September 6, 2018

 About that anonymous op-ed

Isn’t it incredibly coincidental that every time President Trump has a good week, or the Democrats have a bad week, the media immediately distract us with another “White House insider blows the whistle on Trump” story? I guess Judge Kavanaugh was so impressive and the Democrats so repulsive that the media felt the need to flog two such non-stories: first Bob Woodward’s latest Harry Potter-like tome of fantastic bleats, and then the New York Times ran an anonymous op-ed by an alleged “senior Administration official,” conveniently affirming all the most fevered anti-Trump claims of the left

The writer (the Times refused to give the name, but used the word “he”) claims that a secret cabal of patriots inside the White House is working to move the country in the right direction by undermining what they think are Trump’s wrongheaded policies, personality flaws, incorrect views and mental instability. I’m sure the Times sees this as heroic somehow.

First of all, a reality check: There are thousands of Administration staffers, hundreds of whom might be called “senior.” Some are no doubt bitter Obama holdovers who think it’s their job to play termite to any incoming Republican. I got a taste of that juvenile spitefulness in Arkansas when I arrived at work on my first day as Lieutenant Governor to find my office door inaccessible because the doors had been nailed shut. There were also reports of Clinton staffers destroying computer keyboards and other adolescent vandalism to make it hard for George W. Bush to get up and running. But nobody’s had to deal with more internal sabotage than Trump, because nobody previously was elected as an outsider to change business-as-usual.

To be blunt, with the New York Times having long ago flushed its journalistic integrity down the toilet, there’s no way to be certain that their op-ed writer is legitimate or even real. (It would hardly be the first time the Times ran fiction as fact – see “Jayson Blair.”) But if this person actually is a White House official with any responsibility over policy or access to the President, then he is no hero. He’s a pathetic weasel, pretending to be a patriot and taking a paycheck from the President while secretly betraying, subverting and undermining his Presidency.

The Times routinely opines that Trump is a threat to democracy, yet they give a positive platform to an anonymous, unelected turncoat who seeks to substitute his Beltway wisdom for the agenda Americans voted for. The people elected Trump precisely because they were fed up with arrogant, elitist Beltway insiders who think they’re geniuses because they got into an Ivy League school as legacies and whose policies have created the dangerous fiscal and international mess and the entrenched Deep State that Trump was elected to fix.

If this person thinks he can do the job better than the President, instead of hiding his name and cowering behind the Gray Lady’s skirt, let him do what I did: put his real name on the ballot and run for President. And when he loses, accept the will of the people (there seem to be precious few of us anymore who still cling to that hoary old American concept of respecting the will of the voters.)

Of course, all this only applies if the story isn’t a complete fabrication, which is entirely possible these days. The media crank these stories out so often, they sometimes spark mental whiplash as their contradictory anti-Trump narratives clash. For instance, on Tuesday, they were babbling that Trump was mentally unstable and had to be removed from office because he thinks everyone is working against him. On Wednesday, they said he needs to be removed from office because he’s mentally unstable, according to all the anonymous people around him who are working against him.

In fact, if this story is real, then the only thing it proves is that Trump was absolutely right to say there’s a “deep state” of entrenched Washington insiders who work to thwart the will of the people. You’d think that might be the story angle the Times would pick up on, but then, reporters ain’t what they used to be.

Here are some official comments from someone that this pathetic weasel isn’t fit to share office space with:


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 So true

The best observation on the New York Times anonymous Trump termite op-ed that I’ve heard came from Roger L. Simon at PJ Media. He asked who would trust an abject coward and pathetic tattletale who won’t give his name because he’s too afraid of losing a government job? His answer:

“Oh, yes, I bet somebody did -- Bob Woodward. We should ask him who it is.”



 Day 2 of the Kavanaugh hearings

As this linked story proves, Sen. Kamala Harris’ attempts to defend the protesters who disrupted the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings were undermined considerably by the video showing how mindlessly disruptive they were. It reminded me of that moment in every old monster movie where the creature turns on its creator.

Not that the protesters were much more mindlessly disruptive than some of the Democratic Senators, at least on day one. By day two, I think they’d realized how thoroughly they’d beclowned themselves and tried to behave more like adults. Of course, for some, that just meant making the cheap shots in their “indoor voices.”

