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March 12, 2022


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3. “Huckabee” Preview

Join me tonight for a news making new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN. I’ll talk to Bob Thomas, an American who escaped from Ukraine for a firsthand account of what he saw. I’ll also welcome columnist Karol Markowitz, who’s been on top of the draconian COVID rules for school children, and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. But I have plenty of entertainment for you, too. Like the amazing and unique act of “America’s Got Talent” sensation Joel Claudio, and the fantastic music of MC Strings.  

It all gets rolling at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST, on TBN. To find out how to watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, plus extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests and links to all their sites, at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

4. Today's Democrat Party

Tom Knighton at Substack sums up the many problems with the Biden Administration’s suggestion that people deal with the outrageous gas prices they’ve created by buying electric cars, and why it’s a really stupid idea.

But it does make sense if you accept the theory that today’s Democratic Party claims to care about the poor while enacting policies that keep them poor and blaming their condition on Republicans.

5. This is what happens when Democrats rule

If I told you what the Mayor of DC said about a carjacker who killed his victim, you wouldn’t believe that anyone in a position of authority could make such an excuse for a murderous criminal. So I’m just going to link to the story, complete with video, and let you see for yourself what decades of Democratic rule can do to a city and to its officials’ sense of moral responsibility.

6. “Not Me”

You know the “Family Circus” cartoon, the one where the little kids blame their boo-boos like breaking a window with a baseball on an invisible gremlin named “Not Me”? Of course, their parents don’t swallow it. Well, those kids are now running the Democratic Party, and the gas prices that have been rising since the day Biden was declared winner of the election are being blamed by them on a gremlin named “Not Me Putin.”

Even Obama’s auto bailout czar refused to pretend to buy that.

Related: Why is inflation reaching record highs? The White House wants you to believe it’s because of greedy corporations or “Russia, Russia, Russia!” But Rep. Thomas Massie tweeted two charts that make it startlingly clear who kicked the inflation pump into high gear and precisely when. Hint: it wasn’t Putin.

7. DeSantis: “Zero Chance” that will happen

If Disney’s CEO thought he had enough sway in Florida to make Gov. Ron DeSantis join him in kowtowing to radical LGBTQ activists and allowing very young school children to be indoctrinated with inappropriate sexual content and gender politics, he must be Goofy.

Gov. DeSantis told supports in Boca Raton that there is “zero” chance he’ll reverse his position on disallowing the teaching of "transgenderism in kindergarten classrooms," a bill that’s been falsely labeled, “Don’t Say Gay.”  Shoving it right back in Disney’s face, he said, “When you have companies that have made a fortune off being family friendly and catering to families and young kids, they should understand that parents of young kids do not want this injected into their kid’s kindergarten classroom.”

He went on, "If that’s the hill they’re going to die on, then how do they possibly explain lining their pockets with their relationship from the Communist Party of China? Because that’s what they do, and they make a fortune, and they don’t say a word about the really brutal practices that you see over there at the hands of the CCP. And so in Florida, our policies got to be based on the best interest of Florida citizens, not on the musing of woke corporations."

In short, if Disney’s CEO thought he was dealing with a Mickey Mouse Governor, he was living in Fantasyland.

What Would We Do Without “Fact-Checkers?”

Not for the first time, USA Today “fact-checked” a story from the satirical humor site, the Babylon Bee. The headline was “Biden Sells Alaska Back To Russia So We Can Start Drilling For Oil There Again.”

USA Today claims they had to fact-check it because people were quoting it out of context and people might believe it. Their ruling: the story was “satire” and “there is no evidence Biden plans to sell Alaska.” Thank you, Sherlock. Although to be fair, I can see why people might find that believable, particularly the part about Alaska having to be part of Russia instead of the US before Biden would allow us to get oil from it.

The Bee responded that they would like to retract that story, now that they realize it was false and entirely made-up. Fact-check: That means the Bee has more journalistic integrity than CNN.


House Democrats finally found a “Drag Queen Story Hour” that they don’t want everyone to hear.

A Blank Book of Pages

The first school in which we enroll, and the most important in shaping our future, is our home. A casual view of modern TV shows might lead us to believe that parents don’t matter. I contend that nothing matters more.

When Benjamin West was a boy, his mother left him in charge of his younger sister, Sally. Benjamin found bottles of colored ink and painted Sally’s portrait. When his mother arrived home, she discovered spilled ink and ruined paper. But before she had the chance to scold Benjamin, she saw the picture. Then she planted an encouraging kiss on his cheek. He would grow up to become of the greatest painters of historic and religious artworks, a teacher of many other famous artists, and a major force in launching Britain’s Royal Academy of Arts, for which he served as president. Benjamin West would later say, “My mother’s kiss made me a painter.”

Every child’s life is like a book of blank pages waiting to be written on. Something is written each day. A parent who exposes a child of hours of television, video games, unsupervised time on the Internet, and an occasional trip to church is not likely to raise a child whose value system will mirror that of the parent. The child will probably reflect the value system of the entertainment industry.

While researching for a book I co-wrote on juvenile delinquency (“Kids Who Kill”), I became aware that children need parents who are informed, involved and (yes) invasive in their children’s lives. There is no single fact that will explain why a child as young as eleven would commit mass murder, but one thing seems certain: the likelihood of this taking place decreases drastically when children have a stable home, good role models and parents who are clearly more afraid for their children than afraid of their children.

