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September 20, 2023

The big problem with all liberal plans is that sooner or later, they have to leave the fantasy worlds of the liberal media or the Ivy League faculty lounge and be tested in the harsh lab of reality, and that’s when they melt down like a cake left in the rain. For instance, we were all going to be driving electric cars – until enough people bought them and described their experiences, and now they’re gathering dust on car lots. Well, here are a couple more examples, courtesy of (naturally) California:

California legislators passed State Bill 2098, or the “Medical Misinformation Law,” that barred doctors from spreading “misinformation” or “disinformation” about COVID-19. What it did in reality was attempt to repeal both the First Amendment and the scientific method by punishing doctors for questioning official government narratives, as if having medical bureaucrats declare something true made it both objectively correct and legally unquestionable. It went into effect on January 1st, was blocked by a federal judge one month later in response to a lawsuit, and has just been quietly repealed by the Assembly before the Courts could toss it out as the unconstitutional garbage that it clearly is.

Also last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law repealing the ban on state employees traveling to states that “discriminate” against the LGBTQ+ community. Since they passed it in 2017, they'd added more than half of US states to the list, as those evil, intolerant haters passed such unconscionable and un-California-like laws as banning men from going into women’s bathrooms. As you might imagine, this virtue-signaling became rather inconvenient, particularly with Newsom himself making so many politically-motivated visits to red states.

Newsom said he hopes the repeal "helps California’s message of acceptance, equality and hope reach the places where it is most needed."  Which begs the question, if LGBTQ people are treated so badly in red states and so well in California, why aren’t they all moving there? So few people are doing that these days that you’d think the rest of America had a travel ban on going to California.

…And a new California gun control bill banning ads for firearms that “reasonably appear to be attractive to minors” was struck down by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for being so broadly written that it infringes on both the First and Second Amendments. The court’s ruling is a must-read, particularly for reality-denying leftist legislators:

“California cannot straitjacket the First Amendment by, on the one hand, allowing minors to possess and use firearms and then, on the other hand, banning truthful advertisements about that lawful use of firearms. There is no evidence in the record that a minor in California has ever unlawfully bought a gun, let alone because of an ad. Nor has the state produced any evidence that truthful ads about lawful uses of guns—like an ad about hunting rifles in Junior Sports Magazines’ Junior Shooters—encourage illegal or violent gun use among minors. Simply put, California cannot lean on gossamers of speculation to weave an evidence-free narrative that its law curbing the First Amendment ‘significantly’ decreases unlawful gun use among minors. The First Amendment demands more than good intentions and wishful thinking to warrant the government’s muzzling of speech.”

But has California learned anything from having to backtrack from so many fuzzy-headed, unconstitutional laws passed to appease a small minority at the expense of the rights of the majority? I’ll let you read this and decide that…

Related: San Francisco also banned travel to red states. But the city has become such a crime-ridden basket case under leftist rule that they’re now desperate to find people who are willing to join the city’s beleaguered police department. And guess where they’re looking for recruits: in Texas! Good luck with that!

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