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August 19, 2023



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Trial date talk

Former President Trump’s prosecutors are, not surprisingly, pushing for trial dates that fall right in the middle of the 2024 election season. For example, special counsel Jack Smith wants the trial on his latest charges relating to January 6th and the 2020 election to begin on January 2nd. But Trump’s attorneys have a counter-proposal. They requested a trial date of April, 2026 – over two years from now.

They say the government turned over to them “a massive, 8.5-terabyte initial production, totaling over 11.5 million pages, together with native files, recordings, and other electronic data not amenable to pagination.” Going through all that and preparing a defense, plus the massive amount of discovery this case will require, is going to take years. That is, if the DOJ wants it to be a fair, legitimate trial. But then, whoever said that was what this DOJ wanted?

Important reminder

Here’s a reminder that all the ludicrous RICO conspiracy indictments against Trump and his associates in Georgia are based on fake news stories that misquoted what Trump said. One was actually retracted by the Washington Post. You can imagine how egregious it had to be to force WaPo to admit it was wrong about Trump. FYI: Trump’s second impeachment trial was also based on the incorrect quote.

Trying to hold Fani Willis accountable

At least one Republican office holder in Georgia is trying to hold Fulton County DA Fani Willis accountable for her incompetence and rank political partisanship. State Sen. Colton Moore has written to Gov. Brian Kemp, requesting an emergency special session to investigate Willis and her office, defund it and possibly impeach her for ignoring soaring violent crime to concentrate on targeting a political opponent.

Unfortunately, it’s not likely to go far, since impeachment requires a two-thirds vote, and Moore would face opposition from Democrats and Trump-hostile Republicans. It’s too bad because even if you took the Trump indictments out of the equation entirely, she and her grand jury have just given America one of the best examples I’ve ever seen of an office holder who’s riper than a Georgia peach for impeachment.

Related: I keep posing the question, “When will voters in blue states and cities ever connect the dots between the way they vote and their cities and quality of life being destroyed?” Recently, I saw a discussion on Fox News of that very question, with one legal expert pointing out that on average, it takes less than a year between a Soros-backed leftist DA getting elected and the first petitions to recall that DA due to rampant crime created by their releasing of criminals. It’s right there in front of them, yet as soon as they kick one leftist out, they replace him/her with another one, sometimes one even worse (look at the recent Chicago mayor’s race.)

There will be no hope for America’s cities until the voters finally make the connection and stop voting for more societal rot. It’s frustrating because to the rest of us looking on, it’s like watching someone who can’t make the connection between the fact that he’s banging on his head with a hammer and the fact that he has a headache.

Trump press conference is canceled

Former President Trump promised to hold a press conference next week at which he would present a “Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT on the Presidential Election Fraud which took place in Georgia,” one that would result in his “complete EXONERATION” (all-caps his.) But the next day, he canceled the press conference at the request of his attorneys.

Trump wrote on Truth Social: “Rather than releasing the Report on the Rigged & Stolen Georgia 2020 Presidential Election on Monday, my lawyers would prefer putting this, I believe, Irrefutable & Overwhelming evidence of Election Fraud & Irregularities in formal Legal Filings as we fight to dismiss this disgraceful Indictment.”

Too bad, that was one press conference I was actually looking forward to…


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Help for Maui

Victims of the deadly wildfires on Maui say they still aren’t seeing any federal support, and many expressed open hostility to the news that President Joe “No Comment” Biden plans to visit next week. They fear that even if Maui recovers from the fire, it will never be the same. Historic and cultural sites are gone, and they expect corporations to snap up the land and build resorts on it.

Again, for those who want to help the victims and get aid immediately and directly to those who need it most, please consider a donation to

As is the case with almost all deadly disasters, some people cynically rushed to use it for political advantage, blaming the fires on “climate change” before they even knew the facts. But we pointed out here that a local university environmental scientist had been warning for years that the decline of agriculture had led to large areas of Hawaii turning into grasslands that could become deadly fire fuel during a dry spell if something wasn’t done. Nothing was.

We’re also now getting indications that the fires might have been prevented if various government and private authorities hadn’t been more wrapped up in politics and liberal political agendas than in doing their real jobs.

For instance, the head of Maui’s emergency operations, who beat out 40 other applicants, has no formal background in emergency management and is the former chief of staff of a local politician. He just resigned, citing “health reasons.”

Lincoln Brown at PJ Media has an excellent round-up of the many political distractions that helped contribute to the disaster. For instance, it’s suspected the fires might have been started by downed power lines. Hawaiian Electric reportedly knew of that problem but prioritized meeting a government mandate to make all the state’s power come from renewable sources by 2045. They had submitted a request to the Public Utilities Commission last year for funds that included preventing wildfires, but it’s “still being processed.”

