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August 11, 2023



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Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Matthew 28:19


Pray for the people of Hawaii

Please join me in praying for the people of Hawaii and the firefighters battling deadly wildfires that are ravaging the island of Maui in what could become the worst disaster there in history. Eighty percent of Historic Lahaina township is gone, 1700 buildings have been affected, and as of last night, 53 people were confirmed dead. It’s feared that number could rise significantly.

Who are you going to believe about the economy?

Karine Jean-Pierre’s response to polls showing that Americans don’t like “Bidenomics” and give Biden very low marks on his handling of the economy: People are still depressed about the pandemic, but everything’s getting better all the time! Who are you gonna believe, me or your lying bank account?

Totally unrelated, I’m sure: In the second quarter of 2023 (April-June), Americans’ total credit card balances rose by over $45 billion (a little over 4%), topping $1 trillion for the first time ever. Meanwhile, the Fed’s measure of credit card debt that’s 30 or more days late rose to 7.2%, the highest since 2012. I guess people are buying a lot of things on credit, like groceries, to celebrate how much Bidenomics is improving their finances.

Also completely unrelated to Bidenomics: Moody’s downgraded the credit ratings of 10 small to mid-sized regional banks, and listed six other banks that are under review for possible downgrades, including some of America’s largest, like Cullen/Frost and US Bancorp.

MUST-WATCH:  Tucker Carlson re-creates interview with former Capitol Police chief that FOX NEWS never aired

On the day he was fired from FOX NEWS, Tucker Carlson was set to air Part 1 of the hour-long interview he’d done with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.  The interview “made the hair on my arm stand up,” Tucker had said, according to Sund.  Nearly four months after departing the channel, Tucker hosted Sund again on Twitter (or “X”) to re-do the interview, and now it’s out.

In the interview, Sund, a 30-year DC law enforcement veteran, relates how he pleaded with then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to let him to bring in National Guard troops --- which had been authorized by President Trump but still needed the Speaker’s okay --- and she denied him.  (Sund includes Sen. Mitch McConnell in this as well, though Nancy was ultimately in charge.)  And in the days before the rally, Sund was oddly out of the loop on intelligence.  As he goes on with the story and the frustrations mount, it’s clear that this exclusion smells “off.”  “I’ve done many national security events,” he told Tucker, “and this was handled differently.”  The denials and delays came from “multiple agencies.”

He’s glad to see that people are investigating, he says, because there are still “puzzle pieces missing.”

“This didn’t have to happen.  This was screwed up from the get-go.  Numerous opportunities to prevent it from happening.”

“Someone’s gonna find out what’s really behind all this.”

Here’s the stand-alone interview on Rumble.  Please watch this through to the end and let us know in the comments what you think; we’ll follow up for the weekend.

From Our “Blind Squirrel Finds Nut” Desk:

President Biden signed an executive order Wednesday declaring a “national emergency” to counter China’s rapid advancement in technologies critical for military, intelligence, surveillance or cyber-enabled capabilities. The order restricts US investment in Chinese tech companies involved in quantum computing, artificial intelligence and advanced semiconductors. I don’t often get the opportunity to say this, but good move, Joe.

However, to be clear, he did not declare the climate to be an emergency. At least not yet, although he appears to think he did.

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Or As The Democrats Call That, “A Coincidence”:

The Biden-related bank records released by House Republicans show that on April 22, 2014, Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev wired $142,300 to the bank account of Hunter Biden’s company, Rosemont Seneca. The next day, that account wired a sum to a New Jersey car dealer to pay for a Fisker sports car for Hunter. The amount: $142,300.

Smells like short order bribery.

Monumental overreach

Here’s some more of the outraged response to President Biden (or more likely, the radical staffers around him who load his Teleprompter) nationalizing a large expanse of Arizona by declaring it a “national monument,” which is literally a monumental overreach of federal power.

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Well, shut my mouth! Whoever could have imagined this happening?

The House Judiciary Committee released a document Wednesday that appears to prove that FBI Director Christopher Wray was LYING to Congress when he claimed that only one FBI field office was investigating traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists.

Wray claimed that outrageous assault on Americans’ religious faith was just an isolated incident and he was “aghast” when he found out and shut it down immediately.

