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August 31, 2023

First, in an update to our story yesterday about Jay Bratt, top aide to Trump Special Counsel Jack Smith, repeatedly visiting the White House, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio has written both the DOJ and White House chief of staff to provide records of these interactions, citing concerns about Smith’s “impartiality.”  I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

Meanwhile, investigative reporter John Solomon of JUST THE NEWS, probably the best longtime source of information on the Biden/Burisma scandal, offered his perspective yesterday on the growing story about Joe Biden’s use of pseudonyms in communications with son Hunter about Ukraine.

It was in 2021, he told Sean Hannity, Tuesday night, that his team found the first communications on Hunter’s laptop and from the State Department that showed Joe Biden using the pseudonyms.  “There was an indication that this was larger; that’s why we put the FOIA [Freedom Of Information Act request] in,” he said.  To do this, JUST THE NEWS was working with the Southeastern Legal Foundation, the group that is now suing to get the approximately 5,400 emails at issue.

So, why would a White House staffer be cc-ing Hunter Biden on a planned call with a foreign leader that Joe Biden was going to make, which happens to involve the company that had hired Hunter to be on its board? 

Solomon described an earlier episode in which Joe Biden forwarded some highly sensitive information to his private email account (“John L. Stevens?”) and copied to Hunter.  Received from a U.S. Embassy, it had concerned ongoing negotiations for the impending release of a U.S. hostage/prisoner in Turkey.  So, why was Hunter, a so-called “private citizen,” copied on this?

“I think we’re going to see more instances like this,” he said.  “I’ve talked to people around Joe Biden, who say, ‘Yeah, this happened from time to time.  Sometimes the boss would instruct this, sometimes his aides would do this, but we would do it…”

Solomon pointed out that these would have been classified emails.  “While the scope and size is similar to Hillary Clinton’s email problem, different types of email thus far, but...sending something that’s a sensitive communication from the embassy to your non-government, drug-addicted, global crusading, money-making son is probably not a good practice.”

“And I think these are some of the many issues that [Wisconsin Sen.] Ron Johnson and [Iowa Sen.] Chuck Grassley first brought to attention in 2020.  The Bidens were a national security risk.”

Another problem, he said, is Hunter’s many flights with his father on Air Force Two.  He apparently scored deals, as with Beijing, while on some of these trips.

“The Biden presidency is the place where all our conspiracy theories come true,” Solomon said.  “Each one of those things that were dismissed years ago are now true.  It’s a real problem for the President.  It really is a credibility problem for him.”

Reading Solomon’s latest news stories these days feels like deja vu, because he was covering them several years ago.  (We passed them along at the time, but precious few did.)  Here’s a new one that describes Biden’s trip to Ukraine, “where he planned to deliver a momentous shock to the U.S.-Ukraine relationship” by threatening then-President Petro Poroshenko that the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees unless they fired lead prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

But the story is much more fleshed-out today.  For one thing, we see the involvement of then-assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland.  “A U.S. intervention into the domestic affairs of an ally like Ukraine was rare and intrusive,” Solomon said, “and the meddling has had years of fallout.”

President Obama must have known about the shift in Ukraine policy, the plan to push for Shokin’s firing, before Biden left on his trip.  In testimony to Senate investigators, Geoffrey Pyatt, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, said there would’ve been a “deputies’ or principals’ level discussion” before Biden left on Air Force Two.  “I would imagine,” he said, “based on my conversations with him, that the Vice President also would have a discussion with the President, and saying, ‘Hey, boss, this is what I’m doing,’ and, you know, take it from there.”

Just changing the policy towards a foreign country, in itself, is not illegal.  But, as JUST THE NEWS has reported, career officials at State, Treasury and Justice actually had recommended that Ukraine get the $1 billion loan guarantee, because they saw Shokin’s office making progress in its investigation.  Why would Joe Biden not follow their recommendations (and adhere to our promise), other than the fact that his son was on Burisma’s board when they desperately needed Shokin gone?

As one embassy official, George Kent, said at the time in a classified email, Hunter’s association with Burisma directly “undercut” America’s anticorruption efforts in Ukraine.

For when you have time, a pair of detailed, MUST-READ stories from Solomon place then-VP Biden’s and Hunter Biden’s actions regarding Viktor Shokin’s investigation of Burisma Holdings and Mykola Zlochevsky (Hunter’s boss) on parallel tracks.  Many of the documents used to reconstruct this story “were not public during Donald Trump’s first impeachment and conflict with the Democrat narratives that have dominated since.”

Here’s the story in timeline form, leading up to Shokin’s firing, with dates, people and places...

Yesterday, we reported that the Nation Archives had admitted, in response to a FOIA request, that it had about 5,400 emails written under at least three Joe Biden pseudonyms and copied to Hunter.  Turns out, there might be as many as six accounts.  And, in an update, the Archives is now refusing to turn “certain emails” over.  They’re saying that some would require permission from not only President Biden but --- get this--- even President Obama.  (That’s the breaking news from the House Oversight Committee; more on it tomorrow.)  And sorting through the emails, they say, will take years --- never mind that they have about 3,000 employees who could prioritize this task and do it quickly.  This is one reason why we need an impeachment inquiry.

Some of the emails, of course, are on the laptop and have been reported by the U.K DAILY MAIL.  On May 26, 2016, Biden aide John Flynn wrote “Robert L. Peters” with a cc to Hunter Biden: “Boss --- 8:45AM prep for 9AM phone call with Pres Poroshenko…” followed by the rest of the day’s schedule.  (That was back when Joe didn’t “put a lid” on his day at noon.)

 Jonathan Turley sees a change in how the media are perceiving all this.  As he told FOX NEWS’ Jesse Watters, “Now the media’s willing to accept that indeed Hunter Biden was running an influence peddling operation.  But they insist he was just selling the ‘illusion’ of influence and access.”  This is when, as he says, “the emails could go a long way to determine what was a ‘deliverable’ and whether it went beyond an illusion.”  We would add that the Viktor Shokin firing, at that point, could hardly be seen as anything but a deliverable, and Biden delivered like UPS.

Over at NEWSMAX, Greg Kelly reports that there is “incontrovertible evidence” of President Biden’s corruption and it’s about to be made public.  His sources, whom he won’t identify as currently either in or out of government, tell him this “won’t happen before Labor Day,” but the evidence, in the form of a recording, will be made public before the end of October.

Kelly says that once this is revealed, Biden will not be able to be the nominee for President.  (Well, we always knew there would be something to take him out of contention.)  He might be able to remain as President, but “probably not.”  His sources say the White House is aware of the recording (or recordings, plural), and is worried about it.

Kelly didn’t suggest this, but perhaps someone located those recordings that Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky allegedly said he made of Hunter and his dad.

You’d think the recorded call between then-VP Biden and then-Ukrainian President Poroshenko (made by Poroshenko) about firing Shokin, in the context we have today, would be enough.  Kelly plays it during the segment…

Finally, Hungarian President Viktor Orbin, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, made some illuminating comments about our own country’s weaponization of the justice system.  “To do what’s going on now in your country,” he said, “to use the justice system against the political opponents, in Hungary I think it’s impossible to imagine.  That was done by the Communists.”

When asked what the next move should be to accomplish peace, he said, “Call back Trump.”  Yes, that’s what he said, and it sounds like a really good idea.  “Because, you know, you can criticize him for many reasons,” Orbin said, “I understand all the discussion, but, you know, the best foreign policy of the recent several decades belonged to him.”  And he expounded on that.

This fascinating interview is a must-see, not just for that, but for his insight specifically into the Ukraine-Russia conflict.  His own country is in a very precarious position.

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