As Brown says, no wonder these people were so quick to point the finger at “climate change.” They hoped we wouldn’t notice the other three fingers pointing back at them.

This is distressing news:

A reporter for Life Site News is covering the trial in DC of nine pro-life activists whom the government is trying to send to prison for exercising their First Amendment right to protest.

As the writer notes, guilty verdicts appear to be a foregone conclusion in this court. Not only did they seat a jury that’s predominately pro-abortion, but the judge also ordered the defense attorneys not to make any arguments related to the morality or legality of abortion. Prosecutors continually objected to defense statements that tried to explain why these people acted as they did, and the judge upheld them all.

The defense isn’t even allowed to say the words “infanticide,” “abortion” and “innocent lives,” because they’ve been declared “inflammatory language.”

It appears that abortion clinics are not the only place where First Amendment rights no longer apply. They’re also banned in DC courtrooms. I assume the attorneys are getting all this on the record for when they file their appeal to overturn this kangaroo court.

Vice-President Newsom?

We know a lot of Democrats don’t want Joe Biden to run – or shuffle – for reelection, but then there’s the problem of Kamala Harris. As Veep, she would normally be considered his natural successor, and having checked off the “black” and “woman” identity boxes, Dem power brokers fear angering those voting blocs if she’s not the candidate. Problem is, she’s even less popular than Joe and widely seen as incompetent to the point of incoherence. Somebody on the left has to risk being the first to swing the ax at Kamala. Looks like the short straw went to Los Angeles Times columnist George Skelton.

He proposed getting 90-year-old Sen. Diane Feinstein to retire, then having California Gov. Gavin Newsom appoint Harris to replace her. Then Biden would pick Newsom as his new veep, and Newsom would be tanned, rested and hair-gelled, and waiting to step in when Joe “decides” not to run.

The pitfalls to this include: Biden still thinks he’s running for reelection. Feinstein has made it clear she intends to serve out her full term (Skelton writes, “Biden would need to invite her into the Oval Office for a heart-to-heart” – Better have two defibrillators handy.) Harris might see returning to the Senate as a demotion and resist. And voters might actually have enough sense not to want the leftist who’s destroying California to be in charge of the entire United States. After all, if Gavin Newsom were in charge of all fifty states, where would the residents flee to?

“Huckabee” Preview

Tune in tonight for a news-making episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! I’ll be talking with one of the key figures in Congress today, Rep. James Comer, who has bravely donned his metaphorical hazmat suit to flush out Biden family corruption. Seamus Bruner of the Government Accountability Institute will also fill us in on shady money and lies in DC politics. On the lighter side, comic/ventriloquist Steve Brogan will bring the laughs, and Sydney Holder of Sweet Peach Bakery will help us celebrate National Peach Month by teaching me (well, you, at least) how to make a delicious peach cobbler. And we’ll top it all off with a classic #1 hit from the country supergroup, Ricochet!

Meet me in front of your TV tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST on TBN. To find out how to watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, plus extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests and links to all their sites, at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

Hurricane Hillary

I know what we all think when we hear the phrase “Hurricane Hillary,” but this time, I mean it literally. A hurricane named Hillary is approaching the west coast of Mexico and is expected to move northward across most of Southern California as a tropical storm, bringing potentially deadly flooding. I hope you will join me in praying for those in the path of the storm.

Since hurricanes are so rare there and California is unprepared for dealing with them, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is offering support to Californians “in any way we can.”

This follows California Gov. Gavin Newsom sending a five-person team of mass care experts to help Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian last year. It’s good to know that people can put aside their political differences and help each other, and all it takes is a catastrophic natural disaster.

It's official:

Former President Trump will skip the first GOP primary debate next Wednesday. Instead, he’ll give an interview to Tucker Carlson, which many expect to distract attention from the debate without Trump having to deal with attacks from his opponents.

It’s not yet clear how this is going to go over with voters. It won’t cost Trump his hard-core supporters, but others might resent the idea that he’s owed the nomination and doesn’t have to fight for it like everyone else. The suggestion that he’s not there because he refused to take the required pledge to support whoever is the nominee might also rub some Republican voters the wrong way (I’m a Trump supporter, but no matter who wins the nomination, it’s absolutely imperative for the survival of America that the Democrats be removed from power. This is no time for “I’ll take my ball and go home” nonsense.)

I already linked to Kurt Schichter’s latest column on why he thinks skipping the debate is Trump’s best strategy (and he’s a DeSantis supporter, although he agrees that whoever is the GOP nominee has his vote.) In the interest of fair play, here’s Derek Hunter on why Trump needs to “man up and debate.”