But after being threatened with contempt charges, the FBI finally released a less-redacted version of the document, which shows that the FBI Richmond Field Office coordinated with multiple offices around the country to produce a memo justifying targeting traditional Catholics as terrorists. The Wall Street Journal reports that in creating it, “The agents relied on half-baked ‘open-source’ reporting from liberal outlets to justify more bureau investigation.” (This is by now a familiar story: the FBI plants fake stories, liberal media run the fake stories, the FBI cites those fake stories as justification for doing more of what it was already doing.)

The memo was titled, “Interest of Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists in Radical-Traditionalist Catholic Ideology Almost Certainly Presents New Mitigation Opportunities.” I don’t know what’s more disturbing about that title: that the FBI was trying to target traditional Catholics as potential terrorists, or that they seemed so thrilled at the idea of “new mitigation opportunities.” Haven’t they demonstrated that they already have enough methods for violating citizens’ rights and manufacturing evidence?

The Journal writes, “It’s hard not to conclude that the bureau was trying to hide the breadth of its Catholics-as-radicals investigation.” I’d say you don’t have to be a junior G-man to deduce that.

Here’s more on the story from Fox News, along with the full text of a letter to Wray from Judiciary Committee Republicans, demanding straight answers and all related documents. Good luck!

Not likely

It’s still not clear whether Donald Trump will take part in the GOP primary debates. But he is refusing to sign a mandatory pledge to support whoever the party’s candidate is, so it’s not looking likely.

No thanks

Having a computer chip with all your ID information on it implanted in your body so you can be scanned everywhere you go, make all your financial transactions electronic and traceable, and allow all your movements to be tracked? How convenient! What possible downside could there ever be to this?

What did you expect?

After defunding the police and releasing all the criminals repeatedly, the “progressive” Democrats who run Washington, DC, are shocked to be dealing with a huge violent crime wave. It sparked a viral rant from DC Councilman Trayon White, who called for bringing in the National Guard to protect citizens from criminals. A police union spokesman called that “ridiculous,” and said this city council had defunded and “demilitarized” the police, and now they want to deal with the resulting crime wave by filling the streets with military troops who have no training in police work or securing crime scenes.

This was the topic of an interesting discussion last night on “Gutfeld.” Points included a reminder that Trump suggested using the National Guard, so now they’re admitting Trump was right. But comic Joe Machi made the best point, saying that both were wrong. He said that DC already has everything it needs to deal with crime – laws, jails, police, prosecutors – and just refuses to use them. And bringing in the National Guard would just get Americans used to having a lot of armed military troops in the streets. He’s right, we’re close enough to a banana republic as it is.

Well, it’s official:

In Portland, violence by Antifa against journalists is legal. They can even disrupt the trial, threaten journalists in the courtroom, and suggest they’ll dox the jury members, and they still walk away with no consequences.

In an obviously related story, between 2020 and 2021, the county where Portland is located lost over $1 billion in revenue as a result of people fleeing the state.

A Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling worth paying attention to

In a ruling that could impact Hunter Biden’s gun possession case, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a federal law banning anyone "who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance," including marijuana, from owning a gun even when sober violates the Second Amendment.

The presiding judge wrote that there is a considerable difference between someone who is actively intoxicated and someone is an “unlawful user” of intoxicating substances, and ruled that “Just as there was no historical justification for disarming a citizen of sound mind, there is no tradition that supports disarming a sober citizen who is not currently under an impairing influence.”

So drug users can legally possess guns, as long as they're not actually on drugs at the time? I don’t see how that will help Hunter Biden’s case.

More on the “fact-checkers”

The major reason why we put the term “fact-checkers” in quotation marks is that so many of them aren’t really interested in checking facts. Their job is to defend leftist narratives and put a negative spin on anything that counters them. But there are some statements from Democrats that are so egregiously, jaw-droppingly, brain-bustingly false that not even the Democrat-friendly “fact-checkers” can let them pass without blowing their covers completely. And so it is that PolitiFact was forced to admit that, yes, it was FALSE when Kamala Harris claimed that some polls show she has “great approval ratings.”

Get to know Jack Smith and his practices; you won’t like whatyou see

“My rules for you, no rules for me” describes Jack Smith’s ruthless attempts to limit Trump’s defense.  Given the double standard he’s pushing to see imposed, it’s ridiculous for the media to look at what he’s doing, says Tim Graham at TOWNHALL, and “pretend the Trump indictments aren’t shredding a democratic norm, or that they are somehow nonpartisan or nonpolitical.”

