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May 5, 2022

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Acts 4:12

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The crazy comes out

The possible overturning of Roe v. Wade (which, as I’ve been telling people for decades, would NOT ban abortion but just return the issue to the legislatures of the states, where it belongs) has brought out the crazy in leftists so much that it makes their reaction to Elon Musk buying Twitter look positively calm and rational. I can’t possibly list all the utterly insane quotes that are being bandied about, but here are a few lowlights since yesterday.

It’s always hard to pick the dumbest thing said about political issues by liberal Hollywood celebrities, but they’re outdoing themselves with this one. One actress whom I shall charitably not name (you wouldn’t know her name, anyway) tweeted with shocking unconscious racism that white males would support abortion if their white daughters were raped by black men (she quickly deleted that one.)

A lot of celebrities are vowing to “take to the streets” and “fight like hell,” which I am curious to see if they’ll actually do, considering it would require them to mingle with non-celebrities. Of course, the tired “Handmaid’s Tale” references are flying thick and fast. Rosanna Arquette claimed that millions of women would “get out of this country for good.” Didn’t they already move to Canada when Trump was elected? Did they come back? They’d better do some research before moving. They’ll find that all but about eight nations have abortion laws stricter than ours.

I also wonder when these celebrities will realize that they live in L.A., which is part of a state called California that already has the most appallingly inhumane abortion laws and is making them even worse. You’d think they’d be able to tell they live in a blue state by all the crime, filth, drugs and homeless people outside their gated mansions.

Actress Amber Tambyln tweeted, “Tonight our highest court declared war on more than half of its citizens – women and birthing people everywhere.” So I guess it took them just 24 hours to drop the idea that only women give birth, and hence, desperately need abortions. The dependably hysterical Alyssa Milano tweeted, “People need to peacefully take to streets,” apparently not realizing that thanks to President Trump, Democrats now consider that phrase to be an incitement to insurrection.

I’m not even going to try to explain what Whoopi Goldberg said, but I think it both undermines the liberal case for forcing people to mask up and take vaccines and also suggests that babies are somehow part of the decision on whether to abort themselves.

But no matter what your political leanings, we can all agree that when it comes to incoherence, nobody can touch President Biden. His latest: claiming that Roe v. Wade is “in line with all basic mainstream religions.” He also claims to be a devout Catholic, but I wonder if he realizes what that is?

And just try to untoss this word salad from Biden:

‘What happens if you have states change the law saying that children who are LGBTQ can’t be in classrooms with other children? What are the next things that are going to be attacked? Because this MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history, in recent American history.”

Apparently, he thinks that all laws must be set at the federal level, like a helicopter mom who thinks her kids will stick their fingers in a light socket if she doesn't watch them 24/7. If you can figure out how returning the right to make abortion laws to the states is going to result in LGBTQ children being banned from classrooms, you win the World Connect-The-Dots Championship.

As for Trump-voting Republicans being the “most extreme political organization” in recent American history, yes, I’m sure we all remember those middle-aged moms and dads in MAGA caps burning down cities, looting stores and attacking police and courthouses during the summer of the MAGA riots.

MAGA folks do have to thank Biden, though, for unintentionally giving them a really cool nickname: the “ULTRA-MAGA!”


Meanwhile, back here in Realityville, Democratic political strategists who haven’t gone insane are warning that “taking to the streets” to scream about their righteous moral crusade of killing babies in the womb may not be the winning political formula they think it is.

Politico reports that the Dem fundraising group Act Blue took in $9 million after the SCOTUS draft ruling was leaked, but that’s far short of the $30 million they got after Ruth Bader Ginsberg died (and thanks to Democrat policies, the dollars are worth far less.) An anonymous Dem pollster said this might bring back some liberal suburban women and “help at the margins,” but “to hold the House and Senate, we need inflation to go away.”

Another strategist who actually started her career with the pro-abortion group Emily’s List said, “Midterm voters care about affordability first and foremost, and they are not people who are worried every single day about losing access to abortion. My fear continues to be that sometimes we as Democrats run on things that we wish the voters cared about, rather than what the voters do care about.” She said people are losing sleep over how to afford to buy gas and send their kids to college, not abortion, and anyone who’s obsessed with that would turn out and vote for the Democrats, anyway.