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Comments 1-10 of 10

  • Robert Berger

    08/20/2023 05:14 PM

    Governor Huckabee , as a proud and outspoken liberal , I am frankly appalled by your utter hypocrisy in condemning the alleged "corruption " of Hunter Biden and his father Joe , while ignoring the staggering corruption of. Donald Trump and his crime family and. whitewashing his horrendous record as America's most corrupt, incompetent , inept, clueless, unfit, unworthy, unqualified , unscrupulous , unethical, greedy, ruthless , divisive and destructive president in US history .
    On your Saturday evening program, you have been viciously condemning the alleged corruption of Hunter Biden, yet you have never. said anything about the corruption of. Trump's adult children and son-in-law Jared Kushner . Their "corruption " is nothing compared to Ivanka and Jared grifting about 640 million dollars while. Trump was president , or Kushner receiving. two billion dollars from the Saudi government .
    You have never condemned Eric Trump for operating a bogus "charity" which was supposed to be for children with cancer but which merely put money into his pocket . Like the rest of the conservative media , you have been whining about the alleged "persecution " of Donald Trump by Biden and the DOJ . But. unless you've been living in some remote cave. in the past several years , it should be obvious to you that. Trump used the office of the presidency to enrich himself at the expense of the American people in so many ways .
    I have neither the time, space or patience to list more than a tiny fraction of. Trump's numerous crimes and misdeeds, but anyone can google them . If a Democratic president had done all of the awful things Trump has, the conservative media would be calling for his head .
    And I would be all for him being given a long prison sentence as someone who has always voted Democrat . But the Democrats would never have put up someone as evil, self-serving, dishonest , malicious , greedy and ruthless as Trump up for any political position let alone president .
    Joe Biden certainly isn't a perfect president, but he has still been doing a vastly better job than Trump and unlike Trump, he is a good, decent, honorable and highly intelligent man and a capable president . Shame on you, Mike Huckabee .

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/20/2023 09:07 AM

    "The suggestion that he’s not there because he refused to take the required pledge to support whoever is the nominee might also rub some Republican voters the wrong way"

    And WHY don't the rinos have to sign the same pledge and will vote against Trump even if the devil is the opponent

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/20/2023 09:04 AM

    'And voters might actually have enough sense not to want the leftist who’s destroying California to be in charge of the entire United States'

    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? There was a recall election for newsom and he WON OVERWHELMINGLY!!! I cannot believe how OUT OF TOUCH YOU ARE WITH REALITY!!! You definitely live in a completely different world than you have us peasants living in!!! Must be nice to live every day in fantasy and you don't have to put up with reality!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    08/20/2023 08:58 AM

    "Moore would face opposition from Democrats and Trump-hostile Republicans'

    THAT is why I hope Trump doesn't get the nomination. EVERY jackass, alive and dead and yet to be born will vote against him AND all the Trump HATER rinos will vote against him even if it means voting FOR the devil!!! Trump will lose be a landslide no matter who the jackasses have against him.

  • Paul Kern

    08/19/2023 11:18 PM

    Thanks for the updates. I pass this on to my neighbor, a staunch Trump supporter now. All the other Republican candidates don't have his breath of experience..The other rich candidate sounds good but has a very history at the best. Much more will come to light but I fear the left has hits troops ready to fight!

  • Darlene Ryan

    08/19/2023 07:49 PM

    I don't often disagree with you, but Trump has nothing to gain by debating at this early stage and a lot to lose. I agree with Trump about not being able to support some of the candidates. I would not vote for Haley, Pence, Hutchinson or Christie. I respect Trump for being honest about that.

  • Pamela Junk

    08/19/2023 05:54 PM

    I checked online how much the CEO of Samaritan's Purse earns yearly and was shocked at the obscene amount. I also checked how much money they take in vs how much they actually use to help people in need. No thanks! I'll find a better way to help those burned out in Maui.

  • Errol Collins

    08/19/2023 05:38 PM

    Question: Are transgender "men" required to register for the draft? And transgender "women" excused ?

  • Christine Pfeiffer

    08/19/2023 05:00 PM

    Can someone please explain to me exactly HOW wildfires are due to "climate change"? Do they really believe that it has somehow become so hot that vegetation is now just spontaneously combusting? Honestly, I really want to know...

  • Stephen Russell

    08/19/2023 03:38 PM

    Hurricane Hillary

    Due to have rains in 10PM PST for CA
    Rain all day Tomm & Monday
    Hurricane heading inland toward NV area from Mexico by track