I was especially taken aback by Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal’s novel Constitutional theory that President Trump has no power to nominate a Supreme Court Justice because he’s an “unindicted co-conspirator in a federal crime.” By that, I assume he means the questionable, ever-changing allegation by a sleazy lawyer and his sleazy lawyer that Trump knew he was paying a woman who was demanding hush money to go away, a claim that remains unverified, as does the suggestion that it was even a crime at all if he did pay her to shut up and go away. All I know for sure is that after watching these hearings, I could name a lot of people whom I’d be happy to pay to shut up and go away.

On a side note, from Blumenthal’s kangaroo-like jumping of the gun on “federal crime” charges to both Trump and his critics accusing each other of treason, it’s obvious that just because you make or enforce laws, you can still be unclear on their meaning. I’m not an attorney, but you don’t have to be Perry Mason to know that “treason” is defined very narrowly in the Constitution. It requires someone to wage war against the US or give aid and comfort to somebody who is. So nobody is really committing treason, although if you include waging a war to overthrow the duly elected President, then Trump has a better claim on using that word than his critics do.

On a more positive note, in between the childish off-camera outbursts, Day 2 of the Kavanaugh hearings provided some very enlightening testimony for a change about the Constitution and how judges should approach their job and why a particular ruling has more to do with the evidence, law and facts of that specific case than with the opinions and prejudices of the judge (or it should, at least – I get the feeling the Democrats aren’t really worried that Kavanaugh will make rulings based on his personal political opinions, they’re just worried that his opinions don’t align with theirs.)

My favorite part of the day came when Ted Cruz exposed the empty political grandstanding of Kavanaugh’s opponents by pointing out that he and Obama’s blocked nominee Merrick Garland had supported each other’s opinions on the DC Court of Appeals more than 90% of the time. Yet according to the Democrats, Garland was an outstanding legal mind who should have been confirmed, while Kavanaugh is such a sexist, racist monster that they started condemning Trump’s nominee before they even knew who it would be.

Kind of makes you wonder if maybe they’re exaggerating about any of the other “end of the world” outrages that they’re constantly ranting about?

PS on the Kamala Harris story: she was asked about Sen. Ben Sasse’s description of protesters screaming that “women are going to die” as “hysteria” of a type that’s been going on for years on the left and that reflects a “fundamental misunderstanding of the role of the Supreme Court in American life now.” Instead of addressing his substantive point, she tried to deflect by accusing him of sexism for dismissing women’s concerns as hysteria. So to be clear that there’s nothing sexist about calling hysterical people “hysterical,” let me just say that the male protesters who were also yelling like loons were hysterical. In this particular case, “hysterical” in every sense of the word.



 Adapting to the tantrums

Like the overgrown spoiled children who “weren’t raised right” that they are, a lot of protesters are trying to disrupt Congress these days by yelling, crying and acting out. It’s been interesting to see how quickly the Republican Congress members have adapted to these tantrums. 

For instance, a Senator will ask Judge Brett Kavanaugh a serious question about Constitutional issues, and Kavanaugh will get about two sentences into a thoughtful answer, and then a lot of idiotic yelling will break out.  Instead of letting it detail their conversation, the adults simply stop talking for a moment while security drags the nuisance from the room and off to the big playpen with iron bars for a well-deserved “time-out.” Watching the hearings now reminds me of watching two parents who’ve learned to patiently time their conversations so that their words fall into the brief pauses between the screams of their terrible two-year-old’s tantrums.

That’s almost amusing, but this was downright hilarious.  Before going into politics, Missouri Republican Rep. Billy Long had a real job as an award-winning auctioneer.  When a protester started yelling during the hearings into social media bias (this was a rightwing protester, sadly adopting the left’s childish tactics), Long responded by drowning her out with his triple-time auctioneer’s spiel.  Talk about fighting fire with fire…or in this case, gibberish with gibberish! That protester should have known that nobody wins a battle of baffling blather with a man who spent 30 years as an auctioneer and the last seven years in Congress.

Check out the must-see video at the link.


