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June 15, 2023



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For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.

Hebrews 13:14


Resolution fails to pass

A House resolution to censure, investigate and fine Adam Schiff for his years of lies and slander that fueled a destructive, divisive and groundless $32 million “Russian collusion” investigation failed to pass because 20 Republicans voted to table it. Four didn’t vote and two voted “present,” which I would question on general principle (if they'd been present, they should've voted.) You will find their names at this link for future reference.

There was some speculation that it failed because it included a $16 million fine for half of what Schiff’s lies cost taxpayers. Some Republicans and all the Democrats might be afraid of setting a precedent of making them pay for the damage caused by their own lies. But before Schiff runs to the MSNBC cameras to crow that he was vindicated, co-sponsor Rep. Anna Paulina Luna made it clear that this isn’t over. She tweeted that some members did not accurately read the bill, but she will be filing a privileged motion to censure Schiff and send him to the Ethics Committee for investigation. She added, “See you next week, Adam.”

And just to make sure he got the message, she also told him to his lying face.

2024 Update

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez just became the latest Republican to join the 2024 Presidential race. At this rate, the GOP debate stage is going to be more crowded than a Biden-era illegal immigrant center.

It’s ironic that the media take this as a sign that Republicans see Trump as weakened by all the lawfare being thrown at him. That may be so. But the biased indictment has so far resulted in a boost of $2 million in donations to Trump…

…And his polling remains steady.

That could be because 81% of Republicans see those charges as being motivated by politics, not justice.

Even the argument that Trump might have actually mishandled a document is not very convincing when you consider:

(1.) The far more egregious actions by Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden that received a pass, (2.) the fact that they’ve been hounding Trump and crying wolf for six years, (3.) Trump was the only President in 40 years who was denied any help in sorting documents which suggests they were setting him up, (4.) the blatant and open hostility to him by the DOJ officials, and (5.) Everyone knows how documents are wildly over-classified and that we have so many laws that everyone breaks a dozen before breakfast without even knowing it. Imagine if a rabidly partisan prosecutor filed multiple federal charges every time you made a mistake on your taxes under a tax code that even the IRS can’t understand.

So no, I don’t think Trump has been fatally weakened. It’s even possible that all these candidates will help him. He’s still the leader in the polls with only Ron DeSantis seen as having a real chance to beat him, but every new “not Trump” candidate who draws 1 or 2% is drawing it away from DeSantis, not Trump. I assume that the only way Trump is removed from the field is if he removes himself, and I just don’t see that happening.


America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

Knock me over with a feather

Wait, you’re telling me that one of the lead prosecutors in the government’s case against Donald Trump is a campaign donor to Biden, Obama and the DNC? Well, knock me over with a feather!


A great point about the prosecution of Trump

Greg Kelly of Newsmax made a great point about the prosecution of Trump. The indictment included photos of boxes stacked all over Mar-A-Lago, photos that have now been spread all over the Internet and anti-Trump cable “news” channels. The implication is that Trump was shockingly careless about handling documents.

But there are only 102 documents at issue. As Kelly shows in this video, even if each of those documents was a full six pages long (doubtful), you can easily fit 600 pages of paper into the bottom of one box with plenty of room left over.

So why did the prosecutor fill the indictment with all those photos of stacked-up boxes when they contained nothing that's in question? Because they’re trying to harm Trump politically and taint the jury pool. Kelly considers this proof that the indictment is “a scam.”

Imagine if someone took a photo of all the boxes in your attic or garage and broadcast it to the world while suggesting those boxes must be filled with illegal documents. That’s pretty much the level of professionalism we’re getting both from Biden’s DOJ and their tongue-bath media.  

There are also rumbles that some of the state and local legal assaults on Trump may be postponed or dropped in light of the federal indictments. Here’s one in New York that just got dropped after two years of investigations into his company. It will end in no action other than wasting the taxpayers' money and the investigators' time.

