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January 5, 2022

As this is being written, I’m hearing that Attorney General Merrick Garland is planning to give “remarks on holding Capitol rioters accountable.” Perhaps by the time you read this, you’ll already have been subjected to it. Get ready for a surreal couple of days during which the Capitol Hill breach will be presented as “one of the darkest days of our democracy” (quoting Colorado Rep. Jason Crow) and worse than the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Combined.

This just might be the most outrageous political theatre we’ve ever seen. One thing that won’t be happening: the unveiling of a monument to the event that was to be created by the Architect of the Capitol (not kidding) through legislation co-sponsored by Crow and Pennsylvania Rep. Susan Wild, to ensure the integrity of American democracy and counter “violent, anti-democratic rhetoric.” For some reason, the bill got stalled in May, so Democrats were unable to save the Union from the threat of future insurrection.

But it’s 2022, when Democrats have this travesty on the drawing board while calling for the removal of monuments to Thomas Jefferson.

The big theme for this anniversary will be the word “anti-democracy.” How ironic that a riot sparked by evidence suggestive of election fraud that the Supreme Court called “moot” is being painted now as anti-democratic. It was tragic and ill-advised, but it was PRO-democratic. You know what’s anti-democratic? Election fraud, and all steps taken to make it easier and less detectable.

Adding to the irony is Democrats’ use of the event to push even harder for “election reform,” which to them means the unconstitutional federalization of elections, with the rules they choose. Anyone who thinks the way to have honest elections is to put Democrats in charge of them should perhaps seek professional psychiatric help.

But Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is adamant about ending the filibuster rule so he can barely pass what we like to call the “Voter Fraud Legalization Act.” This is the opposite of the reaction we should be having to claims of voter fraud.

The most idiotic fear tactic of all was used by by resident congressional idiot Rep. Eric Swalwell, who tweeted that “if we don’t get this right” (win in 2022), “it could be the last election.”

What they’re doing isn’t about democracy, but about electing Democrats and keeping Trump out. Liz Cheney admitted as much on CBS’s Face The Nation when she said, “I can tell you that the single most important to ensure that Donald Trump is not the Republican nominee and that he certainly is not anywhere close to the Oval Office ever again.” Democracy indeed.

Brit Hume appeared Tuesday with Lawrence Jones on FOX News Primetime to talk about the general hubbub and truth-stretching going on now, including that surrounding Jan. 6. “We are not living in normal times,” he said. “What we need is for people to calm down. The bitter divisions that we see in this country are exacerbated by this tendency to exaggerate, and to do so grossly.”

I take some exception, though, with the way an unusually taciturn Hume seemed to blame President Trump for what happened that day, I assume for daring to challenge the results. “It was a cockamamie scheme by Trump that was bound to fail and did.” Perhaps I don’t understand Hume correctly; by “cockamamie scheme,” does he mean having a constitutional protest rally? Is he saying Trump was being anti-democratic? Trump was up the night of November 3 with the rest of us and saw what we all did that made him honestly suspect the vote in key counties was fraudulent. The courts had refused to take it up. He had called for a peaceful protest that was PRO-democracy. And we certainly can’t blame him for the riot; in fact, we’re finding out more and more about other forces at play that day.

Moving on...Since we’re marking a year since the riot, this is also the ideal time to note that a group of Americans have been denied bail and held many months without trial, when not one of them has been charged with insurrection. And the conditions they’ve endured have been been, pardon the expression, deplorable. Some reportedly have been denied critical medical care, as in this case of a man very ill with celiac disease who is not receiving the closely monitored gluten-free diet he needs. The following account sheds light on why these Trump supporters have been treated so callously; read what jail superintendent Ted Hull had to say to the man’s attorney in an email obtained by The Epoch Times. It could hardly be more snide and unprofessional.

Fourteen House Republicans have sent a letter to Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser demanding that Deputy Warden Kathleen Landerkin, who oversees the detention of the Jan. 6 defendants, be fired. Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Louie Gohmert recently visited them and found that they were “being treated categorically different from the remainder of the prison population.”

