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May 7, 2021

The Biden Administration has blocked a Trump rule that was set to take effect Friday that would have made it easier to classify gig workers as independent contractors. Biden is pushing the “PRO-Act,” a national version of California’s disastrous AB-5 law, that nearly eliminated freelance jobs, from Uber drivers to club musicians. Generally speaking, Democrats want everyone to have to join unions, ostensibly to give the workers better pay and benefits, and just coincidentally because it creates a lot more government control over paychecks and union bosses heavily fund and support Democratic political campaigns.

California voters quickly exempted Uber and Lyft drivers and delivery people from the law, but the heavy-handed and outdated concept refuses to die. Nobody wants to see gig workers taken advantage of, and many companies are offering some benefits to workers who put in a certain minimum number of hours. But the government mandating full union benefits for part time gig workers won’t help them. It will just eliminate their jobs and deny the public the services they provide. Besides, many of those workers don’t want full-time union jobs; they take those jobs to make some extra money while keeping their hours flexible so they can pursue other things, like school, child care or starting their own businesses.

I think the most telling sentence in this entire story is this: “While Wednesday’s action doesn’t immediately change how gig workers are classified, it leaves ambiguity about how a Depression-era law will be applied to a smartphone economy.”

I can’t think of a better description of today’s “progressive” Democrat policies than they are trying to shoehorn Depression-era ideas onto a smartphone economy.

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  • Raymond Frazer Shaw Jr

    05/08/2021 04:22 PM

    Am I the only one see a pattern here.? Biden and the Unions.! Teacher's Union influencing CDC. Now, this deliberate act to block "Right to Work". I'm recalling the history of "the Rise of Mussolini."