I doubt that I’m the only one who suspects that it was never about finding any actual wrongdoing but just “getting Trump,” and they figure the Biden DOJ is handling that now.


Video of the Day

A CNN reporter pressed Speaker Kevin McCarthy on whether he would defend Trump against charges that he mishandled (marked) classified documents. He bluntly reminded her that Andrew McCabe was fired from the FBI for leaking classified documents, and James Clapper lied to the American people about Hunter Biden’s laptop being Russian disinformation, and CNN not only hired both of them but continues to stand behind them and pay them to pontificate on their channel.

He demanded, “Are you prepared to get rid of those people from your network? Because my concern as a policymaker is that when you weaponize government, and now you’re weaponizing networks, that is wrong.

She should have responded, "But...this is CNN!" 


"Where's the Money?"

When a reporter asked about the alleged $10 million in bribes from a Burisma executive to the Biden family, President Biden brushed it off by saying, “Where’s the money?” Well, some Republicans are wondering if maybe they’ve found it…on Biden’s 2017 tax return.


Another reminder

Here’s yet another reminder that the two-tiered “justice” system isn’t just at the federal level, but anywhere that “progressive” Democrats seize control of a district attorney’s office. It’s why a mentally unstable repeat criminal can be arrested and released over 40 times and face no serious consequences, but the hammer will be brought down on a Marine veteran who protected innocent citizens from him.


Train wreck

Whenever Joe Biden goes off the teleprompter, you can expect a train wreck. But imagine the train wreck that would ensue if we actually let him build a railroad “across the Indian Ocean.”


Shannon Phillips wins her lawsuit

For decades, Americans fought for laws to ensure that employers could not hire or fire people based on their skin color because that was obviously racist. But recent years have seen the rise of the “woke” movement and so-called “anti-racism” activists, who proclaim that the only thing that matters is skin color. We even have a President who’s ordering federal agencies to make hiring decisions based on skin color and other identity check boxes, as determined by “diversity, equity and inclusion” dogma (ever notice how so much of the left’s agenda is given names that are the opposite of what it actually is?), even though that’s in direct opposition to federal laws mandating colorblind hiring.

It was inevitable that the clash between DEI and Equal Opportunity employment laws would end up in court. Now, it’s starting, and employers who embraced DEI might be feeling a chill in their spines from the early results.

Shannon Phillips was a Starbucks regional manager when two black men who were occupying a table at a Philadelphia Starbucks were asked to leave because they hadn’t ordered anything. They claimed they were waiting for someone and accused the store of racial discrimination. It set off such a fuss that Starbucks closed 1,000 stores early for racial sensitivity training. Phillips claimed she was fired because top management was looking for a sacrificial lamb, and the district manager was black, so she was fired for being white.  

A federal jury in New Jersey agreed and just awarded her $600,000 in compensation plus $25 million in punitive damages. Sounds like the top Starbucks managers could have used a little racial sensitivity training.


Another positive sign

In another positive sign that judging people by their skin color is trending down, the State Department’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, was grilled by House Republicans on what your skin color, height or any other physical characteristic has to do with your ability to perform a job. Even though enforcing that concept is her job, she couldn’t seem to come up with a reasonable answer, because there isn’t one.

Florida Rep. Brian Mast put her on the spot by demanding to know if she considered him white. She dodged the question, claiming she would have to ask him how he characterizes himself. But if we are whatever we say we are, then how is it possible to assure any kind of accurate “racial balance” of employees? Asians could just say they’re black and get into Harvard again. Or men could claim they’re women and be allowed to compete on women’s sports teams (Nah, scratch that last one, it’s just TOO crazy!)

Mast told her that he is half-Mexican, adding that this fact has nothing to do with his job skills. He later tweeted, “Being bald or 5’8” doesn’t make someone a better diplomat. Neither does being white or Asian or Native American or Black or Latino. We don’t need the State Department to check boxes, we need it to further the foreign policy objectives of the United States.”

