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September 15, 2022

There are times when I suspect that the entire Biden Administration isn’t a presidency so much as history’s greatest work of surrealist performance art. Surrealism is a movement based on bizarre and illogical images that assault your sense of reality, like a famous painting by Magritte of a pipe captioned, “This is not a pipe.” You can easily imagine that inspiring a series of Biden campaign posters: a graph showing two consecutive quarters of economic contraction labeled “This is not a recession;” a black-clad Antifa thug setting fire to a police station labeled “This is not a dangerous extremist,” or millions of migrants swarming across the border labeled “This is a secure border.”

Even his election campaign was an assault on our senses of reality, as we were told it was insane to question how a man got the most votes in history when he’d run twice before and never made it past the Iowa Caucuses, was widely suspected of being in the early stages of dementia, barely came out of his basement to campaign, and when he did, couldn’t draw more than 200 people.

But even with all that, Tuesday may have been the peak moment of surrealism, one that puts Salvador Dali and David Lynch to shame. It was a day when worse-than-expected inflation numbers for August were announced, including a yearly 11.4% rise in the Consumer Price Index, the worst since 1979. This sparked the biggest stock market plunge since the pandemic hit in 2020. And yet, even as the meltdown was taking place, the Biden Administration decided to go ahead with a big, happy-talk celebration on the White House lawn of the ridiculous “Inflation Reduction Act,” which does zero to reduce inflation, and ballyhoo all the “progress” Biden’s policies have made on reducing inflation and bringing the economy roaring back.

Bonchie at also picked up on the surrealist vibe, pointing out the mindboggling weirdness of having liberal singer James Taylor perform “Fire and Rain” (a song about suicide, appropriately enough), which considering the economic news should have been retitled, “Rainin’ Fire.” It was the modern day equivalent of fiddling while Rome burns. Bonchie also catalogued more of Biden’s reality-defying claims and bizarre, incoherent ramblings.

The "Twilight Zone"-like event also gave us what would be the defining images of this Administration if we didn’t already have that photo of Biden ranting angrily against half the country in front of a blood-red, Hitlerian backdrop. They were screen grabs from Fox News and CNN showing Biden touting the “Inflation Reduction Act” while in the corner of the screen, the stock ticker showed the Dow down 1,295 points due to panic over inflation.

That screenshot just might replace Dali’s melting clock as the most famous surrealist image of all time.

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