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Google search?

During Wednesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee probe into alleged bias against conservatives by Silicon Valley Internet giants, top officers of such companies as Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo showed up to be questioned. But Google’s leaders were conspicuous by their absence, which Senate Republicans emphasized by placing an empty chair where Google’s representative should have been.

I have to ask: Did anyone suggest launching a Google search?



 Inspirational story for the week

I suspect one reason why so many people in show business badmouth capitalism is that in their world, they know so many celebrities whose success seems to have no connection to their skills or work ethic. It’s easier to believe success isn’t earned but simply granted by fate to (in Dick Gephardt’s infamous words) the winners of "life’s lottery” when you’re waiting tables between acting gigs while your stoner ex-roommate who never showered just made $10 million for playing Raccoon Man.

That’s why this week’s story about former “Cosby” actor Geoffrey Owens was so refreshing and inspirational.  It all started when a woman recognized the actor as “Elvin” from the cast of the hit ‘80s sitcom (since relegated to rerun and residual oblivion because of Cosby’s ruined reputation) working at a Trader Joe’s supermarket, where he was bagging groceries. She sneaked a photo and shared it online. Tabloids quickly snatched it up and ran an “Oh, how the celebrity has fallen” story that went viral. (The woman has since apologized profusely, for what it’s worth.) 

But that’s when the story took an unexpected turn. Owens admits he was devastated at first by the embarrassing exposure, but only for an hour or two. Then he was flooded with messages of support. And he refused to feel shamed for working at Trader Joe’s. He said acting work is sporadic, and he needs to support his family. That job gave him flexibility, and he’s done it for 15 years. He told CNN:

"It was hurtful but very short lived. What has been sustained, now over days, is how much love and support there is. Not just for me, but for working people. The idea that, 'Hey, what's wrong with working at Trader Joe's, or any job like that?’… What I hope continues to resonate is the idea that one job is not better than another. A certain job might pay more, it might have better benefits, it might look better on paper, but that essentially one kind of work isn't better than another kind of work, that we reevaluate that whole idea and we start honoring the dignity of work and the dignity of the working person."

Mike Rowe couldn’t have said it any better!

As for the media outlets that tried to embarrass him, Owens said, "They set out to exploit the thing in us, in the public, that wants to see stories about people who were once great or celebrated, now fallen. There's something in us that is titillated by that and that is what those news outlets are exploiting. I would say, I hope you learned your lesson. I hope that you see that people are better than you think they are, that people don't want to celebrate people's downfalls. They want to lift people up."

In another surprise twist, someone in the media who does believe in lifting people up (and is often scorned for it) is Tyler Perry, who said he had “so much respect” for Owens that he just offered him an acting role on the #1 drama on his OWN TV network. Owens says he’d feel uncomfortable taking a job just because of this, but it would be nice if he could get into an audition to prove himself (I’m liking this man more every time he talks.)

Between renewed acting offers and the distraction of all the publicity, Owens was forced to quit his Trader Joe’s job, but I’m not surprised that they told him to call it a temporary leave and he’s welcome back anytime. And if he ever takes them up on it, I’m sure he won’t consider it a demotion.


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  • Patsy Baker

    09/09/2018 03:20 AM

    McCain was a pretty unforgiving person and he certainly showed it in his desire to let the world know that Trump was NOT TO BE INVITED to his funeral. Maybe he wrote the letter to the NY Times to be delivered after the final rites. If he was ever found out, what was there to lose?? That thought came to me out of the blue and it sounded pretty good to me. I just had to share it.

  • Israel Horowitz

    09/07/2018 06:03 PM

    I hear all this fol-de-rol about how this 'anonymous' occupant of White house space wrote an "op-ed" in the NY Slimes but I would like to suggest that it was the Times personal who composed this garbage with no help from other than their own editorial staff.

  • Joan Mangum

    09/07/2018 04:12 PM

    I love your sense of humor and the way you are able to make sense out of all the nonsense we are forced to deal with on a daily basis. So once again Chicken Little here can rest assured that the sky is not falling --st least not today.