Spot on. I believe that someone once said that we should be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our characters. Democrats used to claim that they supported that view. There’s even a statue of the man who said it in Washington. How long will it be before the woke mobs tear down that statue, too?

Related: Thanks to all the backlash against racism masquerading as anti-racism, plus allegations of greed and financial chicanery, public support for the Black Lives Matter organization has dropped to its lowest point since 2020, falling from 56 to 51 percent since last year. I wonder if it’s really that high, or like all the people who still have “BLM” logos on their Facebook pages, they’re just afraid to tell the pollsters what they really think.

Just to be clear: you can sincerely hate racism and still not support grifters who exploit racism for personal and political advantage. Those are two completely different things.

Here are some more positive signs that sanity might be poised for a comeback:

Sen. Ted Cruz has co-sponsored a bill to curtail the blackmailing of corporations into imposing toxic wokeness by financial companies like Blackrock. The bill would ban “companies that manage investment funds held in federal employee retirement accounts” from forcing ESG and DEI policies on private businesses to the detriment of shareholder returns. Thirteen states have already passed similar bills involving their states’ investment funds.

Also, in what I’d call “a good start,” the president of Calgary’s BLM chapter and pro-abortion activist Adora Nwofor was charged with a hate crime against a Catholic school during a pro-abortion protest. She’s accused of obstructing access and interfering with the use of a building “primarily used for religious worship and educational purposes” for “reasons of bias, prejudice, or hate based on race or ethnic origin.” Let’s hope this finally sets a precedent that hate crime laws apply to everybody, regardless of whom they hate.

Starbucks (maybe smarting from that $25.6 million court loss for firing someone for being white) is reportedly pulling back from its in-your-face promotion of “trans” advocacy and “Pride Month.” They claim that having stores take all those rainbow flags out of the windows is a safety issue, but I suspect it’s more about safeguarding profits.

And as that same story notes, the fake media narrative about violent, right-wing extremist parents being a terrorist threat because they stopped shopping at Target (it’s “literally” economic terrorism, according to a bonehead on MSNBC) has cratered. It's thanks to news that any bomb threats against Target were actually coming from violent pro-trans radicals upset that they were moving the rainbow flags and “tucking” children’s swimsuits away from the front of the store.


Rachel “Russian Collusion Conspiracy Nut” Maddow is getting roasted on the Internet for claiming that MSNBC didn’t air Trump’s post-arraignment comments because their network “doesn’t air untrue things.”

It’s ironic that that comment in itself is an untrue thing. In fact, they should just rename her show “Untrue Things…with Rachel Maddow.”


Johnny Depp/Amber Heard update

The “Me, Too” movement has taken a number of blows, but the kill shot of the “Believe all women” mantra had to be the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. Depp’s career was destroyed by accusations of abuse by his ex-wife that he denied. Disney even dropped him from their “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, for which he had made them billions. He was advised to just shut up and take it, but he refused to allow people to think he was like that and fought back. Over the course of a televised trial that was must-see TV, most viewers reached the same conclusion as the jury: that Heard was the one lying. The jury awarded Depp $15 million for defamation.

Depp claimed this wasn’t about the money but the principle of clearing his name of false charges. He made good on that by agreeing to a settlement of just $1 million. And now, the story has finally reached its conclusion: he received the million dollars, and true to his word, he gave it away, awarding $200,000 each to five charities.

Also, a now-financially desperate Disney reportedly offered Depp $20 million to do another “Pirates” movie, and he told them to get bent. So this story DID have a happy ending!


Recording: “We don’t have to worry about the Americans,” with Biden’s son Hunter on Burisma board

To recap:  In recent days, we’ve learned that, according to a whistleblower, the FBI’s “1023” notes from a confidential human source (CHS) said there were 17 recordings of phone calls between Joe and Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian business exec who allegedly paid bribes to their family totaling $10 million.  Two of these were with Joe Biden when he was Vice President.

