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October 22, 2023

The more we learn about the cowardly surprise attack by the terrorist group Hamas on the innocent civilians of Israel, the more gut-wrenching we find it to be.  The carefully planned assault on babies, young women who were targeted for rape, and elderly women is a stark reminder for honest observers that Hamas was never interested in a better life for so-called Palestinians.  They simply want to kill as many Jews as possible and inflict as much pain as can be directed toward Israeli non-combatants. 

As shocking as is the evidence of babies being beheaded and burned alive or women being repeatedly and violently raped is that people around the world, including those in high dollar institutions of higher education have defended Hamas and blamed Israel for the entire war.  This irrational view is underpinned by a combination of willful ignorance and spiritual darkness. 

Yet in the midst of the inexplicable horrors played out in real time are the obvious questions demanding an answer:

1.       If the so-called Palestinians are so loved by the Muslim nations of the world, why won’t any of those nations at least offer to give temporary refuge to their brothers and sisters from Gaza?  Egypt won’t take any of them.  Not one.  Neither will Jordan.  Or Syria.  Or Saudi Arabia.  Or Qatar.  If their cause is just and their suffering so real, then surely those who are ethnic and religious family would be expected to gladly receive at least some of those suffering from the murderous reign of Hamas.  But none of them will.  Why not?  Is it because they know what most distant observers don’t know—that the people claiming to be a Palestinian people are the fruit of a fabricated ethnic group created by another terrorist, Yassar Arafat in the early 1960’s that have never had a real claim to a capital, a history of government, or a ethnic unity?  While there have most certainly been Arab people, many of them Christian, who could link their history to the land we know as Israel, they actually lived under the governments of the Brits, Turks, and others prior to yet another re-apportionment of land that gave the Jews a homeland in the exact area to which they had an indigenous connection for 3500 years.  Some of the other Arab/Muslim nations don’t want to welcome an influx of Palestinian people because they have watched those who lead that movement focus on disruptive terror activities, corrupt government, and no quality of life progress for their people. 

2.      Why has the White House been so very protective of Iran and its regime, responsible for funding 93% of Hamas and Hezbollah and failed to put public pressure on Iran to distance itself from Hamas and push Iran to get the over 100 hostages freed?  Some of those murdered and currently being held hostage are Americans, and shouldn’t the Biden administration be issuing ultimatums to Iran instead of trying to get Israel to slow down its purge of the Hamas military?  The leaders of Hamas are currently sitting in 5 Star hotels in Qatar and directing the mayhem from the lap of luxury.  Why haven’t we demanded that Qatar turn them over to the US for their murder and kidnapping of Americans?  Why have we not pressured for at least their expulsion from their hidey holes in Qatar?

3.      Why did Hamas act when they did?  They didn’t unleash this massacre while Donald Trump was President.  What weakness in this current administration did Hamas see?  Was it the slip-shod manner in which we exited Afghanistan and left behind billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment, but also thousands of Americans and allies who desperately wanted to get out but were abandoned and left behind?  Did they sense weakness in this administration as well in our uneven and often mixed response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? 

One thing is clear.  While President Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken have thankfully said publicly the right things and said them strongly about our absolute support of Israel, we must pray that they are not giving a different private message to Israel’s leaders and giving Hamas and Iran a reason to think that the murder and kidnapping of Americans or Israelis will be taken lightly.  There needs to be word and deed unity in what we say publicly and privately.  And we need to stand without flinching with Israel as they fight for their existence in the face of sheer evil.

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