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November 29, 2021

Hopefully you have enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with your family and you’re trying to figure out how to make best use of the leftover turkey. 

Remember last year at this time, Dr. Fauci was telling us not to gather in groups of more than 8 or 10 and better to just eat by yourself while wearing 2 or 3 masks. Not many of us did that last year, and probably no one paid any attention to that kind of stuff this year. Most people by now have either had a vaccination or have had Covid and have natural antibodies. I just can’t imagine that many people worried about what some big-government cosmic kill-joys had to say about enjoying Thanksgiving with your families.

Sadly, some people from the cancel culture left didn’t enjoy a Thanksgiving this year. To begin with, they think the Pilgrims were a bunch of imperialist racists who stole the land, and whose Puritan religious views were bigoted because their beliefs came right out of the Bible. I feel sad for the irreligious left, as they probably gathered in groups of 3 eating tofu, raw radishes, and baked carrots.

This uniquely American holiday of Thanksgiving is one of the most important to me. It’s a reminder that our nation was started by people who sought religious liberty and the freedom to worship God. They risked their very lives to come to a country they didn’t know to try and make a better life for their children. They weren’t perfect, but after some failed attempts at what we’d call socialism today, in which they tried communal living, they resorted to capitalism and allowed families to own land and reap the benefits and rewards of their labor. The result was that the greatest and free-est nation in the history of the world was birthed, and in a really short period of time that colony grew into what would become the United States of America and would rapidly become the most powerful and prosperous nation in the history of civilization. We are rare in that people from all ethnicities, colors, religions, and races make up America. And all are equally endowed by their Creator with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That alone is plenty of reason to celebrate this holiday and to take time out to offer a sincere prayer of thanks for this God-blessed land.

I have much to be thankful for. A devoted wife. Three grown children. Seven truly extraordinary grandchildren. Lots of friends. A roof over my head. Food on the table, even if thanks to Joe Biden and Congress it costs a lot more this year. And because gasoline was so much more expensive this year, most of us stayed close to home and that was good too.

I hope you made your list of reasons to be thankful as well. And that you expressed your thanks to God, from whom ALL blessings flow!

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Comments 1-10 of 14

  • Betsy Stevens

    11/30/2021 08:56 PM

    Very well said Gov. Huckabee.

  • Barry Hindmarsh

    11/30/2021 12:45 PM

    I totally agree with the traditional Thanksgiving holiday. I have so much to be thankful for . I have 2 wonderful children a couple of grandchildren and a great grandchild, all of which I see far to little. I also have a beautiful wife(my second the first dying of cancer) and was lucky enough to find wonderful women to share my life with. And last but not least, I just survived the chinese virus. That might not sound like much but I'm 80 years old, a diabetic, over weight with more things wrong than I can list and I was and am un-vaccinated. It seem that god has given me an exceptional immune system which I've had most all of my life until my later life. So yes, I have a lot to be thankful for. Just sayin'

  • Michael D Bailey

    11/30/2021 08:29 AM

    Good morning. I like what you said and the references you used. My only problem with the Salvation Army coming out with this now is the way it may hurt the giving at Christmas. The majority of the people the people that give at Christmas are color blind, they place the money in the kettles without concern to color. They want to help someone. I found out about the articles that have been written on Sunday when a church member brought it up and they were unhappy with the Salvation Army. I am the Chairman of the local Advisory Board and I pointed out the good we are doing. I hope it was enough because they do give a large donation each year. I pulled up the Salvation Army web page and they have over 40% of the help is requested by single LBGT. Again, this does not need to be stated because it may hurt the giving at Christmas. We give with no concern for sexual orientation or other factors only based on needs.

    Merry Christmas. You do good work. Mike

  • ronald E smith

    11/30/2021 01:28 AM

    Looks like the SANHEDRIN has spoken ! ( Dems )

  • Eric Bradley Epps

    11/29/2021 11:20 PM

    I really appreciate your newsletters and the daily bible verses. I love reading the verses and immediately connecting them to an event or issues that is happening in our world today. I make them a part of my morning routine, as well as the in depth and insightful newsletter articles. Please keep up this incredibly important work. God has blessed you with wisdom and insight and he continually blesses us all who seek his word. Thank you!

  • David Colonna

    11/29/2021 09:59 PM


    I think you left out natural immunity or what I call a God given solid and very strong immune system. My wife and I have not been vaccinated through what I call the more critical stages of the China virus or COVID19 virus. The best of it all is we did not shelter in place or put ourselves in a bubble, we went out freely wearing mask indoors for sure most of the time. So please, please do not leave out the fact that taking specific vitamins daily and allergy medicine can also protect you from the China virus. I recently did receive first dose of Moderna vaccine, because my work mandated because of Joe Biden and the Communist regime mandating or lose Federal contracts. Honestly, I would never have gotten vaccinated if not mandated, my immune system is rock solid and feel God too is there to protect me from colds, flu and any other viruses. Please let me spread the word about natural immunity, so let me know when I can come on your show in Nashville... LOL

  • Robert P. Reynolds

    11/29/2021 09:33 PM

    Thanks Again for clear and sense-full comments on the mess that is our government today. I hope that your Thanksgiving was as good as ours was at the Reynolds' home. We had our turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberries, broccoli, crescent rolls, and more, followed up with Sandy's home-made cherry pie and home-made pumpkin pie, with ice cream. We also held hands before our meal and said a prayer of thanksgiving for our family and friends and for all the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and even the great-great grandchildren. We had four generations present at dinner. We are truly blessed! God bless you and keep you and family safe and God bless America!

  • Dawn Pilarski

    11/29/2021 08:36 PM

    I so appreciate your view point. Even the truly evil stuff we are all seeing destroy our country comes across with some level of calm that I don't get from other sources...I only listen to conservative outlets. Thank you so much. I will unsubscribe from all the others before yours. Praying for your whole family.

  • Kenneth Hadler

    11/29/2021 06:25 PM


  • holger latt

    11/29/2021 05:29 PM

    The CCP Covid-19 is the prefect bio. weapon. It causes so much pain, especially in our country that was founded back in 1621 with the Mayflower Compact, We, the people of the US, Have lost our way, example US service men and women getting discharged from the military because of refusal to get vaccinated. Who will protect us from the our enemies, both foreign and domestic? (taken from the US military oath of enlistment).