It had taken Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, many weeks to get to that point, writing fruitless letters to the FBI --- we’re condensing a lot of back-and-forth here --- finally subpoenaing the form, waiting another three weeks, and then being allowed to see a severely redacted copy of the notes, which they had to see in a secure viewing room, or “SCIF.”  Curiously, the FBI made it a point to invite the Democrat ranking member, Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin.  (Keep in mind, this document is totally unclassified.)  About one-third of the document was blacked out, including (surprise!) the part about the recordings.

But they later managed to get a look at an almost-completely unredacted version, in a “SCIF” once again.  That’s when they saw for the first time the mention of recordings.  They also could see the identity of the businessman alleged to have bribed the Bidens:  Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky, who allegedly made recordings as “insurance” in case he got into a “tight spot.”

Dan Bongino’s sources tell him something more:  that Joe Biden may have been instrumental in getting no-experience Hunter his lucrative seat on the Burisma executive board.

The next shoe to drop was that Zlochevsky is believed by the U.S. intel community to be an asset for the SVR, or Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, and that they had briefed President Obama about this when Obama was in the White House.  This is the man who was allegedly paying the Bidens millions of dollars.  Holy smokes.

In the next development, there’s already a recorded phone call (not one of the 17 that Zlochevsky reportedly made), in which then-Vice President Joe Biden is heard talking with Ukrainian President Petro Porochenko about prosecutor Viktor Slokin, the one investigating Burisma and Zlochevsky --- and, by extension, Burisma board member Hunter Biden.  Slokin is the one Joe got fired by making it clear to Porochenko that $1 billion of U.S. aid was on the line.

Dan Bongino credits Stephen McIntyre, who tweeted this excerpt from the KYIV POST from April 2018: “In December 2016, Onyshchenko [Porochenko’s aide] had actually gone to the FBI with tapes said to implicate Porochenko in corruption under an agreement signed by an attorney described in a contemporary news article as “representing Andrew Weissmann, chief of the [fraud] section.”

The article goes on: “Onyshchenko said on Dec. 1 that he had transferred recordings implicating Porochenko in corruption to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”  It says a spokesman for the State Department told the KYIV POST on December 16 that the DOJ would not be having any further communications with Onyshchenko.  On December 19, Onyshchenko said on Facebook that U.S. intel agents had “had him pass a polygraph on that day.”  When the State Department spokesman said he couldn’t comment, Onyshchenko sent the POST what he said was a copy of his agreement with the State Department.  It was signed by a trial attorney in the DOJ’s fraud section, representing...drum roll, please...ANDREW WEISSMANN.”  (Emphasis ours.)

That name seems to turn up everywhere, doesn’t it?  He was Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s pit bull, supposedly investigating Trump’s “collusion” with Russia when they all KNEW it was a hoax.  His specialty was ruining the lives of smaller fish, getting them to “flip” on big fish, like Trump, the biggest fish of all.  But Weissmann apparently also knew about the Bidens in Ukraine --- the REAL corruption.

And the evidence about Ukraine and the Bidens just...went away.  Mueller and Weissmann busied themselves trying to implicate Trump in wrongdoing by chasing Russian phantoms.

The KYIV POST story is for real, though.  We found it…

Skim this story and you’ll have an idea of what a hotbed of corruption Ukraine was, likely still is.  But it doesn’t specifically mention the Bidens.  So…...we did more digging and turned up this...

This one includes a lot of detail about Ukrainian money laundering schemes and payoffs that aren’t directly pertinent to the Bidens (as far as we know), but it also describes an extremely pertinent part of a recorded conversation between Onyshchenko and Porochenko: “In the recording, Onyshchenko also says Zlochevsky was ready to ‘repay a debt’ to Poroshenko. The person alleged to be Poroshenko replies that Zlochevsky is a ‘good guy’ but adds that ‘the Americans are worried about him lately.’  Onyshchenko claimed that there would be no problems with the United States because Hunter Biden, son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, and former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski were on the board of Zlochevsky’s Burisma firm.”