    09/07/2018 04:03 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    I had the pleasure of meeting Burt Reynolds few years back at a convention, I had saved his photo spread from Cosmopolitan magazine from way back and brought it for his autograph, he was floored that I had saved it but signed and I had my picture taken with him, will cherish it forever.
    Carmen Price

  • Dana Tebbs Eyraud

    09/07/2018 02:26 PM

    Gov Huckabee, forever grateful for your clever, truthful coverage of our political system. The clown cars full of far left political hacks screaming, resisting and physically fighting on and off camera this week has been astounding. Frankly, I've never seen anything like it. It's kind of scary to think this is the new direction the once proud and strong leadership in the Democratic party is turning. WHEN will the good people in the Democratic party stand up and say- ENOUGH? Just finished watching former President Obama give a very "nice" sounding speech on TV. Obama was obviously reaching out to "middle road" Democrats. Unfortunately, his "nice" speech was completely out of step with what his far left socialist pals are currently doing to ruin the Democratic party. It's clear, the left wing "democratic" socialists are taking over Obama's once loved Democratic party and no one... not even former President Obama himself seems fit to stop them. Or could it be... Obama really doesn't want to stop them from taking over? Is Obama actually happy and content to LIE to middle road Democrats, just to get them out to vote for his far left leaning friends in November? I fear this may be the case.
    Please tell President Trump he needs to strike quickly on this speech while the coals are still hot. ALL people in this great country need to know TODAY- The new Republican party IS the new, REAL progressive party for ALL American people, regardless of our current or past political affiliations. WE are the party of ALL "middle of the road" hard working families, whether we are registered Republicans or Democrats. WE are the party of ALL forgotten men and women of this great nation. WE are the party of all misfit, imperfect, and deplorable people. WE are the new party for all good people of faith, whether we are Christians, Catholics, Jewish, Hindus, Muslim, or Buddhist! WE are the new party for all people of all colors. WE are the new progressive party for ALL Americans!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    09/07/2018 08:42 AM

    Dummycrats are hiding behind the lies they create. Why doesn't security keep the riff-raff out of the hearings? Why does the speaker not call out the dummycrats for they disruptive comments and throw them out...Let's get serious here...this is a hearing they are not going to win...just a requirement for the confirmation and MOST questions have nothing to do with the constitution..."did you speak with so & so regarding So & So" or the Hitlery Russian Scandal...etc...trying to set him up and has nothing to do with constitutional law.

  • Carl Smith

    09/07/2018 12:04 AM

    At this stage of my life (80) I am now using being called a Racist, misogynist, Homophobe and the other slurs as a Badge of Honor. I served and have spent my entire life living up to the OATH I took in 1957 ( no expiration date). I would be pleased to know how many of these people slinging slurs even know what's in the Constitution. NO! Even better What is the Constitution?

    How about a Test before voting similar to the Citizenship Test newly minted citizens are required to pass? or Better yet administer that test to politicians BEFORE they can assume elected office? Congress might be reduced by hundreds. Of Course the Lawyers would object on grounds of Creating a Hostile Work Environment.

  • Richard Lawerence Beale

    09/06/2018 09:23 PM

    When my dad was a young man he had a job at a soft drink plant separating return bottles. One day a friend of his showed up in the building. Embarrassed because of the job he was doing, he immediately hid out of sight. He later found out his friend was looking for a job, possibly the one he had. That was a great lesson to him. As long as a job was honest and payed a decent wage it wasn't below his dignity. That was a good lesson to me also. Kudos to Geoffrey Owens! Richard Beale

  • George Borys

    09/06/2018 09:20 PM

    Just want to say God bless you Govenor ( my wife and i affectionately , to each other refer to you as , "the huckster) . Our nation is in such need of that scarse commodity , common sense .
    Please stay safe and keep up the great work .
    Blessings also to your family , and the Pres and his family .

  • Jack Barbic

    09/06/2018 08:30 PM

    There are a lot of people denying what Woodward's book quotes them as saying. I'm thinking that the anonymous source may have Woodward in order to boost the books credibility and sell more copies.