Too many parents fear angering or alienating their children. They convince themselves that love means avoiding asking their children questions about how their time is spent and who their friends are. They fool themselves into thinking they’re being good parents when they don’t hold their children accountable for their schoolwork and other activities. On the other hand, we shouldn’t be “helicopter parents” who are so overprotective that our children turn into a generation of “snowflakes” who cannot learn through their failures or develop a healthy maturity and independence.

The requirement of parents summed up in Ephesians 6:4 is simple yet profound: “Do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Children should not be driven to exasperation by parents who make demands that are so difficult to achieve that the children are prevented from succeeding. There’s a vast difference between breaking a child’s rebellious will and breaking his or her spirit.

As parents, our goal should be to channel the energy of our children, rather than destroy their creative and curious natures given by God that motivate them to discover their unique purposes. We are further admonished to bring up our children “in the training and instruction of the Lord.” By both example and exhortation, parents are to nourish their children. Most values are caught and then taught. Our children are more likely to imitate what they see us do than what they hear us say.

We live in a world where a meal can be microwaved in seconds, and an Internet message can be transmitted around the world almost instantly (another reason why it would be nice if they were fact-checked before hitting “Send.”) But part of the legacy we must leave is raising children who understand that some things can’t be rushed. Patience is a virtue as well as a pathway to victory. Things of great value take time.

If the thing to which you ascribe the greatest value in your life is your children, then don’t they deserve the greatest amount of time, nurturing and guidance you can possible give?

I Just Wanted to Say:

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  • Paul Greener

    03/13/2022 07:15 PM

    Please stop referring to the "progressive" socialist democrat party as the DEMOCRATIC party. There's nothing DEMOCRATIC about it and has not been since before the time of the Clinton cartel.

  • Stephen Carnahan

    03/12/2022 09:36 PM

    I have an opinion Brother if I wanted to take over a country.
    I would cut or monitor communication second I would kill the electrical grid and stop or slow transportation!!

    The other I’d do is cause a distraction and hit them from behind .
    Truly our rear end or border gives ample chance for and Saboteurs or evolutionaries for instance Sandinistas.
    Jack Van impe sermons the coming war with Russia 1973 is unfolding!!
    Look to the Heavens our Redeemer will return one day!

  • Joseph Orsini

    03/12/2022 08:38 PM

    Unfortunately, the media's wall-to-wall coverage of Ukraine allows there to be NO COVERAGE ABOUT OUR SOUTHERN BORDER = terrible!

  • Karyl Entner

    03/12/2022 08:38 PM

    The piece ono parenting should be broadcast from rooftops all over America. Parenting is far more than a biological accident. Yay for your voice!

  • Mike Woolever

    03/12/2022 07:09 PM

    It began with Sesame Street. TV teaching kids. Those kids are the ones that received VISA cards just for graduating college (regardless if the had a job to pay the balance). The buy now pay later era had begun. Those kids gave their kids trophies for participating (bench sitters). Rather than being shown what they are good at. Our government has been living in a buy now pay later. Make the interest payment so they can borrow more. They want to pay folks to stay home while raising taxes on those that want to get ahead in life. And find a profitable, legal way to do it.

  • Clara Herrin

    03/12/2022 07:04 PM

    Dear Mike: Since you read all these comments, here's one I wish you would take heart. Please, oh please, take a few extra minutes to proofread YOUR entries before pushing the 'Send' button. There are so many mistakes in the above news reports I'm surprised no one else has ever brought them to your attention. It constantly irritates me whenever I read just about anything now-a-days because of the apparent lack of interest Americans have regarding their native tongue. Doesn't Anyone listen during English class anymore? Or are the instructors so busy propagandizing that they don't have time to do the job they were hired to do? I've sometimes threatened to cancel your messages, but I keep hoping you'll improve.

  • Dale E Ipema

    03/12/2022 06:21 PM

    Thank you for the “A Blank Book of Pages” article. I would love to repost this as it reflects an answer to so many of the problems we face with the younger generations. Your insight and biblical references show how important it is to be present in our children’s lives.

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/12/2022 04:12 PM

    Thank you


    03/12/2022 02:50 PM


  • Anne Turner

    03/12/2022 01:26 PM

    DeSantis is beginning to look better and better. He has a backbone. Of course, if he runs for President, he will be pilloried by the media and lefties. The ultimate put down for Ron is that he is like Trump. The lefties visualize Trump with a forked tongue, tail and horns surrounded by flames. Hatred is a malicious trait. How about a DeSantis/Nicki H. ticket. Show what a conservative woman can do. I’ll bet she would know where she is at all times. I’d like to add Lt. gov. Sears of VA to that mix but she was not born in US.

    I love it when big self righteous corps, like Disney get put down so neatly. There are many families that will stop going to Disney. While the may not be anti trans, they simply don’t want their children to be exposed to things that they are not ready to process appropriately. It’s like the trans supporters are trying to recruit children to become trans. I have never heard about any gays/lesbians trying to convert kids to their way of life. Most just want to be left alone to live their lives in peace without discrimination. I think the lefty supporters are much more militant than the folds themselves.