After reading some of Landerkin’s politically unhinged anti-Trump tweets, it’s easy to see why these detainees would be treated with such open disregard and even hatred. One example: in a post a few days before the rally, she said, “Re-tweet if you you want [Nancy Pelosi] to punish the 140 House Republican traitors who are trying to overturn the election by refusing to seat them in Congress.”

So, this is the woman overseeing treatment of the detainees. In a must-read story, here’s more about the conditions as seen during a surprise inspection in November. Judge Royce Lamberth was scathing in his assessment and did get one man released so he could receive medical care for his broken hand and...(yes) cancer. “I don’t know if this [neglect] is because he is a January 6 defendant or not,” he said, but I think we can guess.

Finally, let’s go back to what started it all, the claims of election fraud. A VIP story in PJ Media --- I’ll link for those who are signed up --- reviews the problems with the election that resulted from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s funding of the Center for Tech and Civic Life. We’ve covered that in detail, and have also recommended Mollie Hemingway’s coverage in her book RIGGED.

The article says that according to Rasmussen, 70 percent of those polled said that the hundreds of millions spent by Zuckerberg to influence the election was bad for democracy. And guess what? --- 59 percent thought it’s likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential race, including 41 percent of Democrats and 58 percent of unaffiliated voters. Personally, I’d like to hear more about THAT on January 6.

Thankfully, most people are too smart to think of the riot as an actual “insurrection” or of Republicans as anti-democratic. In fact, there’s data to show the Republican Party is better set today than it was before last January 6. And that, perhaps more than anything, is why we’re seeing so much hysteria now.

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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • Jessie Teddlie Teddlie

    01/06/2022 05:50 AM

    If the powers that be had approved President Trumps request to have more state and federal troops on that day and listened to the reports that the crowd would be infiltrated, then this would not have happened! Not Trump’s fault, but theirs!

  • Cindy Lope

    01/06/2022 04:02 AM

    I know that was Nancy Pelosi and Democrats set up. I really did not want Trump I knew something bad was going to happen you know how George Sorrell works

  • Rosalie B Peck

    01/05/2022 09:27 PM

    It's a good time to hold a virtual memorial service for the young woman who died a year ago. Perhaps we could lead with the Bible verse @ hunger and thirst for righteousness.

  • Hilda Johnson

    01/05/2022 06:34 PM

    I still believe the election was rigged and Trump actually won by a landslide and I do not believe those attending the rally were responsible for the invasion of the Capitol. They probably entered the capitol after it was broken in but I believe it was completely planned by congressional democrats and carried out by Soros paid thugs.

  • Jim Greer

    01/05/2022 02:10 PM

    While l enjoy and agree with most of the articles you publish, it distresses me to the point of anger when anyone refers to what happened last Jan 6 as an “insurrection” or “riot” Both of those involve violence and destruction of property of which there was little if any… at least not at the Capitol building. Yes it was a bunch of knuckleheads doing something they shouldn’t have been doing but aside from Ashli Babbitt nobody was hurt. I know the msm likes to hammer on those terms but please don’t legitimize their narrative.

  • Joyce F Birch

    01/05/2022 01:22 PM

    **Governor Mike & staff, I've emailed you several times to put me on the Evening Edition Newsletter distribution, but I'm receiving both & they're coming about 2 days later. I don't know if the transmission is on my end because my provided changed our email format or if there is a problem on your end.

    On another note, I truly enjoy your newsletters. Since I live in a blue state, the morning radio show was all about Jan. 6. Most callers blamed Trump & they believe if he became President in 2024 it would be the end of the USA, civil war! He was painted as a dangerous person. I'm happy he canceled his conference. It would only give the dems & non-supporters more fuel to attack him. We truly need to get back to policies.

    Where's the Republicans? This year is going to be another hard ride (I hate to say it) & then Nov. rolls around. The election is far away & let's not count our chickens before they hatch.