  • Amelia Little

    09/06/2018 07:44 PM

    Thanks for my daily injection of sanity. I had been reading some newsletters, very few, and just gave up, knowing I could read yours without the extreme drama. Such tantalizing headlines some of those newsletters have--and after all this time, if you click on the "article" the headline has nothing to do with the article--and the articles can get pretty far afield. I wonder if Sen Booker realizes yet that, the ever-so-secret, deeply guarded information about Judge Kavanaugh actually was quite helpful to the Judge. Wonder if he's going to fire any of his staffers for not really reading what they gave him to pass along (to say nothing about the fact that HE obviously must not have read them---but, maybe he did and didn't comprehend the meaning?)

    If there really is a senior administration official (and I think--probably not) he should be GONE. It just seems that, when there is a new administration, it only makes sense that a majority of the "staffers" and "administrative officials" that you KNOW were loyal to the previous administration would be replace. Like, many of the ambassadors, such as with the change from obama (milquetoast) ambassadors who seemed to agree with him for America to be beaten to the bottom of the barrel should be replaced by those who support President Trump's agenda. It's only common sense. And, although there has been replacement over the past decades by a new President, it didn't seem to cause much furor at all---until, of course, it was President Trump. I had to smh when it was reported that, after the election, there were soooo many obama appointees who threatened to resign from their posts (and some, rightfully so, did.) Kind of reminded me of all the hoolywood elites who threatened to leave if Trump was elected---I THINK, maybe 2 have, finally, after 2 years? Even "senior administration officials" along with many congressmen and a whole lot of democrats don't get it--that WE THE PEOPLE voted for President Trump on his campaign promises, of which he is fulfilling---which a whole lot of other elected officials don't bother to do once they are elected (and this is in all parties.)

  • Jack Berry

    09/06/2018 07:42 PM

    For the hearings, they should have earphones and each one a mic that is programmed so that only one mic at a time can be used and heard by all that have a need to know, excluding protesters.

  • Sandra Burdick

    09/06/2018 07:34 PM

    I watched some of the confirmation hearings and a lot of the Senators made me spitting mad. Senator Booker and 1 other said they never agreed to the confidentiality of documents. From what I could gather they didn't deny them either. Were the rules laid out at the start? That's the time to object, not after the fact because it's inconvenient. There ought to be consequences for there actions. Watching the Democrats is kind of like watching spoiled children- very ugly behavior in adults.

  • William Taylor

    09/06/2018 07:30 PM

    Thanks Mike for all the good stuff you send out. I am a retire pastor and author. If you would like to read one of my books on line,based on the book of Ruth, Bob Dole's home town in it and him.
    Met you at the FBC of Indian Trail, NC

  • Kathleen O'Neal

    09/06/2018 07:00 PM

    Good for Mr. Owens. He is a very smart man. My son-in-law's father was an actor back in the late 70's and 80's and work was not steady so he had to find jobs that paid a good salary to support his family. His wife is a school teacher. Also being an actor in California is a cut throat business and he grew very tired of that as well. Dealing with all the ego's can be very difficult at best. I enjoyed the article. Never be ashamed of a good days hard work. Do your very best and keep a smile on your face. People will notice you for doing a good job and that is priceless. I know because I am a retired nurse and that was hard work but I feel like I gave it my all. I have sweet notes written by my patients thanking me through the years which I read often. Now that too is priceless!!

  • Debbie Bailey

    09/06/2018 06:57 PM

    Since i have not read the article by anonymous that everyone is talking about, I hesitate to make
    this comment. But, here goes: is it a possibility that McCain wrote the article(s) and gave them
    to someone to submit after he passed?

  • Janice Miller

    09/06/2018 05:28 PM

    Mike, I thoroughly enjoy your Evening Edition. You are one of President Trump's most outspoken and honest allies. I just wish we had more people like you and Sarah standing up for our president. Thank you for all you do and your insight into what is really going on in Washington.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Frank Smith

    09/06/2018 05:26 PM

    I seem to remember that congress has a line item fund to pay victims of sexual abuse by congress persons. I suspect that part of the payment is to get them to go away and shut up.

  • Jack A. Perri

    09/06/2018 05:12 PM

    everything you say Mike, is spot on. Are the Democrats this hateful because they lost the election ? Where would we be as a country if the had won?