July 5, 2016

Well, the fix definitely is in.

In a hasty, mile-a-minute press conference, after which he didn’t take questions, FBI Director James Comey outlined some very serious conclusions about the extreme carelessness with which Hillary Clinton handled her classified communications and then asserted that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a criminal case against her.

While Comey should be commended just for dealing with this investigational nightmare --- he said it was like trying to put together a huge, unfinished jigsaw puzzle with pieces all over the floor --- I’ll bet I could come up with a pretty substantial list of “reasonable prosecutors” who would disagree with his conclusions. “Gross negligence” at this level certainly meets the threshold for charging someone with a crime.

He said the FBI couldn’t find evidence of disloyalty or obstruction, but he described an incredible list of violations regarding her classified information, with 110 emails in 52 email chains containing classified material at the time they were sent. Eight of those chains containing top secret stuff. Thousands more emails were “up-classified” later; the fact that information can be up-classified is why it shouldn’t be on an unsecure system in the first place. The FBI didn’t find direct evidence that her emails were hacked, Comey said, but he noted that since she used unsecure systems in hostile territories, it’s unlikely this didn’t happen.

So, to sum up: Any reasonable person should have known not to do this. None of these emails had any business being on a personal system. Hacking by hostile foreign governments probably took place. No charges recommended.

No wonder Comey didn’t take questions.

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  • Ron Roth 805/795-2160

    08/04/2016 05:48 PM

    Huckabee, Just wanted to commend you for being the down to earth/accurate/gutsy commentator that you are. You should hang out with Lou Dobbs, Judge Pirro, Stuart Varney and Eric Boling. Maybe O'reilly too. Your comments on Comey are appreciated. I'm a retired fraud investigator. Comey's FIX was as expected. I was amazed that someone like him would allow himself to Can you possible grab Trump by the collar and scream at him "Do you want to outscrewup Romney? I support Trump because he, like you, is saying the things I,ve been ranting about for 35-40 years. By the way, if you are out by the Ronald Reagan library come over and play some music with us . There are 5 of us old guys(older than you ) who play retro country. No need to bring anything. Got a bass guitar and amp upstairs.