Smith’s team is like a fish rotting from the head down.  Matt Vespa at TOWNHALL has an update on the very bad thing staffer Jay Bratt is alleged by defense attorney Stanley Woodward to have done --- mentioning Woodward’s pending judgeship in the same breath as pushing him to get his client to “flip” and testify against Trump.  This isn’t the first allegation of prosecutorial misconduct to be lobbed against Smith and his team.

The evidence is there:  Joe Biden should be indicted for B-R-I-B-E-R-Y

If the alleged $10 million bribe was paid for then-VP Biden to arrange for Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin to be fired, then “Joe Biden is guilty of bribery, Hunter is guilty of...selling official favors from his father.  And if that is the case, Joe Biden should be impeached, he should be removed from office, he should be prosecuted, and he should go to prison.  And he should share a cell with Hunter for corrupting the government of the United States.”

That was Sen. Ted Cruz speaking Thursday night with Sean Hannity on FOX NEWS.  “There’s never been an allegation in the history of our country like this, that a President of the United States --- or a Vice President, in Joe Biden’s case, when these allegations occurred --- sold official favors for millions of dollars.”  As you know, the House Oversight Committee has bank records showing that more than $20 million went to Joe Biden’s family, and that’s just what can be confirmed so far.

The money was paid through shell corporations, which exist on paper to launder the money that’s coming in.  “I have to tell you,” Cruz said, “I don’t know any individual in government, Republican or Democrat, who has ever done anything remotely like what is alleged here...a business of selling official favors for tens of millions of dollars.”

Gregg Jarrett appeared on the show as well, making it very clear that what the Bidens were doing is B-R-I-B-E-R-Y.  In the Criminal Code, he said, that’s defined as “using your public office for profit, to confer a benefit in exchange for money.”  Now that former Hunter business partner Devon Archer has testified, the media are trying to save the President by repeating the talking point that there was no direct payment to him personally --- as if they even knew that was true.  But it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not, because even if his family got rich while his own bank account remained unchanged, it’s still bribery.  And we know they pocketed millions, distributed through those myriad shell corporations.

When the bribery involves a foreign entity, as this obviously does, it’s also a crime under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  And, as Jarrett pointed out, the Bidens didn’t even have to deliver on a promise they might have made to that foreign entity.  It’s THE PROMISE ITSELF that makes it bribery.  Joe Biden was “the closer” to make the deals happen, and that, Jarrett said, is “aiding and abetting,” which makes him an accessory to the crime.

It’s “a prima facia case, right now, of bribery,” according to former Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.   “All the pieces and parts are here” that could lead a grand jury to indict.  The money is being paid by Burisma to Hunter Biden and is followed by the official act, Biden getting Shokin fired.

“The American Dream is alive and well” (though under threat for the rest of us), Whitaker said, when you consider that Joe Biden was in the private sector for only four years (“two of those years running for President out of his basement”) but managed to accumulate a beachfront home in Delaware and another big house (“almost a mansion.”)  “Insane” is the word he used, because “nobody can pile up that kind of money that fast.”  The only way would be that “he had this whole scheme laid out over the years that he was Vice President.”

J. Peder Zane at REALCLEAR INVESTIGATIONS has an eye-opening piece about how THE NEW YORK TIMES did damage control on Devon Archer’s testimony, in an effort “that hinges on the expectation that most people will not read news stories very closely.”  Headlines and the first few paragraphs ignore facts about Joe Biden that the NYT wants kept quiet, and most people don’t read further.  Yes, we knew that, but some other tricks of the trade are revealed here, too.

President Biden needs all the help he can get with that damage control, because he sure can’t answer questions about Archer’s testimony.  Look at how he wildly mishandled a question from FOX NEWS’ Peter Doocy on Wednesday.

Of course, the NYT probably wouldn’t want to interview former FBI Assistant Director of Intelligence Kevin Brock, because he says it’s time to get serious with bribery and money laundering investigations.  “With the amount of money that they’re uncovering, with the structured money laundering that’s obviously been set up, we can conclude that Joe Biden and his family were for sale,” he told investigative reporter John Solomon.  In fact, he’d be asking, “Does this conspiracy go broader than just the Biden family?”   He’d “widen the scope a little bit, and start really digging and following the money wherever it leads.”

