set up. Especially with his diarrhea usage of adjectives. The President is a great businessman. Unless I missed the medical course he took at a college annex. The President needs smarter people around him. I understand the VP is only there to act as the Presidents eyes and ears.
    I know he is frugal in some cases THIS is not one of those times. The President should ask for more than the Dems suggested. The President should have asked Schumer or Schumuck and Speaker Pollution, where were their plans for what he should have done? Give money to every medical school with a great lab. Get MIT to quickly come up with a new mask an American made mask Trump will love that.
    Be Well

  • Dee Hay

    02/27/2020 10:06 PM

    I think people are missing the real problem with Coronavirus. We face these new diseases more frequently now than in the past and they spread more rapidly due to transportation's rapid increase and use. The real problem America faces is it's independence on foreign manufacture of it's medical supplies, including medicine and ancillary things such as face masks, etc. The source of this new disease, namely China, is the primary source of most of our medicine today, as well as face masks. How can we ever be prepared for a pandemic when we don't have control of our source of all our medical supplies. We have let profits, greed, overcome our national security in more areas than health threats but there isn't enough space in this email to cover all of them. All of these security risks emanates from our governments, local, state and federal. Americans should wake up and think about these threats when they vote. Sadly, I don't see that happening because a lot of Americans are not just apathetic about these threats, they have been euthanized by our education and media systems.

  • Rick Locke

    02/27/2020 09:38 PM

    Starting to sound like L.A. We've had hundreds of breaks.

  • Steven Armstrong

    02/27/2020 09:19 PM

    More Democratic madness. By the way, President Trump needs to warn those who are not US citizens what can happen to them if they vote anyway in this election process.

  • Judith McGlothlin

    02/27/2020 09:05 PM

    Great evening edition tonight. You go, Mike.

  • Kay DeWitt

    02/27/2020 08:32 PM

    Mike, I don't believe this! I read this only, literally, seconds after I answered your question you sent me as to how worried I am about the corona virus and what kind of a job I believe President Trump is doing in handling this threat to our country......AND SINCE I HAD THE CHANCE TO ADD TO how I think he was doing,
    I WROTE THE FOLLOWING COMMENT (I am NOT going to copy, and paste, what I wrote, but, since I just wrote it, I can rewrite it from memory) I SAID:

    "Upon listening to the President's address, on the outbreak of the corona virus, that he made, yesterday, during his press conference, I came away with the feeling that he is doing as much as he can possibly do to help us deal with this virus threat here in the US"......I WAS THEN GOING TO ADD...BUT DECIDED NOT TO....." but, of course, his critics who can never give President Trump credit for ANYTHING he does, faulted...rather than praised....him for what he is doing!

  • Carolyn Newton

    02/27/2020 08:22 PM

    For those who want to bring back socialism, remember living at home with your family. That was a form of socialism and you couldn't wait to be free and live your own life. Well now you want the government to be your parents. Time to grow up and appreciate your current freedoms before you loose them.