That’s what I said here. The article also points out, as I did, that the people most foaming-at-the-mouth over this issue already live in blue states and districts. They do mention a poll finding that only 28% of Americans wanted Roe overturned, but as I also said before, that’s probably because they’ve been fed years of propaganda about how the WORLD WILL END, women will be put in shackles, and the “Handmaid’s Tale” will FINALLY become reality!!!

When they realize that nothing much will happen except that states where abortion is already limited may limit it further or ban it, while blue states will make it even easier to abort children to chase ghoulish tourist dollars, they will feel as people usually do when reality upends what Democrats had led them to believe: they’ll feel taken.

PS - The latest poll finds that a plurality of likely voters (48%) approve of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Woke corporate decisions explained

Woke corporations announce they will pay for travel to get an  abortion

A number of companies, from Citigroup to Uber to Amazon, are loudly announcing that they will pay the costs of employees in red states to travel to blue states to get abortions. Even if they do that, they might not want to grandstand about it.

Apparently, they’ve yet to grasp the “get woke, go broke” lesson that many other companies have recently learned, as their stock prices deflate like soufflés in a tap-dancing studio. Here’s the latest example of what can happen when a company puts leftwing political virtue signaling ahead of trying to appeal to as many people as possible.

AP fact-checks 2000 mules

All mainstream media outlets are studiously ignoring Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary “2000 Mules” that claims to show proof of widespread voter fraud in the 2000 election. We’ve talked about it here and noted that the movie theater showings were largely sold out, but it will debut on streaming this weekend at

One of the few major media outlets that’s mentioned the film at all is the A.P., which only covered it to run a “fact-check” claiming to debunk its assertions. In the interests of keeping you fully informed, here’s a link to their rebuttal:

If you’re surprised that I’d link to that, just know that I don’t want this newsletter to sink to the low journalistic standards of liberal media outlets, like those that are running lengthy pieces about the public reaction to the Roe v. Wade draft ruling that don't include a single comment from anyone on the pro-life side. How can you argue your case intelligently if you don’t bother to learn what the other side thinks? As those outlets prove every day, you can’t.

WHCD=Superspreader event

Well, it looks as if the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was indeed a superspreader event, and I don’t mean the manure that was spread by ABC’s Jonathan Karl when he told verifiable lies about Donald Trump while accepting his award for his sterling reporting on the January 6th riot. No, I mean COVID spreading. A number of attendees, including members of the press and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have tested positive for COVID.

Needless to say, they have my prayers and best wishes that they don’t get sick, and if they do, that it’s mild and over with quickly. I also contracted COVID despite being vaccinated, and fortunately, my symptoms were mild. I can’t help noticing, however, that in writing about themselves testing positive, I’m seeing a lot of petty complaints about having to quarantine, but precious little fear of death.

Have you noticed that when the liberal media talk about the necessity to keep working Americans masked up and held down under COVID restrictions forever, they talk about it as if it’s the Black Death? But when they want to attend something as frivolous as this dinner, they have no problem packing in with no masks, and even if they later test positive, they’re remarkably nonchalant. It’s as if they realize they’re in low risk groups, the vaccines are protecting them, and we’re in the endemic phase where the variants they’re trying to terrify us with are far milder than the original strain.

Also worth mentioning about that linked story: it reports that a health adviser to the White House offered to install UV lighting devices that kill airborne viruses at the dinner, but the offer was rejected because the lights might make Biden look blue on TV. So apparently, despite all the claims that regular Americans still have to submit to heavy-handed government health controls, the DC elites now fear COVID less than they fear bad TV lighting.

Also noted: President Trump not only oversaw the development of their vaccines, he also talked about the possible use of UV lights as a disinfectant over two years ago – for which he was roundly mocked by the same Democrats and media people who attended that dinner. Bet they wish they’d let those Trump UV lights be set up now.

Another reason

Do you really need another reason to homeschool your kids or put them into a private or religious school? Well, okay, but you’re not gonna believe this one…

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