Oh, and if anyone tries to confront you with Democrat talking points aiming to refute the quid pro quo nature of Viktor Shokin’s firing, make sure they read Margot Cleveland’s thorough take-down…

Finally, what will it take to get Democrats to stop making excuses and pretending that there’s nothing to see here? The Babylon Bee gives us an idea…


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  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/14/2023 10:13 AM

    J.C. Holland : they don't. Most Catholics are heavily GOP.

  • George W. Trever

    08/13/2023 03:31 PM

    Why didn't Biden just make Arizona a “national monument” and bring ALL mining to a halt? That would make the Indians happy as their jobs go out the window and put them back on welfare.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/12/2023 09:35 AM

    Cruz said, “I don’t know any individual in government, Republican or Democrat, who has ever done anything remotely like what is alleged here...a business of selling official favors for tens of millions of dollars.”

    THAT is HILARIOUS!!! Happens EVERY DAY with the jackasses and rinos in our corrupt political system!!! Just HOW do you explain a jackass or rino becoming a MULTIMILLIONAIRE in 3 or 4 years on a $100,000 a year salary????? AND your rinos say "alleged" because you will NEVER go as far as to prove it because that would prove you rinos are as corrupt as the jackasses!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/12/2023 09:29 AM

    “pretend the Trump indictments aren’t shredding a democratic norm, or that they are somehow nonpartisan or nonpolitical.”

    And AGAIN you rinos allow the jackasses to get away with it!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/12/2023 09:23 AM

    "But he is refusing to sign a mandatory pledge to support whoever the party’s candidate is, so it’s not looking likely."

    WHY should Donald Trump sign such a STUPID pledge when all the rinos HATE him, voted for the creep and kameltoe ho last time and will vote for the jackasses AGAIN if Donald Trump is the candidate. THAT is why Donald Trump should NOT be the candidate because all jackasses, living, dead and yet unborn AND all the rinos will vote against Trump and Trump will lose by a LANDSLIDE!!! How about all the rinos sign the same pledge??? My answer "never happen"!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/12/2023 09:15 AM

    "The order restricts US investment in Chinese tech companies involved in quantum computing, artificial intelligence and advanced semiconductors. I don’t often get the opportunity to say this, but good move, Joe."

    BUT does it restrict the cash China is paying the creep and cocaine kid?????

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/12/2023 09:11 AM

    “Someone’s gonna find out what’s really behind all this.”

    THAT is HILARIOUS!!! And just WHO is going to find out? And "IF" you rinos would find out, you don't have the guts to go up against odumbo, the creep, the kameltoe ho and the jackasses any way!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/12/2023 09:08 AM

    "And if that is the case, Joe Biden should be impeached, he should be removed from office, he should be prosecuted, and he should go to prison. And he should share a cell with Hunter for corrupting the government of the United States.”

    That's the main word "IF"!!! "IF" you rinos would EVER try to convict the creep and the cocaine kid, WHO are you going to get to PROSECUTE the case??? And "IF" you rinos "tried" to prosecute, the creep and his "handlers" would claim the creep is INCOMPETANT to stand trial, you rinos would say "oh, poor guy" AND DROP THE WHOLE THING!! AND the cocaine kid would get off because if the creep ain't guilty, how can the cocaine kid be guilty. BUT you rinos would have HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of taxpayer money stuffed into your pockets for all this "investigating" you "claim" to have done and us taxpayers would get NOTHING for all that cash. AND WHY do you get paid extra to do an "investigation"?? Isn't that part of your job that you are ALREADY being overpaid to do??!!

  • Allen M Swatsworth

    08/11/2023 09:08 PM

    Sir I than you for your daily newsletter. I read it completely. I have two comments on today's issue. the first concerns the article of Tucker Carlson. I attempted to watch the article on Duck Duck Go on Goggle. About 7 minutes into the video my computer hung up. I had to completely shut my computer down to recover. I was able to finish the video on Rumble. Thank you for including the second url to the Rumble. Most interesting video and confirms all that we have learned thru your reporting and other articles I've read.

    The second comment is your article about Joe's BRIBERY. What and excellent article with lots of facts to back it up. If the dems don't stop spinning the truth they are going to screw themselves into the ground.

  • Paul Kern

    08/11/2023 07:43 PM

    Ms. Chip in the hand is now Chips on the brain!
    I see the WSJ daily as I give out the paper to the staff. Only one word comes to mind. Another dying fake media outlet. The usual talking points are used. I want to barf!