Well, there it is.

One gathers that Onyshchenko was peddling recordings because he had fled Ukraine and was seeking asylum.  A fugitive from justice in his home country, he ended up being arrested in Germany, but on April 18, 2018, he published a recording allegedly implicating Porochenko in corrupt deals.

Stephen McIntyre has come up with more.  A couple of days ago, he tweeted: “In Aug. 2020, William Evanina of ODNI [Office of the Director of National Intelligence] stated Derkach tapes were Russian disinformation, and on September 10, 2020, Derkach was sanctioned by Treasury OFAC, resulting in erasure of his social media and even his website.  Buried even more thoroughly than Hunter laptop 4 weeks later.”

FYI --- “Derkach” is Ukrainian lawmaker Andrii Derkach, who leaked Biden recordings, apparently to OAN, and, according to the AP in May 2020, “has long aired unsubstantiated corruption charges against Biden and his son, who used to serve on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma.”  (And, of course, they stayed unsubstantiated when the ODNI said they were Russian disinformation and erased Derkach!)

Another researcher credited by Bongino, Hans Mahncke, tweeted this on Tuesday: “...Porochenko is the Ukrainian president whom Biden extorted.  Right after Trump won in 2016, a Porochenko aide [Onyshchenko] offered to give DOJ incriminating information about Biden’s calls with Porochenko.  As fate would have it the aide’s info went to Weissmann who probably buried it all.”

And here’s the money quote, folks.  Mahnche goes on: “If you thought this was bad, here’s the real shocker.  Shortly after Porochenko’s aide blew the whistle, Porochenko asked Biden whether the aide was now cooperating with the FBI.  Incredibly, Biden assured Porochenko that the FBI wasn’t pursuing it.  How would Biden have known?”

This is all recorded.  About 12 minutes into his podcast, Bongino plays part of a conversation between Biden and Porochenko from November 16, 2016, soon after Trump had shocked Biden by winning the election.  The audio is hard to hear, but OAN provided a transcript on the screen.

Biden is clearly concerned that once Trump “gets sophisticated enough” (condescending, right?) to pick up on the corrupt money trail, he will.  Their understanding is even clearer in another recording played shortly after; since this one is key, I’ll include the transcript here:

Porochenko: “...If it is true that the FBI is working with him [Onyshchenko], at least I want to know that.” 

Biden: “No, no, they are not.  I told you, the FBI concluded he had nothing and stopped.  That was it.  There is no reason to talk to him again.”  (NOTE:  that was Weissmann who concluded he “had nothing.”)

Porochenko:  “Okay.”

Biden:  “I will check that and confirm it with you.”

Biden was up to his hair plugs in this corruption, and as they said, they weren’t worried about the Americans because Hunter was on the Burisma board.  Biden personally made sure the FBI had dropped it.

As for Weissmann, he’s now an MSNBC contributor, commenting on the Trump cases that his friends are prosecuting while knowing that Biden is corrupt.  They all know that if Trump gets back in, it’s game over.



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  • John L Hart

    06/16/2023 01:06 AM

    You are greatly love Mike I wish you could run for president. But we know it is spiritual warfare and the demonic hoards of hell are hard at work keeping their lier in office. It runs deep. Gods judgment may seem slow in coming but it grinds exceedingly fine.
    God is a Faithful King…Amen!
    John Hart

  • Paul Kern

    06/15/2023 10:17 PM

    One saying comes to mind. " "Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive. I understand it's attributed to William Shakespeare". It seems that is what we are seeing. There is a desperate need for moral and spiritual reformation!

  • Dave Newbry

    06/15/2023 05:18 PM

    About your main headline, you misspelled "persecution."