May 30, 2018

A big salute to the University of Memphis in Tennessee for stepping up to help children and spouses of killed or disabled military veterans get a college education. The school has long accepted the $5000 annual scholarships granted by the veterans’ charity, Folds of Honor. But that covers only about half of the $9700 in-state tuition. So the U of M announced that it will become the first university in America to accept $5000 Folds of Honor grants as payment in full for a complete year, picking up the rest of the tab itself.

The generous gesture inspired a Folds of Honor spokesman to declare the University of Memphis “the most patriotic university in America.” Sadly, there’s not much competition for that title these days. But if my saying that offends other universities, then I gladly challenge them to prove me wrong by adopting the same policy as the University of Memphis.

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  • Alfred Gardner

    06/09/2018 08:49 AM

    I commend you for covering this and bringing this to the public.
    Our service personnel do us a great service and some sacrifice all for our country so we can live our lives free. The least we can do is help their families have a better life.

  • cliff Cusick

    06/03/2018 06:40 PM

    Awesome glad someone is stepping up to the plate and it's a southern University, makes it that much better. Appreciate your service to others. Hope you have a good history department and Political Science department...............

  • Patricia Brahm

    05/30/2018 05:27 PM

    I don't understand this post, as U of Memphis steps up to cover remaining tuition, first school in nation to do so,
    and you call it the most pathetic university in America??? Why???

  • Dave Stade

    05/30/2018 03:51 PM

    Sadly, patriotism has been declining ever since the "burst of patriotism" after 9/11 where a large portion of Americans were displaying their flags and were behind our men & women in uniform (ALL uniforms including fire and police!). Now, with kneeling during our national anthem plus so many other anti-American is a rare to hear of patriotism stories period. Way to go University of Memphis, TN on your NEW policy and going against the liberal rhetoric and noise and DOING RIGHT FOR OUR VETERANS AND THEIR KIDS for their education! I challenge other patriotic schools to match this wonderful example! Thanks Mike for this story1 (Dave from Southern CA)