Fired FBI Director James Comey suddenly has plenty to say, in a newly-released memoir and an upcoming ABC Sunday night prime-time infomercial--- I mean “news show”--- about the book. He spent five hours talking with George Stephanopolous, and now, lucky us! Thanks to the inevitable leaking, we’re already getting to learn how agonizing and challenging it was for someone with the sky-high ethical standards of Comey –- he adeptly rationalized all his own lying and leaking –- to work for someone so lacking in integrity that Comey compares him to a “mob boss.”

Never mind that if Trump really did behave like a mob boss, Comey would be awfully stupid to go on TV and travel around the country publicly dissing him to sell books. That would be way too risky, and, gosh, he’d end up having to spend the millions he’s making from his book on private security for the rest of his natural life. Or maybe he wouldn’t have even written the book after waking up with a horse’s head in his bed. If Trump were really like a mob boss, the smart thing for Comey to do would be to go into the Witness Protection Program and disappear from public life, which, come to think of it, would be nice for the rest of us as well.

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But, no, he’s got too much to say. The timing couldn’t be better, because the Inspector General’s report on the FBI isn’t out yet, so if he hurries, he won’t be tasked with reconciling his book with Michael Horowitz’s findings. And though Democrats were furious at him for damaging (as they thought) Hillary’s Presidential chances days before the election –- never mind that he saved her from indictment with his nonsensical insistence that she didn’t “intend” to break the law –- they’re pretty much done with Hillary now and are more than willing to embrace Comey if he’s trashing Donald Trump. A source “present at the taping” with Stephanopolous told Axios that Comey “answered every question” and offered some new revelations that left the people in the room stunned.

This new openness on the part of Comey has led Byron York, in his column for the Washington Examiner, to wonder why he’s been less than forthcoming in the many months between his firing and his book release. The Senate Judiciary Committee requested in May of 2017 that he sit down with them and testify about the circumstances of his firing and the details of his dealings with the Trump and Obama administrations regarding the Trump/Russia and Hillary email investigations. Though he did sit down with the Senate Intelligence Committee for some other questions, he simply declined to speak to the Judiciary Committee at all. It’s the Judiciary Committee that has primary jurisdiction over the FBI.

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The bipartisan leadership of the Committee wrote to Comey again about a week later, making the case for his testimony: “Given our role in considering the nomination of the next FBI director, the still unanswered questions from your last oversight hearing, and our role in oversight of the Justice Department and the FBI, your testimony will be essential for our constitutional duties.” They wanted to find out as much as they could about the Comey memos, which were unclassified or at a low level of classification, but that’s been difficult when the FBI has refused to let all but a few legislators see these sacred documents and even prohibited them from taking notes.

On June 1, Comey sent a terse response to the Judiciary Committee: “I have received the letter. As a private citizen now, I respectfully decline to answer the questions. Wishing you the best, Jim Comey.” According to Byron York, he has not exchanged a word with the committee since.

But he’s got a book to sell now, and suddenly this “private citizen” is demonstrating the gift of gab...with George Stephanopolous, Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert, and, of course, the ladies on “The View.”




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  • Alecia Tisdale

    04/16/2018 05:26 PM

    Comey is a crook, plain and simple. Put him away and off the tv screen.

  • Amelia Little

    04/15/2018 05:39 PM

    I have been going through my emails from you and other sources from the weekend (well, maybe even from last week.) Of course, the big run now is Comey, his book, his rationale for being--well being like he is, other people's assessment of him. I remember oh, starting somewhere the last half of 2016, that the liberals were all SCREAMING for Comey to be fired (hmm...that would have been during the obama administration.) How DARE he or anyone think the "matter" of hilary's emails should be looked at. Looked at, because there was no investigation. And, the left continued to call for his being fired because, of course (in their minds) EVERYONE would have voted for hilary except for this "matter." In fact, I remember they were calling for his being fired until the day he was fired. Really, the day before, there were still calls to fire him. But, since it was under Trump's administration when it happened, OMG--how insane, how terrible, what is Trump trying to hide, etc etc etc. But, let's not recognize that, since obama was no longer President May 9, 2017--exactly what administration did they think was going to take care of this? Were they going to moan and cry and hope that Trump will not get a second term, and that they will have a liberal President next election who would do the honors? And, they would have complained that Trump's administration didn't do anything about him, if he wasn't fired. They also aren't paying attention to Rosenstien--one of the their own who actually did the firing. But, let's not let facts get in way of the outcry. P.S. I don't tweet or twitter, but do get your emails, and follow you on fb!!! Thanks.

  • Anna Kania

    04/15/2018 12:55 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    thank you for your commentary. I am sure Mr. Comey's book is full of his own misguided interpretation of his failed career! He is no better than HRC with her "What Happened" book. Another disgusting 'swamp creature' removed! More to come I hope! I always can agree with you and get on the same page politically. To quote you, "Emotion is a terrible substitute for truth"; MO of the Dems always.
    And Thanks to President Trump for persisting in the face of the occult, diabolical, and elite power, know as 'the swamp'.

  • Connie Karhoff

    04/14/2018 04:24 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, I want to thank you for all you are doing to encourage Christians and for truthful accounts of political issues. The double standard and bias of main stream news is unethical and shameful along with what the democratic party has turned into! Many Christians have become complacent and silent instead of boldly proclaiming Gods' Word. Churches stand behind separation of church and state until now, we are even having our right to voice our opinion like everyone else taken away. May this be the time when we unite! Couldn't we have a Christian march? A quote I often think of - "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing". May God and all who come behind us find us faithful.

  • David Colonna

    04/14/2018 03:28 PM

    Mike, All i can say is Hillary, McCabe, Comey and Govenor Jerry Brown should all be locked away in prison or even better the looney farm. They all have and continue to disgrace the United States oh yes add the View to this list also. May God continue to reveal the real truth about the Swamp creatures.